[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 34

This is episode 67 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Early in the morning Il Gook prepares breakfast for the boys while they are still asleep. Later, the father takes out the garbage but as he was out, Min Guk wakes up and searches for him. The boy looks around the kitchen but since the father wasn’t there, he sees the little fence open yet Min Guk doesn’t go further and just waits for Il Gook there and even falls on his keens. He quietly waits for around 5~10 minutes; when Il Gook returns, he is a little stunned seeing Min Guk wandering around ( he thought the boys were asleep all along so the father wasn’t expecting one of them to be awake).

Considering that the other two were still asleep, Il Gook spends some quality time with his middle son and gives him hundreds of kisses – Min Guk tells his father were to kiss him (on the neck and so on) but at some point the boy says to kiss him on the butt; hearing that, Il Gook starts laughing but still does what his son asks. After, the kiss marathon continues!

During the interview, Il Gook explains the affection from the morning and tells the staff that because their family has 3 children (at a time) it is hard to show affection thus when he finds time with one of them, he focuses only on that child and kisses him.

The other two also wake up and Dae Han is first to say his good morning to the cameramen (the dinosaur) and is shortly followed by the middles son. On the other hand, Man Se does something different this morning, he gives a morning kiss to the cameraman from the living room (the one that stays near the couch – he actually kisses the cameraman on the cheek).

Il Gook wants to teach the triplets that if a strange person comes near them and tells them to follow they shouldn’t go with that person. Yet the boys are pranksters and say that they will follow leaving their father dumbfounded at their answer.

Then the father tries to explain them in a different manner since the boys were taking it as a joke and tells them that if they follow the strange person then they won’t get to see mom and dad anymore. He also teaches the boys his name in case they get lost. Min Guk knows their father’s name, but the youngest re-names the father as “ Guk Jjani” (Song Guk Jja); also, when he also asks Dae Han, the eldest son answers “No”.

The next scenario is if Il Gook faints then what the boys have to do. Dae Han is the first to come out and ask him if he is okay and shouts for help. For the next step, Il Gook asks the triplets what they have to do if there is no response from him (while he is collapsed) and the 3 turn him on the side however Man Se shows his prankster personality and asks Il Gook’s feet “dad, are you okay?”. Back to the scenario, although Min Guk and Man Se were putting their hands on their father’s face (bothering him), Dae Han is the only one who continues to shout out for help. Minutes later, the boys make a bed out of their chairs and continue to bother him.

After the “lesson”, the father takes his sons to a taekwondo class since it is Korea’s national sport and….well the boys’ name means “Republic of Korea, Hooray”.

During the interview, Il Gook is asked by the staff if he is good at taekwondo and after a moment of silence and 3 dots on the screen he shakes his head saying that even stretching is impossible. (I’m not 100% sure if he says impossible, take it with a grain of salt).

Back to the lesson, the boys seem to enjoy the class. Even Dae Han who isn’t that interested in the beginning eventually joins the others.

To get the attention of the children and have their focus, one of the instructors hits two things (I’m sorry, I have no idea what those things are called even in my own mother tongue) and Man Se gets scared at the sound so he sheds some tears. Luckily with the help of the instructor, he calms down and wipes his tears. Out of the triplets, Man Se seems to be the most interested in the class – Min Guk is also seems interested but not as much as his brother, yet they still follow the instructor. Even during the interview, Il Gook says that he didn’t have many expectations that the boys will follow the class but surprisingly, the triplets did pretty well.

The class finishes after the students break those wooden plates (I’m sorry again, I really have no idea what those are called).

Back at home, Il Gook wants to change the boys’ diapers but in the end he lets them change themselves. Min Guk does pretty well and so does Dae Han but when it was Man Se’s turn, he and Min Guk start a game where the youngest acts as he falls down and Min Guk is the one who tries to save him. During their play, Man Se continues to roll over as a sign that he is falling.

At the interview, the staff asks Il Gook from where did Min Guk and Man Se took their acting skills but he answers that he has no idea. The father continues revealing that each one of the triplets took something from him like Dae Han has his personality (his whole personality), Min Guk eats well as him and Man Se took his prankster side of the personality.


  1. tiendoank · · Reply

    Hi!!!! I’d like to say thank you for continuously feeding us with Triplets’ cuteness updates!!!! hehehheh..

    I was truly mesmerized at the way Il Gook showed his affection towards Min Guk. .. and how Min Gukkie kept asking for more kisses. From what I observed, other children in this show didn’t [or maybe rarely] ask for kisses. usually it’s the dad who puckers up for ppoppo. So, I find it refreshing to see that it’s the kid who initiates that. .. or maybe it’s just Min Gukkie who loves skinship..hahhahah…

    During the taekwondo session, I found that Min Guk put a lot more effort than the other two, especially during the breaking thing. from the way he shouted and broke the board, I could feel that he got more power, and therefore, succeeded in breaking the board.
    I was very happy with Daehan when he finally, slowly, came out of his fear and joined the other. I feel bad for him because most of the time, new things always make him scared and he ends up crying. Fighting, Daehanna!!!!

    1. Hi there, thank you for your comment ^ ^

      Dae Han is normally reluctant at first but slowly he changes and gets interested in the new things that Il Gook tells them to try.

      Yes, that scene was indeed beautiful but as Il Gook even said, he needs to have those types of moments with each son so he can show affection considering that family has 3 children at the same time.

  2. Does anyone have any idea where to purchase those foam chairs from? Thanks for your website btw, good job.

    1. Try on amazon or ebay but you will most probably find those chairs at a local baby store as well.

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