[Kdrama] ‘Ho Goo’s Love’ ep 1-6 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I’m a little late with this post to be called a first impression since I already watched 6 episodes. Every week I kept telling myself to write the post but to be franc, at first the drama wasn’t that appealing to me. I did like the drama, however there was something that was pulling me back thus in a way I couldn’t fully get myself into the story so maybe this is the reason for my constant delay of this post.

When I finished episodes 1 and 2, I started questioning if I really like this drama. It seemed like a nice ride but I still wasn’t sure if I actually enjoy the story to its fullest. Episode 3 was a little boring but after episode 4, I started to find myself expecting more from the characters and the whole story.

The characters started to become charming and I slowly found myself liking the idea behind each one of them. For starters Ho Goo, isn’t just a pushover nor a fool, I find him to be the kind of friend everyone needs, always jumps in to help, thinking that he’s doing it for his own friend. Yet, although some may take him for a fool, he is as well aware that his personality may also be a black spot since people exploit his actions. Still, considering all that, I find him to be a likable person with a raw crust but a filling that may pop out any moment.

Do Hee isn’t some rude ass celebrity; everyone saw her only for what she’s on the surface then there’s Ho Goo who thinks more than that – see the scene where he wonders what she thinks about when swimming. He wonders more about her inner stuff than the apparent surface therefore I personally don’t want them to become a couple nor have a love relationship. I don’t know why, but I find it more interesting if the writer is to keep the two as friends who just help each other or use Ho Goo to make Do Hee understand herself more and further more about society in general. I mean, in the drama Do Hee is clearly used as a ground image for single (young) mother in a Korean society, that will soon struggle with the reality of raising their children alone in a harsh environment where others will simply point fingers.

The other characters are also pretty interesting. The actress that plays Ho Kyung is quite an okay actress considering that this is her debut drama. Never mind the mess she did at the press conference, the girl does a good job as the witty twin sister. As for the character itself, it’s a real treat as Ho Kyung is clearly the portray of what society expects from a woman and the way she is in her comfort zone. I do enjoy her scenes a lot more than I thought I would and I’m looking forward to see the perspicacious Ho Kyung use her cleverness with the arrogant and self centered Kang Chul.

Kang Chul is also one of a kind character while the writer uses him as another example of young adults in society. From my point of view, he is the image of people who focus only on what they want to achieve in terms of career points but forget their other needs, such as social interaction or even love.

As for the story, I like the fact that there isn’t a straight line between the comical part and the more serious one, both are integrated into the story without making it seem blunt but rather one side completes the other so the plot is easy to follow.

Overall, I enjoy he variety of characters, they all have a dose of quirkiness, stupidity and depth thus making the story to be something worth following from now on. Hopefully thing will continue to go like this in the next episodes.


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