[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 37 ~recap/review/opinion~

In this Episode, Do Hyun goes around about how he will treat Soo In better than in the past if she returns to him, yet all he does now is threaten her with the registry and his social position so she will go back to the Mas. Anyhow, I’m liking that Soo In isn’t letting herself be mocked by the two sister-in-laws and brushes both of them off, still I hope she will do the same with her husband. I mean the man is blinded that Soo In won’t return to him but forgot why he wants her back, wasn’t it because he loves her? Why bind her near you? I feel like this man, at over 30 has no idea that relationships can break, everything can have an end, but even so the end of the relationship doesn’t equal the end of the World. And more importantly, the tactics he uses to have her back are despicable, he doesn’t take in consideration what his family did in the past 10 years to Soo In, moreover in the past two years that she spend in prison.

Woo Seok is given the position of VP in the Shinhwa Group and both him and Do Hyun are asked to say a word. Although things go smooth during Do Hyun’s speech, when Woo Seok starts remembering the former bread bakery that was the base for Shinhwa, Tae San gets angry and leaves the conference room.

Later, Do Hyun finally receives his IDs where it was clearly written that So In is his wife. Meanwhile, the bakery of the former inmates is flourishing with customers.

Joo Hee sits down for a talk with Woo Seok and asks him to refrain from remembering the other factory in front of other shareholders and employees however he cuts her short saying that all he wants to do is fulfil the dream behind his father’s factory. Although Joo Hee tries to tell Woo Seok that he should return to his former self and stop believing Aeng Ran’s words, he simply ignores her. Yet, she wants to inform him about Do Hyun’s papers and that now by law Soo In is still her brother’s wife. The conversation is interrupted by Bok Nyeo’s call who calls to inform him about the bakery’s well being but Joo Hee hears the talk and decides to find more about the magazine that wrote about Soo In’s bakery. After finding more about the recipe used by Soo In for her new bread, Joo Hee is determined to use it for Shinhwa’s own bakery.

Aeng Ran visits the grave of Do Jin’s father and talks about how she couldn’t fully take revenge on Tae San, after raising Do Jin for 30 years as his own son. A few minutes later, Do Jin appears with his son and bows to his father asking for forgiveness for not visiting him earlier. Next, he falls on his knees and apologizes to his mother pleading to live looking forward without thinking of the past. When Kwang Daeng also follows his father and falls on his knees, Aeng Ran sees him and lifts him up so the boy won’t ruin his clothes.

Joo Ran wants to find “Yoko Ono” and tells Mr Tak to take her to Soo In’s bakery. On the other hand, the former inmates are happy with their recent business flow but Joo Ran arrives shortly and sees Nr 911 there. The ostrich finally finds out about Nr 911’s plan and she starts fighting with the other 5 women but as they fight and Joo Ran asks for Mr Tak’s help, he kind of pushes her even more (as a revenge for hurting Poong Geum).

Tae San also finds out about what happened at the bakery and tells his eldest daughter to let it slide.

Later, Do Hyun goes to visit Soo In at the bakery and the atmosphere gets a little cold when Poong Geum and Bok Nyeo see him there. Regardless, the women treat him as a guest; but he is kind of shocked to find out that Woo Seok is the one who helped Soo In learn about baking. Still he is uncomfortable when Bok Nyeo, the mother of Woo Seok, tells Do Hyun that Soo In is part of their family (Bok Nyeo didn’t intend to say anything regarding the relationship between Soo In and Woo Seok, she was mostly referring that Soo In is as her own daughter thus it wasn’t an inconvenience being together).

He thanks them for taking care of Soo In but Poong Geum can’t handle it anymore and tells him off that his own father put his wife in jail and he now dares to say that Soo In has the Mas as a family. She gets even angrier when Do Hyun tells her to stop saying that he and Soo In are ‘ex-spouses’ thus Poong Geum regards him as being shameless for gluing himself to Soo In although she suffered so much because of his family.

Soo In finally returns to the bakery and sees Do Hyun there and the two go to a nearby coffee shop to talk alone. There he shows the registry where it says that she is his wife and so she should return to the Ma house. Yet, Soo In refuses saying that there are still days left out of the 100 he said two months before. Unfortunately before leaving, he sees the ring she got from Woo Seok at her neck and says that he gave her the 100 days to rethink her return to the Ma not think about Woo Seok.

As for Poong Geum seems that there is a result of the night she spend with Mr Tak.

On the other hand, Woo Seok meets up with Soo In who was crying after returning from the meeting she had with Do Hyun. She tells him about the registry and he hugs her as comfort however the scene is seen by Do Hyun. Soo In apologizes but he tells her to stop apologizing because the registry is only a piece of paper. Still, the scene isn’t on Do Hyun’s liking, who glares at the two.

Next morning, Poong Geum looks like she found out about her pregnancy and goes Mr Tak. He barely wakes up and hears about her pregnancy. Even though he takes it lightly thinking that they have to marry, Poong Geum thinks about the money (that they need to raise a child).

Out of habit, Aeng Ran wakes up and goes straight to make seaweed soup for Tae San but she stops halfway. At the Ma family, Joo Hee informs everyone that she is preparing a party for her father’s birthday.

Later that day, at the company, Woo Seok informs Do Hyun that he also found out about the registry however he goes straight and tells Soo In’s husband that he should use a piece of paper to tie her near him. There’s a lot of tension between the two and Do Hyun takes Woo Seok by the collar saying that he was a mere substitute for a short while, still Woo Seok won’t lose and returns the threat and forcefully tells Do Hyun that his relationship with Soo In is just a past relationship that ended. Do Hyun complains that only if Woo Seok is to disappear then Soo In will return to him. Despise that, Woo Seok wants to wake Do Hyun up and tells him that Soo In can’t return to a family that made her suffer and put her into jail for two years. Even so, Do Hyun replies that he will treat Soo In 100 times better than before therefore she will forget the pain of the two years. The conversation is cut short and thinking that Woo Seok looks at the registry as a mere paper, Do Hyun says that he will soon show how heavy that paper can be.

Do Hyun uses the party as an excuse to have Soo In near him and although she refuses, he asks her to convince him that she truly wants to break up.

As for Aeng Ran, she meets up with Tae San. At the restaurant, he says that he wanted to eat seaweed soup with her since it’s his birthday. Aeng Ran is decided not to go back to the past yet she thanks him for taking care of Do Jin. As response he says that he always thought of Do Jin as his own son and shamelessly continues acting humble thinking that there won’t be any more times the two can spend together in the future.

The attorney that Woo Seok found goes to Tae San to ask for information so he can open a retrial regarding the fire incident at the former factory but the older man doesn’t want to talk about it. However one of the employs informs Tae San that the detectives may have found out about his slush funds.

At the same time, Joo Hee wants to make Woo Seok be present at her father’s birthday party.

Much later at the party, Woo Seok sees Soo In entering with Do Hyun. She also sees him but Do Hyun gets in the middle and puts his arm around her waist. Soo In doesn’t liking the situation but she can’t do anything especially in front of the reporters. Joo Hee tries to flame more the situation by saying that her brother and Soo In look good together. Because he couldn’t handle seeing Soo In with another man, Woo Seok leaves the party.

After Doo Hyun’s speech, everyone is enjoying themselves however when Joo Hee tries to pester Soo In, the later one calls her (still) sister in law shameless for wanting to have a relationship with Woo Seok even though her father destroyed his family. She continues and tells Joo Hee that to Woo Seok she is just the daughter of the man that killed his father; hearing that Joo Hee shouts at Soo In but stops pretty fast knowing that people are watching.

Next is Joo Ran who keeps on insulting Soo In telling her that she should thank Do Hyun for dolling her up. Once again, Soo In doesn’t accept being insulted and tells Joo Ran not to mess with her. Shocked seeing her changed sister in law, Joo Ran stops her mocking over Soo In.

Tae San wants to make the slush funds as being Woo Seok’s fault.

At the bakery, Bok Nyeo and Nr 911 almost find out that Poong Geum is pregnant. Mr Tak wants to ask Poong Geum to marry him but she gets angry that he spent money on the event.

Back at the Shinhwa party, Soo In gets drunk after drinking too much making Do Hyun worry about what his sister might’ve told her. In the car, Do Hyun hears Soo In apologizing to Woo Seok in her sleep.

Because Soo In wasn’t returning home, Soo In calls Woo Seok thinking that he knows where she is. At the Mas, Joo Hee finds out that Do Hyun took Soo In at a hotel to sleep. Meanwhile, Tae San’s plan is working as his employee puts the slush funds as being Woo Seok’s fault.

Woo Seok decides to wait for Soo In at the bakery but she doesn’t return all night.

Next morning, Soo In wakes up at the hotel and when she wants to leave, Do Hyun stops her. He still doesn’t seem to understand that her house is at Yi Moon’s. He is being forceful about keeping her with him but Soo In can’t seem to handle his attitude and tells him that he is shortly becoming like his father. Then she rushes to the bakery and there Soo In sees Woo Seok. Although she tries to explain herself, Woo Seok doesn’t seem interested in anything she has to say.

She confesses that all night she was with Do Hyun but that upsets Woo Seok even more. Woo Seok tells her that he wants her to be happy thus they should stop (their relationship if it’s too hard for her to handle). The conversation stops as he goes to work.

At the Shinhwa parking lot, Joo Hee tells Woo Seok that Soo In spent the night with Do Hyun at a hotel. He is visible annoyed but leaves before Joo Hee gets to say more.

Woo Seok goes up to Do Hyun’s office and asks if he was that kind of human before (as in getting a woman drunk and then go with her at a hotel). On the other hand, Do Hyun tells Woo Seok that is normal between a married couple to spend time together (he clearly implied something else). Before leaving the office, Woo Seok tells Do Hyun that he wants to see how long he can hang onto that paper.

Joo Hee isn’t the only annoyance, Joo Ran also goes to the bakery and tells everyone that Soo In spend the night with her husband. Hearing the news, Bok Nyeo gets angry and leaves the store, leaving Joo Ran enjoying the whole situation.

Back to his own office, Woo Seok sees that one of his drawers was open and contained files that he never saw. At the same time, the detectives come with a warrant for Woo Seok.


  1. recaplover · · Reply

    Just another ridiculous episode focusing on the makjang story of the three which shouldn’t be in the plot at all. I’m not even angry at Do Hyun but instead find him pity. He’s a decent man but because of his upbringing, he doesn’t know how to handle the situation that other people don’t follow his commands. He handles the dilemma using the only way he has ever known – the arrogant way in which he has to be the center and everybody else has to be just the orbit around him.

    I’m so disappointed with the way Woo Seok’s character development also. He now knows that Tae San killed his father and put his mother in jail, he can remember the past, but why the heck he’s still staying in the company and becomes a VP? And he doesn’t even hide his knowledge waiting to get revenge like Ms Cha, yet he basically advertises his new-found memory and invites his enemy to frame him and put him away???!!!

    The only male character I love in this drama is Do Jin. I start loving him since the episode when he (without probing) went with Poong Geum’s misunderstanding and promptly became Mr Tak’s driver just to save his face. I thought, “Wow, how can a chaebol son agree to do that for his driver?” and has loved him ever since. Now, He changes completely from the spoil rich brat to the mature responsible man who is willing to shoulder all the hard works for his own family. I love that he doesn’t ask Mi Oh to follow him, but he supports Mi Oh to become a model, he embraces and respects Mi Oh’s ex-convict family, and he also talks some senses into his mother. The change of Do Jin is the best character development in this drama IMO.

    Thank you for your recap, I enjoy it more than watching the episode 🙂

    1. With Woo Seok being in Shinhwa, both him and Aeng Ran want to show Tae San that they won’t back off and more importantly, the company way build out of Bok Nyeo’s husband’s former factory that Tae San stole thus he has the right to be there more than the Mas. Him and Aeng Ran need to be present in Shinhwa so Tae San won’t have more power over it and the position of VP is pretty good for their plan because like this, Woo Seok has connections with stuff that happen in Shinhwa.

      To put it simple, having Woo Seok around now that he got back his memories, creates a lot of pressure for Tae San.

      Personally, I’m still questioning Do Jin’s love for Mi Oh because in the past episodes every time his mother wanted to break them apart he would use the excuse that Mi Oh suffered a lot because of him so he needs to stay with her and take responsibility over the child.

      1. recaplover · ·

        I can see that Woo Seok stays in the company to be the insider. That plan is great and makes more sense to me if he hides his intention from Tae San, and waiting for the right moment to strike. In this case, I can’t see any good that he lets his mind showing. That makes him the target, that gives Tae San the warning so he can prepare to counterattack and of course Tae San will find a way to eliminate him. I say Woo Seok has a poor strategy in the game of chess.

        For Do Jin, I only say that I love the change of him from the spoil brat to the responsible man. Either it’s for the love to Mi Oh or the resonsibility, he does a great job as the head of his family.

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