[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 38 ~recap/review/opinion~

Woo Seok is taken by at the police office for slush funds. On the hallway, Joo Hee appears and finds out about the slush funds and although she looks confused, Woo Seok tells her to ask Tae San what happened because he surely knows. Before being dragged out, Do Hyun also witnesses the scene and goes straight to his father’s office. First to arrive there is Joo Hee who asks for explanations – Do Hyun shortly arrives and asks his father what happened. Tae San lies in front of his children blaming everything on Woo Seok, however, Do Hyun smells something fishy.

At the bakery, Bok Nyeo bluntly ignores Soo In and the other women sense it. Even though Nr 911 tells her to stop acting like that, Bok Nyeo gets angry and leaves the store. In the kitchen, Soo In remembers what Woo Seok told her when she returned from the hotel and tries to call him but there is no answer from his side.

At the police office, Woo Seok explains his side of the story but of course the procurer, based on evidence, thinks that he is the one behind the slush funds.

Do Hyun wants to find the truth and if Woo Seok is indeed the one responsible but because he wasn’t receiving much information, Soo In’s husband decides to meet up with Aeng Ran. When they meet, he tells her what happened with Woo Seok and she rapidly suspects Tae San saying that he did the same thing with Soo In two years before. Do Hyun thinks that Aeng Ran is the only one who can tell him the truth however she is concerned that he isn’t fully recover to face the sins his father did in the past.

Eventually, Aeng Ran tells the truth to Do Hyun and because of the shock his head starts hurting. Concerned, Aeng Ran wants to call an ambulance but he says that everything is alright and leaves the restaurant.

Joo Hee is called by a detective regarding her connections to a private detective agency that used to blackmail and do other things (the ones that she hired a lot during the drama). Later she is called by her husband to tell her about Woo Seok’s situation. Because Mr Tak was also in the car, he also finds out about Woo Seok and runs to the bakery to tell everyone about it. With the news, Bok Nyeo collapses – however when she wakes up, the woman wants to go to her son. Luckily the others stop her but seeing the whole scene Soo In goes to Shinhwa and barges into Tae San’s office.

Soo In shouts out that he wants to get another innocent person in prison after all he did in the past. To shut her mouth, Tae San asks his employees to drag her out but before they make it, Soo In shouts out again that if something happens to Woo Seok then she wouldn’t let him alone. Do Hyun arrives and tells the employees to let her go after that the two go to talk at another place.

Soo In is still visible affected by the current events and begs Do Hyun to help Woo Seok because he is a different person from Tae San. Since he wasn’t saying anything, Soo In begs on her knees. Do Hyun asks Soo In to come back to him only like that he will let Woo Seok free. Thinking that this is the only way to save Woo Seok, she accepts however Do Hyun just wanted to test her and with this he finally saw her real feelings for the other man. Before they leave, Do Hyun tells her to never kneel in front of another human.

In the afternoon Do Hyun drives her home and Bok Nyeo sees them. Angered, the woman jumps onto Do Hyun and stats hitting him fortunately the other women stop her. Even so, Poong Geum and Nr 911 ask Do Hyun if he doesn’t have any conscience. When the others leave, Soo In tells him to understand the 3 women given the situation.

At the Ma residence, Joo Hee makes a scene after getting drunk because her father put Woo Seok in prison. Do Hyun also comes home and hers when his sister shouts out to their father that he is doing the same thing he did with Soo In two years before. Joo Ran and her husband take Joo Hee in her room and Do Hyun asks for clarifications. No matter how Tae San tries to act like he has nothing to do with Woo Seok’s case, Do Hyun calls out his father for not having shame as a human being.

Back to his room, Do Hyun starts feeling pain into his head. His mother comes in and blows towards him so that his pain will go away.(this was such a sad but beautiful scene) Do Hyun takes his mother’s hand and tells her that now he knows why she ended up like this – most probably because she couldn’t handle the truth of her own family. (by the way, Tae San hears everything Do Hyun says to his mother).

Aneg Ran comes to Bok Nyeo to say that she will try and help Woo Seok. She continues saying that Do Hyun isn’t like his father. After discussing about the situation, Do Jin and his wife come back home and the mother in law is showing some affection to them so the woman buys meat for everyone.

At the restaurant, Aeng Ran witnesses Mi Oh’s popularity. After taking pictures with the owner of the restaurant, Do Jin wants to take a picture with his mother, wife and son.

Bok Nyeo is finally accepts to talk with Soo In and goes to comfort the younger woman. The two hug each other as they cry for Woo Seok. Poong Geum sees them and smiles knowing that things are better between the two. Since everyone was busy with something else, Poong Geum wants to sell the ring from Mr Tak to Nr 911 saying that a friend asked her to sell it. Minutes later, Mr Tak appears and sees that Poong Geum wants to sell the ring.

Woo Seok tries to tell the procurer that everything was sent up by Tae San however he doesn’t have evidence to prove his stance. On the other hand, Do Hyun is still devastated after seeing that Soo In is ready to sacrifice herself for Woo Seok. Anyhow his pains start kicking again.

Another day, Woo Seok is released and Soo In hugs him the moment he gets out of the police office. The two go to a restaurant where Woo Seok wonders how she could suffer and keep insider herself all the time spend in prison. When they return to the company, Do Hyun sees Soo In together with Woo Seok and just stays looking at the scene of his wife giving her muffler to another guy. Although he is saddened by the scene, Do Hyun doesn’t do anything even when the two hug each other – seems like he understands now that Soo In love Woo Seok. When she leaves, Do Hyun hides himself from Soo In and just watches her from behind as she goes further.

Woo Seok goes to Tae San and tells the man that everything won’t end like this ( Woo Seok going to prison) thus he will make sure that the Chairman will pay. On the hallway, he meets up with Do Hyun and although the later one wants to apologies on behalf of Tae San, Woo Seok says that from now on they won’t introduce themselves by their names but by “Ma Tae San’s son and Nam Jae Sub’s son”. As he leaves, Woo Seok makes a “war” stance saying that the Mas will pay for everything they did. However as Do Hyun returns to his own office, the pains are getting harsher and harsher.

Mother and son are finally getting some time together. To calm his mother, Woo Seok tell her that everything will be alright.

Meanwhile, Do Hyun goes to Soo In’s bakery but just watches her from afar without entering. Nr 911 finds out about Poong Geum and Mr Tak’s marriage and she offers to help them with their wedding rings.

Aeng Ran wants to make Tae San stop his plans regarding Woo Seok but seeing his attitude, the woman regrets not dismissing him at the shareholders’ meeting. As for Do Hyun, he is still thinking about his situation with Soo In. Although that is his main concern, Do Hyun is determined to find out the truth behind Woo Seok’s case so he threatens one of Tae San’s employees who he thinks of as the actual culprit for the slush funds documents. Fearing of Do Hyun, the man gives him the real documents for the case.

Luckily, Aeng Ran is still helping Woo Seok yet the two are having a hard time obtaining evidence that he is innocent.

Later, Do Hyun gets the documents and before leaving he looks at the company then he tells the driver to take him to the Seoul PO. Later, the employee calls the Mas and informs them that Do Hyun took the evidence to the procurator that is in charge of Woo Seok’s case. But to everyone’s shock, Do Hyun takes all the blame on himself.

Woo Seok also knows that Do Hyun wasn’t the one behind the slush funds so he comforts Soo In saying that everything will be revealed. At the Seoul PO, Do Hyun isn’t really in good health during the investigation yet he continues to take the blame. Do Hyun collapses from too much pain in the head.



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  2. recaplover · · Reply

    Really disappointed with Woo Seok. The man is all talk but can’t do anything. He’d be in prison for sure if Do Hyun didn’t interfere. All about the talk that he won’t let it slide is just an expression and an empty threat, I can’t see any plan or any strategy that convince me he’s going to succeed the payback with his own ability.

    Poor Do Hyun I say. The main purpose to let him wake up after the death is just for him to solve the problem about his father that everybody else is unable to do. And then, with the severe headache like that, for sure he’s made to die again to make way for Soo In and Woo Seok together. That’s why I don’t approve the plot to bring Do Hyun back. That plot just shows me how incapable the good guys is. They just suffer under the attacks of the mighty Tae San, unable to touch him, and have to let the waking-from-the-death man to solve their problem.

    IMO, the story would be much more exciting if the revenge is like a chess game, controls by Aeng Ran and Woo Seok. I love to have the satisfaction to witness the good guys bring down the devil by their own capibility, but sadly, I was left disappointed.

    1. Woo Seok didn’t do much more than 70% of the episodes thus we can’t expect now to do. As you said it, Aeng Ran did and is still doing the most out of all the characters in terms of revenge together with Wang. They even put Woo Seok in the VP position so I was waiting for him to do something as well.

      Regardless, kind of sad that Do Hyun was mostly used as a rag to clean everything up. The man wanted to protect everyone by taking the blame on himself, still Go Joo Won (Do Hyun)’s cameo on this drama will be remembered XD

  3. chasen8888 · · Reply

    This episode was mainly about Do Hyun opening his eyes to the actual reality of his family, his father and his wife. It was necessary in order for him to make some decisions about Soo In;as well as the sins that his family has committed against his wife, Woo Seok and Shim Bok Nyeo. Woo Seok was being a jerk earlier but due to his interrogation he got to understand Soo In a bit better and appreciate her more, therefore their relationship is more stable. Do Hyun has a aneurysm, he is not 100% healthy at all so due to recent events and truths his health has worsened hence preparing the viewer for Do Hyun’s exit and what he plans to achieve while doing so. Woo Seok did not have to do anything much in this episode. Also it shows that Aeng Ran is now warming to her daughter-in-law and grandson, she is leaning towards moving forward with her life and changing for the better.

    1. Considering that he was in a coma for 2 years, I was in a way expecting something worse to happen especially when others were too busy thinking about themselves and forgetting Do Hyun’s condition. At some point it was expected that something were to happen but what baffles me is the Ma family who just put the blame on someone else yet they were the major factor for Do Hyun’s triggered condition.

      Out of this drama, I personally, will mostly remember Aeng Ran and Do Hyun – even though he was an episodic character, the man had more impact over the story than the main ones.

      Thank you for the comment – you mostly said what I was thinking XD

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