[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 34 ~recap/review/opinion~

It’s kind of clear in this episode who Soo In will eventually choose, or more like who she truly loves at this point. Is true that she rushes to Do Hyun every time he needs her, however her confusion isn’t exactly “who do I love” it is more the “what’s the right thing to do” because from my point of view, Soo In loves Woo Seok, yet now that her husband re-appeared she puts Do Hyun as the center (in everything) just so the man will accept the treatment. What annoys me, is that both men say they understand and are waiting for Soo In’s but they just pressure her. I’m not saying that underneath, these two men don’t actually understand her, because they are, even so both Woo Seok and Do Hyun act as needy in front of her making everything hard for the woman. Howbeit, Do Hyun needs to accept that it’s been 2 years in which Soo In rebuild a lot, from a career path to a love relationship.

If she is to choose, until the last episode  (ep 33) I wanted her to go back to Do Hyun not because that’s the right thing to do considering that there was a 10 years relationship between the two and a marriage, just that I personally feel more chemistry from Do Hyun and Soo In together. Despise that, as I already said Soo In loves Woo Seok and she thinks about how he may get hurt in all this, but if I am to say who I want her to choose as of now, I would say none. Soo In needs to leave all the hardship she lived in the past years, from being mocked by the Ma and until now when everyone (from the Ma) puts the blame on her, all in all I think she needs to detach herself from everything and just start living for herself and for the things she desires to do rather than being anxious in her daily life.

Do Hyun sees the messages from Woo Seok and even pictures of his wife with him and their rings thus he decides to call Woo Seok and arrange for a meeting. Woo Seok accepts to meet up and goes to the hospital to talk with Soo In’s husband. At the hospital, the atmosphere is clearly rough as Do Hyun asks questions about his relationship with Soo In. Without hesitating, Woo Seok answers all of the questions but to Do Hyun’s surprise, he finds out that Woo Seok and Soo In meet at the Women Penitentiary when she was an inmate. Woo Seok explains everything that happened in the past two years and for what reason Soo In was sent to prison moreover he finds out that his own father was behind his wife’s hardship. Before leaving, Do Hyun thanks Woo Seok for taking care of Soo In (it was more like “thank you, now leave my wife”)

On the hallway, Woo Seok meets up with Joo Hee who tells him to take Soo In and leave Do Hyun alone.

Back to Do Hyun’s room, when he asks his older sister what’s the truth with Soo In and Tae San and of course Joo Ran takes their father’s side saying that Soo In embezzled the funds of Shinhwa. On the other hand Do Hyun knows that his wife wouldn’t do such a thing and starts shouting that everything that happened it’s his fault because if Soo In wouldn’t have meet him, then she could’ve spend a normal life.

Nr 911 advices Soo In to enjoy her love triangle without making it complicated, minutes later Joo Ran calls Soo In at the bakery to tell her that Woo Seok visited her Do Hyun at the hospital and that the later one is refusing the medication.

Woo Seok appears at the bakery and Soo In demands clarification on why he went to the hospital. But he doesn’t understand her anger and thinks that Soo In is putting Do Hyun before him making her think that he acts like a needy child. Hearing that, makes Woo Seok more demanding and asks her to not leave to Do Hyun. She tells him that Do Hyun needs her right now considering his situation but Woo Seok finally has it and says that if she goes to her husband then from now on she would never try to hold her back. Unfortunately for him, Soo In is more concerned about Do Hyun so she just rushes to the hospital leaving Woo Seok looking at her from behind.

Bok Nyeo comes and takes her son’s hand. Woo Seok tells her everything that happened in the afternoon and what Do Hyun told her before he left the hospital making him feel pathetic. However, although Bok Nyeo knows that her son is suffering, she advices him to try and understand Soo In’s situation more than that he should give her some time.

Mr Tak and Poong Geum are still busy fooling his relatives that they are married.

Meanwhile, Soo In arrives at the hospital where Joo Ran blames the whole situation on her. Regardless, Soo In doesn’t care about Joo Rand and just focuses on Do Hyun telling him to take the medication. Yet, the man is still perturbed after finding out that his father put his wife in jail and continues to blame himself for the issue. Joo Ran continues to mumble somewhere in the background while Do Hyun tells Soo In that he can’t forgive his family for what they did to her. Sadly, Do Hyun loses consciousness once again after refusing to be treated.

Later the doctor explains everyone that because of the 2 years coma, Do Hyun may suffer form after-effects. When the doctor leaves, Joo Ran blames everything on Woo Seok but Do Hyun wakes up and says that he is the one who called Woo Seok. Finally awake, he asks Tae San why he sent his wife to prison and continues saying that it would’ve been better if he died in the accident rather than seeing the miserable situation. Lastly Do Hyun tells his father to apologies to Soo In and to the other Ma members’ shock, Tae San does as his son says. Still, Soo In isn’t ready to accept the apology so she just excuses herself in front of Do Hyun and leaves the room. Joo Hee follows her but no matter what the sister-in-law says, Soo In doesn’t want to accept the apology. But she falls on deep thoughts when Joo Hee pleads to just concentrate on Do Hyun’s recovery.

The Ma family talks about what to do next and Tae San says that if Do Hyun wants to go back to Soo In then he will have to accept. Joo Ran jumps in and says that’s not right and puts the blame on Joo Hee for wanting to get Woo Seok is Soo In returns to Do Hyun.

Soo In stays behind at the hospital and tells Do Hyun that if he really thinks of her then he should re-start the treatment because that’s the best thing he can do for her. He feels ashamed for even looking into her eyes but eventually accepts what she wants.

Yi Moon also advices Woo Seok to be patient with Soo In’s situation and in return the later one says that he will wait for her no matter how much it takes but he feels uneasy thinking about what’s best for her.

Poong Geum has to sleep in the same room with Mr Tak as his family thinks that the two are newlyweds and in the end they kind of pull the blankets over each other (more like Mr Tak puts the blankets….if you know what I mean).

Do Jin continues his work as a substitute driver but he has a small quarrel with one of his customers and in the end the two end at the police office. Later Mi Oh comes to take him back and finds out from a police officer that her husband worked at night. Aeng Ran comes to pay the fine but when she drives them home, the mother tells him to stop working because she will send him money and of course he refuses.

Aeng Ran doesn’t get to leave as she meets up with Soo In. At the same time, Woo Seok meets up with Do Jin who apologizes for what his mother did (for not telling everyone on time that Do Hyun was alive).

Soo In is clearly angered with Aeng Ran’s actions. The woman tries to apologize but in Soo In’s eyes it’s just an excuse. Soo In can’t control her emotions and shouts out that if Aeng Ran were to return Do Hyun to her at the right time, then she wouldn’t have got the chance to meet Woo Seok – her words are heard by Woo Seok who is hurt and returns home. However he doesn’t hear the part when Soo In tells Aeng Ran the part that if she knew about Do Hyun being alive then Woo Seok wouldn’t get hurt now after they got to meet.

Nr 911 starts liking the man Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo set her up with.

In the morning, Woo Seok finally meets up with the detective that was in charge of her case 30 years ago but unfortunately with no results.

Do Hyun is accepting treatment and shows good results as he finally starts to move more she he asks Soo In to stroke his head (what is he, a baby?). As she does what he wants, Do Hyun notices that Soo in doesn’t have their marriage ring but wears the one Woo Seok gave her and tells her to take it off in front of him.

Back at the bakery, Soo In meets up with Woo Seok and apologizes for her words from a night before. However she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want to talk with her – truth is, he sees that Soo In doesn’t have the right from him anymore.

Later, Soo In takes the ring from Woo Seok and wears it on a necklace. On the other hand, in his room Woo Seok remembers what Soo In told Aeng Ran. Seconds later, Bok Nyeo comes into his room and tells her son to forget the past now that he is also concerned with Soo In’s situation. While they talk, Woo Seok receives a phone call from Tae San.

He goes to Shinhwa office where Tae San apologizes and gives him an envelope with money as compensation for what happened in the past. Woo Seok gets irritated and says that he won’t accept the money made by other people’s blood. Woo Seok threatens Tae San that he will make him pay for the things he’s done in the past. When Tae San get angry and says that he won’t stand still and step over anyone who will get into his way, Woo Seok remembers the past, when Tae San said the same thing to his father.

Apparently in the past Woo Seok’s father told Tae San that he will go to report him to the police making the later one angry and shout out that he will step on everyone who will stay on his way. Tae San waited for the man to fall asleep and then he set the house on fire. Everything was witnessed by Woo Seok who back in the present tells Tae San that he is the one behind the fire incident.


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