[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 36 ~recap/review/opinion~

When Do Hyun asked Soo In to move to America he just said that he has friends there, but what about her? Should she leave everything behind just because from his point of view it’s better to do so? But I do somehow understand the issue, I mean for two years Aeng Ran kept him hide and he did lost his loved one in the meantime. He needs time to adjust with the recent events.

Is it just me or Aeng Ran is going soft now. She did make a mistake towards Do Hyun but what about the sins that Tae San made? She’s my favorite character, hopefully the writer won’t turn her into some softy now at the end.

Woo Seok comes at the hospital to take Soo In back and pretty much tells Do Hyun to take his hands of his girlfriend because she is now his woman. Joo Ran enters the room and sees the scene so she brushes of Woo Seok’s hand from Soo In. To calm things, Soo In asks Woo Seok to leave the room so she can have a serious talk with Do Hyun; also after being asked by her younger brother to leave, Joo Ran steps outside. Then as the two talk, Do Hyun suggests his wife to leave everything behind and move to Boston, however the woman refuses saying that after the things she went through the past two years, she promised herself not to live as (just) a wife and daughter-in-law and do more for her own dreams. Yet, because of her refusal, Do Hyun thinks that Soo In doesn’t want to leave with him so she can stay with Woo Seok (in the same house). To put her husband at ease, Soo In tells Do Hyun that if he is so worried since she lives with another man, then she decides to search for a new house.

On the hospital’s hallway, Joo Ran goes to Woo Seok and pleads him to let Soo In return to her brother since Do Hyun come back with his wife in mind. On the other hand, Woo Seok completely ignores her until Joo Ran starts insulting him – even so, he doesn’t say anything and just glares at the colorful ostrich aka Joo Ran. He can’t stand her accusations any more and when she starts taking him by the collar, Woo Seok brushes her off and leaves.

Later, Soo In sees Woo Seok waiting for her in front of the hospital. Knowing that Soo In needs a moment for herself, he tells her to enter the car and wait for him while he goes to buy some tea. In the car, Soo In’s tears start falling and when Woo Seok returns, he witnesses the scene.

On their way home, Woo Seok is aware that Do Hyun’s attitude is because Soo in lives with him but he still doesn’t want to let her move away.

Poong Gum is still furious thinking that Mr Tak is on Joo Ran’s side. After being scolded by her, Tak decides to give her the ring but because she is too angered, Poong Geum throws him out of her room without even giving a change for him to give the ring.

Meanwhile, Mi Oh finds out from Do Jin that Tae San isn’t his father. However the mood lifts up when Mi Oh’s CM airs and he ends up showing off that the person from the tv is his wife.

Tae San pays a visit to Aeng Ran and finds out that she knows about his past sin with the fire. In all that, of course she isn’t in the mood to talk with him and tells him that her life goal is to take revenge for what happened. Then he starts worrying about how Do Jin feels especially that he used to compare him with Do Hyun a lot in the past.

Jae Won is in deep thoughts after the recent events thinking that maybe what Bok Nyeo said is true regarding Tae San killing her husband. At a bar, while drinking alone, Joo Hee is also thinking about the day when Bok Nyeo came to their house but tries to fool herself that maybe everything is a misunderstanding.

During the night, while everyone is asleep, Soo In looks at the ring she received from Woo Seok.

Next day, Aeng Ran comes to the hospital to visit Do Hyun. He is clearly not liking the visit however Aeng Ran starts with apologizing to him knowing that he resents her. Do Hyun doesn’t hide his anger towards Aneg Ran saying that he lost a lot because of her and most importantly he lost Soo In. Anyhow, he reveals that Tae San already knew two years ago that Do Jin isn’t his son. We are taken two years back when Tae San told Do Hyun to overlook the fact that Do Jin isn’t his brother because he owns a lot to Aeng Ran thus he took her son as his own. It seems that Do Hyun regrets not telling Aeng Ran since two years before about Tae San knowing the truth.

At the hospital, Joo Ran sees on the news that she donated 4 million $ to build a shelter for female ex-convicts however that’s the money she invested in the ‘Top Secret Asset’ (looks like Nr 911’s plan paid off). When Joo Ran goes to demand explanation for being cheated, Nr 911 drops her acts and finally reveals her true self by swearing at the “poor cheated woman”. The other Mas also find out that she donated that amount of money out of her own stupidity.

On the other hand, Woo Seok couldn’t let Soo In move out so he decides to find an apartment for himself 10 minutes away from Yi Moon’s house. Luckily, Woo Seok and Soo In are still joking with each other and he praises her smile. A French guy comes at the bakery for an interview and Woo Seok helps them women with the translation.

As for Do Hyun, he is finally discharged from the hospital with the condition of being careful. He announces Soo In and asks her to help him with the procedures. After leaving the hospital, Do Hyun takes Soo In to the beach he proposed to her (the same beach where she meet Woo Seok in the first episodes after Do Hyun’s funeral). He takes out a ring but she retreats her hand saying that the ring she lost wasn’t hers but his as for her own ring, Soo In buried it at his grave after realizing her feelings for Woo Seok. Do Hyun is being alarmed and says that Woo Seok is deceiving her yet Soo In tells him that this is reality, she has feelings for Woo Seok. Because she refuses to get back to him, Do Hyun wants to enter the sea and kill himself shouting that he can’t live without her. Things calm down and Do Hyun decides that it’s better to give her 100 days to think about their relationship showing confidence that after those days she will return. However Do Hyun also says that if by chance she won’t return then he will eventually give up on her. Soo In agrees after hearing that her (still) husband won’t think of killing himself in the meantime.

Woo Seok finds out that there was a witness who accused Bok Nyeo of killing her own husband and the court took his declaration as true at that time.

Bok Nyeo tells Soo In that Woo Seok is moving out, hearing that she apologizes that even though both mother and son meet again after so many years, they can’t live together because of her. Bok Nyeo says that it’s not Soo In’s fault and advices her to let time pass.

Later Soo In waits for Woo Seok to return home and tell him that she is the one who is supposed to move. When she starts apologizing, Woo Seok asks her to promise him that she will stop crying an apologizing. Woo Seok finally gives her a hug as she cries in his arms.

On a side not, Mr Tak’s sister visits him and together with Poong Geum they return to acting as a married couple. With the help of the others and especially Yi Moon who lets them use his house, they manage to fool Mr Tak’s sister and brother in law.

While Mr Tak is visiting, the others have to hide in Bok Nyeo’s room, making Woo Seok confused. When Nr 911 goes to check on the situation, she sees Poong Geum and Mr Tak sleeping next to each other

Do Hyun returns home. As for Soo In, she witness Woo Seok talking with Byul and cries secretly at the sight of the two.

Another day, the shareholders meeting starts for the dismissal of Tae San from the front line of Shinhwa Group. Unfortunately, he isn’t dismissed and most probably Aneg Ran has to do with the result since she seemed to waver around the fact that Tae San knew about Do Jin not being his son and also because of her guild feelings towards Do Hyun.

However, Aeng Ran brings in Woo Seok with the recommendation for the VP position in the Shinhwa Group.


  1. recaplover · · Reply

    I really don’t like this episode. I feel pity for Do Hyun who wake up from his coma and finds his wife have a new mind set. I rather him stay dying so he can be forever a loving husband in Soo In’s memory instead of now, she starts to feel frustrated with him. Again I strongly think the writing went downhill with Do Hyun’s plot. I still can’t understand the plot why Ms Cha hid him for 2 years.

    I think Ms Cha can hold the title the Legendary Witch in here. She’s so fixate on revenge that she’s willing to give up her happiness to stay with the enemy, waiting to plot her revenge, and thus unknowingly causes her son’s life miserable. I want to see how she can be successful with her revenge.

    1. I personally don’t think that the writer went downhill with Do Hyun. If we were to receive a character that was too nice and okay with letting his wife go, then we wouldn’t have a story. I also think that it was planned from the beginning especially since Do Hyun’s funeral they actually said about not finding his body.

      Aeng Ran wanted to keep him hide because she tho that Tae San didn’t knew about Do Jin not being his son. Also, Do Hyun is the sole successor for Shinhwa and if he were to be around, then Aeng Ran wouldn’t get to put her revenge plan into action considering that she wanted to return Shinhwa to Woo Seok.

      Indeed Aeng Ran was great, She stole the show for me and I rarely like these kind of characters, kudos to the actress for managing to bring out such an awesome character.

      1. recaplover · ·

        Thank you for clear me up of why Ms Cha hid Do Hyun. So her plan would be when Do Hyun wakes up, he’s going to lose the company for Woo Seok. Wow, she’s really witch. I agree with you, she stole the show and the actress plays her is not only doing awesome job but also beautiful for woman her age.

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