[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 33 ~recap/review/opinion~

Soo In barges into Do Hyun’s room and calls out his name. She starts crying at the sight of her husband and apologizes for not knowing that he was alive. Do Hyun tries to calm her down and tells her to stop crying. Joo Ran and her husband enter the room and she makes a scene as she shouts out that Soo In has no right to be there. However, she forgets about Soo In when she sees her brother speaking but when her sister in law asks what happened, the Joo Ran wants to say that it’s not her business since she’s with Woo Seok, but fortunately Won Jae stops his wife so Do Hyun won’t hear that. Since Do Hyun can talk, he tells his sister that Soo In saved him, or more like the thinking of her made him want to stay alive.

Woo Seok is worried about Soo In after she left all of a sudden, shortly he receives a phone call from Joo Hee (looking all happy) asking him to meet up. When the phone call ends, Poong Geum demands explanations from Joo Hee asking if the Ma family lied about Do Hyun being alive. Despise the forceful Poong Geum, Joo Hee hops into her car and leaves.

Do Jin finds out from Mi Oh that his brother is alive and goes straight to the hospital. At the hospital, Joo Ran vents her anger on Do Jin yelling at him that his mother is behind all this. To grasp the situation, Do Jin runs to see his mother. Afterwards she looks at Soo In and tells her that she has no right to be there – because she is now together with Woo Seok and betrayed her husband.

Woo Seok is constantly trying to get a hold of Soo In but she is clearly out of her mind and torn between her husband and him. Later she is seen shouting her heart out asking what she’s supposed to do now.

Joo Hee finally tells Woo Seok about Do Hyun being alive and how Soo In kept him alive (by thinking of her) all this time therefore she pinpoints what a great love is between her brother and sister in law. Then she tells Woo Seok about how Do Hyun was kicked out of the company for going against his family to marry Soo In. Saying all that, Joo Hee thinks that Woo Seok will come to her.

On the other hand, Woo Seok is devastated as he is in deep thoughts. Meanwhile Do Jin arrives at his mother’s apartment blaming her for making Tae San suffer by hiding that Do Hyun is alive. Because she can’t take it anymore, Aeng Ran reveals everything to Do Jin including that Tae San isn’t his real father.

Tae San is informed by Won Jae that So In went at the hospital in the afternoon and Do Hyun’s condition improved. Simultaneously, at the hospital Joo Hee asks Joo Ran if Soo In found out about their brother’s being alive. (She doesn’t even care about Do Hyun, she only sees Woo Seok…..seriously this woman). Later Tae San comes at the hospital when Do Hyun wakes up and starts asking for Soo In. The family members tell him that she lived at another place after the accident thus he deducts that they kicked her out and demands to bring his wife back to him.

Do Jin is in shock after finding out that the father he knew for 30 years old isn’t his father. While drinking, remembers the things he said to his mother in the afternoon – he told her that she by taking revenge of Tae San she is no different than him.

Soo In arrives home and jumps into Bok Nyeo’s arms. The two go to a restaurant so Soo In can finally eat something but she can’t eat as she is worried about the situation and wonder what will happen now. Bok Nyeo advices Soo In not to blame herself.

At home, Poong Geum, Yi Moon and Nr 911 wonder what will happen now with Soo In and Woo Seok. But the discussion is stopped as Joo Ran comes at the house to take Soo In back to the hospital as Do Hyun requested.

Woo Seok waits for Soo In in front of the gate but when she arrives they barely look at each other however he finally lifts his head when she calls out his name. She tells him that her husband is alive but hearing in from her mouth makes Woo Seok look away again. They still have a hard time looking at each other, more like he is avoiding her eyes and asks Soo In if she managed to meet her husband. But a few minutes later, Joo Ran appears and tells her sister in law that Do Hyun wants to see her. Poong Geum is finally feed up she comes and pushes Joo Ran saying that Soo In isn’t a Ma member anymore so the woman shouldn’t tell Soo In what to do.

Soo In goes into the house and tells Woo Seok that she needs to step by the hospital, before leaving he asks if she will return. Hesitant at first, Soo In promises that she will be back.

At the hospital, she tells her husband that in the years he was missing, she started a new life – then Soo In tells him how she lived except for the prison and Woo Seok part, telling the husband that now she can’t live only for him and has to work at her new bakery. Although he isn’t really pleased, Soo In wants to make him promise that he will continue his rehabilitation even if she isn’t there.

The other Ma members want to bring Soo In back, especially Joo Hee but Joo Ran cuts her short stating that even if Do Hyun and Soo In will continue their marriage, she can’t even think of Woo Seok.

Bok Nyeo wants to console her son but he constantly says that everything is fine and she shouldn’t worry about him.

Another day, Poong Geum and Mr Tak start their plan to act as a married couple in front of his relatives. But at the bakery Nr 911 is annoyed that the younger women aren’t taking care of the shop and starts telling Woo Seok how Soo In is probably having a good time with her husband.

Do Hyun sees Soo In’s ring and it kind of seems that he understands the situation especially noticing how she wants to leave and not stay with him at the hospital. However every time she sees Woo Seok, all she can do is apologies yet he comforts Soo In saying that there is no need to worry about him and just take care of Do Hyun so he can become healthy.

As for the other couples, Poong Geum still act as a married couple and Do Jin disturbs Mi Oh CM recording.

Tae San calls Aeng Ran to check if she doesn’t want to stop the lawsuit and the shareholders meeting but unfortunately for him, she doesn’t plan to stop anything, in fact she wants to see the end of it.

Back at the hospital, one of the nurses tells Do Hyun that his wife forgot her phone there and gives it to him. Soon, Joo Ran enters the room with their mother yet the woman keeps mentioning how Joo Ran said that Soo In went aboard to study.

Woo Seok calls the the detective that was in charge of his mother’s case. But while Woo Seok was busy with the fire incident, Do Hyun looks in Soo In’s phone and sees photos of her with Woo Seok and also a photo of the two and their rings. The man also finds out some messages from Woo Seok and he decides to call him.



  1. recaplover · · Reply

    Thanks so much for the new recap. So, the angst of Soo In begins. I just want to have some fun and compare the 2 guys in her life

    Do Hyun, I don’t know much about him except from the memory of Soo In. He loves Soo In, but his love for her is not the love for the equal class, but the love between master and servant. He loves her and sees himself as her savior, and Soo In also shared the same view. I’m sure he can see the obvious abuses his family treat her but he didn’t do anything about it. He may feel uneasy at some point (ask her to sit down to have dinner) but when confront with protest from his family, I think he allows Soo In continue to be a maid in his house. From Soo In’s point of view, he’s a God, savior, her master. She’s willing to do anything just to please him. She bottled up all her thoughts and feelings, unable to express herself, endured all the abuse treatments, happy to stay as a servant just to make him happy. Even the nice gesture that he passed the share for her in his will, he didn’t even mention or discuss with her. So when his dad told Soo In to transfer the shares because that was his WISH, she immediately obeyed because she must please her master. The love between Do Hyun and Soo In is there, but not the healthy love between husband and wife who respect each other.

    Woo Seok, he meets her when she’s at the lowest rank of human, a prisoner, and yet, he still treats her with respect. He provides the help she needs so she can enter back to the society. When everybody disagreed with her idea of doing food truck, he encouraged her and helped herto make it happened. He helped her to get her self-confident by able to make a living. He encouraged her to express her feelings. He discussed his problem with her and ask for her advice. With Woo Seok, Soo In can change from being a servant with no thought for her own to a confident woman who can work to make a living, who can give advice to another, who knows to ask for respect, and who feels comfortable with him enough to jokingly talk to him like a child (which I’m sure she didn’t dare to do that with her husband). The love between Woo Seok and Soo In is the healthy love between two people who respect, support, and confine in each other.

    So the question is if it’s right to make Soo In come back to her husband and endure the mentally and physically abuses from the in-law. Is Soo In willing to come back to live a life of a lowly servant again? or can Do Hyun accept the new Soo In who will come back with confidence, a sense of respect, a job she loves to do and a loving family from the same prison?

    1. As far as we know, Soo In lived in an orphanage so she did lack affection thus we can call Do Hyun a savior but the two did share feels of love as we saw from her memories. But to be honest what I see at this point is Soo In who loves Woo Seok but at the same time knows that if she is away from Do Hyun then he may have a shock or as we already know, he may refuse treatment. On the other hand, Do Hyun did live in a family that lacked love as well, considering how the other members were quite okay at his funeral and barely cared about him being gone.

      But as you said it, Do Hyun’s lack of a strong stance when it comes to the way his family treat Soo In as a maid, was to be honest kind of sad and angering.
      Probably because of the big gap in social class the two didn’t had a healthy relationship and was more of the maid and the master. On the other hand, Soo In and Woo Seok are on a more similar social status even though she was an inmate thus his acceptance of her as a person and treated the woman in front of him as an equal.

      Most defiantly, Woo Seok and Soo In had a healthy relationship as the two helped each other in different situations or when one of them was struggling with an inner conflict, they giggle and joke around one another and the thing I loved the most, was when they shared each other what happened during the day.

      Even if Soo In will return as a changed woman, the family won’t accept her polished personality. Do Hyun loves her, but doesn’t know how to show it and he couldn’t manage to make his family show respect towards his wife therefore I don’t think the Ma can handle a new Soo In – a woman who now has opinions and is stronger than before.

      The problem now is if Do Hyun can accept what his father did to Soo In? Just being a little angry over his father for putting her into prison won’t take away the sins of the Ma family and I’m curious how he will handle that part.

      Thank you for your comment, I enjoyed your opinion over the issue! ^^

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  3. recaplover · · Reply

    Love to read your opinion as much as your recap.

    I think Do Hyun won’t take a strong stance against his father, just like he didn’t take a strong stance when Soo In got abused from his family. I think his solution would be more likely begging Soo In to forgive and forget.

    Gosh, the Mas is the most dysfunctional family I’ve ever seen in Kdrama. There’s no love between family member, just plotting and stabbing each other behind the back or just simply don’t care about the others like the “nicest” Do Hyun. From the Mas family, I figure out that genes is more important than upbringing in shaping the personality. Look at Do Jin, even he was growing up as one of the Mas’ son, he’s still capable of getting out of his bratty spoil rich life and loving others (his mother, wife and son) because he’s not actually a Ma

    1. Let’s hope Soo In will just leave everything behind and start fresh rather than returning as a maid there.

      Although I do wish for Do Hyun to take some action, he will probably do nothing, I mean after all we are talking about his own family.

      To be honest, I think the weirdest out of the Mas is Joo Hee. Tae San is indeed evil, but I can’t believe that all she thinks about is Soo In going back to Do Hyun so she can have Woo Seok. This woman is sick, no matter how much Woo Seok pushes her away, she glues herself even more.

      Indeed, at least Do Jin managed to get out and build something from himself that is not based on scheming and hate.

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