[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 35 ~recap/review/opinion~

Even Do Hyun isn’t in a right state of mind. The guy is already over 30 and just seems weird to me. I mean he is like a psychopath whenever he wants Soo In to come to him. Is this real love? Well not really because comparison to Woo Seok, he doesn’t seem to understand the situation, more than that his family trashed Soo In, of course she won’t go back easily but he still demands more and more. On the other hand, Joo Hee is just pathetic and I suppose this runs in the family since the older brother is the same whenever it comes to Woo Seok respectively Soo In.

However, I do get Do Hyun sometimes. His time stopped two years ago, the man still considers Soo In his and more importantly he wants his loved one near thus it may take some time for him to finally get the reality of the two years while he was in a coma.

What I don’t really understand from all this, is Joo Ran acting like a worried older sister when in the first episodes she didn’t even care for Do Hyun.

The recap:

After Tae San said the same words that he used in the past to threaten Bok Nyeo’s husband, Woo Seok gains back his memories and tells the older man that he finally remembered, moreover he will do anything to take revenge for the past. As response, Tae San says that it’s been 30 years therefore it’s over that limitation status but Woo Seok promises a retrial and leaves the office furiously. In the parking lot, Joo Hee and her brother in law assist to Woo Seok furiously throwing fists in his car.

Woo Seok comes back home and decides to confess everything to his mother. Bok Nyeo is a little confused but when she finally finds out who was behind the fire incident she can’t believe it especially since Tae San was a person both she and her husband trusted. Because of the shock, Bok Nyeo faints.

The 3 younger women (Poong Geum, Soo In and Mi Oh) are informed about their ‘mother’. Meanwhile, Bok Nyeo wakes up and wants to rush to Tae San and demand clarification. Luckily, the others stop her and the 3 other women also come back home and find out about Tae San’s past sins against Woo Seok and his family.

Later Woo Seok and Soo In talk about what happened and with the recent news about Tae San in mind she tries to calm him asking not to blame himself. Yet when she tries to comfort him, both seem distant with each other. Soo In apologizes for not being able to comfort him properly but he tells her that it’s okay since the current situation with the Mas isn’t her fault. Woo Seok continues and says that the only thing he doesn’t want to hear from her is the word “sorry” asking her not to build up everything inside herself.

Woo Seok: “Soo In, I’m always with you. Make sure you remember only this, okay?”

Joo Hee visits her brother in the hospital and keeps asking about Soo In and talks how great of a couple the two are. Then she advices Do Hyun to bring Soo In back because if she continues to live with Woo Seok in the same house, later it will be harder to break them apart. However, Do Hyun was not aware that his wife lives with another man. Joo Hee goes on as a fox pretending that she thought Soo In told him about living with Woo Seok (yeah, as if Soo In would’ve done/say something like that to bring a shock to Do Hyun…). The younger sister confesses that she likes Woo Seok and tells her brother about him and how she liked him first and Soo In stole the man from her.

At Yi Moon’s house everyone calms down and at some point Do Hyun calls Soo In with a stoned face demanding her to go at the hospital. Seeing her run, Poong Geum tells Woo Seok not to let her go but he seems sure that his girlfriend won’t hover easily and just goes out to take some fresh air.

Soo In arrives at the hospital and faces an angry husband who orders her to come back to the Ma family. She tries to explain but Do Hyun is angry so he doesn’t want to listen yet Soo In rejects his demands. Joo Ran interferes and starts pushing Soo In around saying that she has no right to refuse what her husband is asking from her. Fortunately, Soo In doesn’t let herself trampled and brushes violently Joo Ran’s hand away. Joo Ran starts nagging about how Do Hyun made Soo In the wife of a millionaire but he finally steps in and stops his sister. Even so, Soo In doesn’t want to accept the way they treat her so she leaves telling Do Hyun that she will talk with him when everything will be toned down. But Joo Hee goes on regarding her brother’s wishes and follows Soo In.

On the hallway, Joo Hee says that the legal team of the family are working to ‘take out’ Do Hyun (to ‘dissolve’ the death certificate) so when that will happen Do Hyun and Soo In will go back to being husband and wife. Soo In can’t take it anymore and shouts out to Joo Hee to stop getting in between the stuff of her and Do Hyun.

Aeng Ran is slowly softening down to Do Jin and Mi Oh and gives her daughter in law some money so they can spend on their living expenses. Before leaving, Aeng Ran finds out from Poong Geum that Bok Nyeo collapsed and goes to pay a visit.

Since Bok Nyeo was resting, Woo Seok tells Aeng Ran that his memories are back and that Tae San is the one behind the fire incident. Hearing all that, the woman can’t believe the human that Tae San is. When Bok Nyeo wakes up, she thanks Aeng Ran for saving her son – but the later one says that there’s nothing to be thanked for since she always thought of Woo Seok as her little brother (in the past). Aeng Ran apologizes for not revealing the truth faster.

When she was preparing to leaving, Woo Seok thanks Aeng Ran for being his savior yet he doesn’t understand if there is any difference between her and Tae San after all she hide the fact that Do Hyun was alive. The woman doesn’t know how to face the question thus she only reveals being truly sorry towards both Woo Seok and Soo In.

Poong Geum and Nr 911 are still up with their scam for Joo Ran. Apparently Joo Ran is concerned about her family’s situation and calls out “Yoko Ono” for a drink. Meanwhile Mr Tak prepared a ring for Poong Geum but doesn’t give it to her for now because the two are in a “push and pull” game. Back to the worried sister (sense my irony here?) “Yoko Ono” tells Joo Ran that 2 years passed in Soo In and Do Hyun’s case but it angers the sister and she ends up fighting with her rich friend. Before leaving, “Yoko Ono” asks for two expensive bottles and tells the man from the bar that Joo Ran will pay.

Mi Oh wants to stop her husband from working as a substitute driver but he rejects the idea saying that he finally wants to show a good image for his son. When he finds out that his mother left money, Do Jin goes to return the money.

Woo Seok finds out that he needs strong evidence to start a retrial.

At breakfast, Joo Hee keeps pushing the idea of brining Soo In back from Woo Seok’s house. Later Bok Nyeo comes at the Ma house after thinking for a while, the Ma family finally lets her inside. Tae San acts like he has no idea why she is there but the woman shocks everyone with the new reveal. Do Hyun’s mother falls on her knees and pleads for her husband to be forgiven but Bok Nyeo just stays there and watches the scene. To clear himself up in front of the other Mas, Tae San says that a man who has amnesia for 30 years ( Woo Seok) can’t be trusted. In all that, Joo Hee seems worried and asks her father if it’s true, but of course he says that nothing is true.

Soo In gets a new contract but because of it she can’t spend time with Do Hyun, he is all needy and tells her to come even if she is late. After ending the call from Soo In, Do Hyun starts imagining how Soo In and Woo Seok spend time together in the kitchen playing with flour and happily smiling thus all that makes his blood boil.

Aeng Ran promotes Woo Seok in front of the other Shinhwa shareholders so he can finally get back the company. The news is also heard by Tae San.

Mr Tak prepares an event for Poong Geum but she doesn’t see the ring.

Do Hyun constantly calls Soo In ordering her to go to the hospital. After delivering all day, of course the woman isn’t in the mood for visits. Later at night, Joo Ran finds out that Do Hyun won’t eat nor get treatment if Soo In won’t come to him and witnesses her brother going crazy if his wife isn’t near him so she promises to bring Soo In.

The woman goes to Yi Moon’s house to take Soo In by force back to the Ma house. Soo In doesn’t understand and is just being dragged by the ‘worried’ sister fortunately we have Poong Geum and Bok Nyeo who jump in. Because Soo In refuses to go back to Do Hyun, Joo Ran falls flat on the floor shouting that she will do anything for her younger brother. To get rid of Joo Ran, Soo In accepts to go to the hospital saying that she will be back soon.

Woo Seok comes back from the meeting with the shareholders and finds out from Poong Geum and his mother about Joo Ran dragging Soo In back to the hospital although she worked all day without rest.

At the hospital, Soo In is angry at the way Do Hyun is acting. He keeps begging for her to return to him but she slightly brushes his hand saying that she doesn’t want to go back to the past. Woo Seok appears and takes Soo In’s hand wanting to take her out, although stopped for a second by Do Hyun who says that she is his woman, Woo Seok calmly answers:

Woo Seok:” No, Soo In is my woman so take your hand off.”

(Side note: Woohoooo! Woo Seok team hurray!)



  1. recaplover · · Reply

    Wow, 2 recaps one after another, thank you.

    I think the story become more ridiculous after Do Hyun wake up. I was wrong before when I thought upbringing didn’t shape the personality. Well, I can see more clearly now that upbringing plays a major part . Looking at Do Jin, even he raised by the Mas as their family member, he’s still subjective to the poor treatments since he’s the mistress’s son. He witnessed his mother being looked down, and got used with being ignored or ridiculous by family members. Thus, he can easy sympathize with others and is able to look things in the others’ point of view. So he’s able to throw away everything to start anew with the person he loves.

    Now, look at Do Hyun who’s also a son in Mas family. He’s the only legitimate son, he’s the crown prince and everybody has to cater to him, even his father. He uses to get thing his way and if he can’t, he just throws an ultimatum and it’s done. like when he wanted to marry Soo In, he just needed to threaten to oust his family and then his father had to let Soo In in the house. Do Hyun is not a bad person, but because of his upbringing, he’s always the superior, always has people to please him, thus he’s unable to put things in others’ perspective and he can’t compromise. There’s countless times when I shouted at the screen, “Dude, learn from Do Jin. Leave your wealth and start anew with her.” It’s so ridiculous that he knows his father put his wife in prison and he still wants her to come back to live with his family again.

    I can’t stand Wooseok either. It’s just stupid to let the enemy knows he remembers the past and he will seek revenge. It’s like drawing a big bull-eye on his body to invite others to shoot. I also can’t stand his pressure on Soo In, but lucky for him he has his mom and his father-in-law to speak some senses to him, unlike Do Hyun who gets the whole chorus (his sisters) to go with his tantrum.

    Only 5 more episodes to go and I still can’t see Soo In as a Legendary Witch. What will she do to earn that title? As for now, she hasn’t dne anything to get back on the wrong things the Mas did to her, even her new-found confidence seems to teether so bad wiith Do Hyun grasping tightly on her.

    1. The difference between Do Hyun and Do Jin is that the older one was always pampered by everyone in the family for being the one who will take over Shinhwa. On the other hand, Do Jin lived just as the mistress’ son thus this may also be a reason on why Do Jin managed to figure things as in what’s actually important.

      The part with Woo Seok, i think he said it because he was caught in the moment so he wanted to let Tae San know that things will eventually go the way they are supposed to. On a side note, I did like Ha Suk Jin’s acting at that moment, it’s like he’s finally showing his acting (thing that kind of lacked in this drama, although I know most of the actors, they kind of disappoint me this time).

      If I am to compare Soo In to other female characters (especially from family dramas) she is definitely better in terms of fighting and not accepting things easily, however as you said it, she is no “legendary witch”, I mean she did promise a revenge on the Mas during the first 10 episodes but the writer forgot about it (again).

      Thank you again for your comment, I enjoy reading your opinions over the story.

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