[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 32 ~recap/review/opinion~

I’m having a nasty annoyance towards the Ma family members now that Do Hyun appeared. At the funeral from episode 1-2 they didn’t even care about him, especially Joo Ran (and neither Joo Hee if you ask me) now, all of a sudden she can’t put into place her happiness knowing that her brother is alive. Hypocrite!

I mean wasn’t Joo Ran and her husband sure that after Do Hyun’s death they’ll get better position in the company? Because that’s how I remember them from the earlier episodes. Also, Joo Hee is one pathetic woman, probably the most pathetic I’ve seen in Kdrama land. No matter how much Woo Seok tells her that he doesn’t have feelings for her but for Soo In, she still hopes that now with her brother is alive, Soo In will return to Do Hyun and Woo Seok will finally come at her. Sure and I’m Santa!

Joo Ran tells everyone that Do Hyun is alive and from the shock Tae San loses his consciousness. Meanwhile at the villa where Do Hyun is, Aeng Ran apologizes to him thinking that he is resenting her for what happened 2 years before. We are taken back to what happened in the past when Wang informs Aeng Ran that Do Hyun requested for a paternity test between Do Jin and Tae San. For the sake of the company, at that time Do Hyun promised her that he won’t reveal anything, except that he isn’t sure if he can keep the secret forever. Wang come with the idea of writing a contract between Do Hyun and Aeng Ran to be sure that he won’t reveal anything.

Do Hyun accept but before they get to a nearby stop, Do Hyun’s car gets into an accident leaving Wang and Aeng Ran in shock as they witness the scene. At the same time the helicopter that Do Hyun was supposed to get on crashes (this is why they never found his body at the helicopter accident).

Back to the present time, Aeng Ran apologizes to him one more time and tells Wang to call Shinhwa Hospital to send an ambulance so Do Hyun can be transferred there. Meanwhile Joo Ran, her sister and her husband rush to pick up Do Hyun. The 3 arrive when the doctors were taking Do Hyun into the ambulance. Luckily, he seems to recognize everyone although he can’t speak.

Joo Ran’s husband takes Wang for a serious talk while she and Joo Hee threaten Aeng Ran before leaving to Seoul with Do Hyun. Even though everything is a mess, Aeng Ran is relived that the truth is finally out.

On the other hand, Soo In has a nightmare about Woo Seok standing in front of a glass that was shattering over him. When she leaves the room, Bok Nyeo says that a glass breaking means ‘parting away’.

At the bakery, Soo In finds Woo Seok there and the two start the day being cheesy and playing with flour. Woo Seok acts as if he got some flour into his eyes and when she checks him on, he gives Soo In a kiss. Then Soo In remembers their first meet form the prison when she poured flour over him.

During breakfast, the blind date man for Nr 911 comes but of course the woman gets irritated with him but in the end she lets him sit at the table with the. She gets even more acceptable with him when the man keeps telling Bok Nyeo to bring stuff from the kitchen thing that make Yi Moon angry since his woman isn’t the other two’s maid.

Poong Geum and Mr Tak prepare themselves to tell the same lies when he will introduce her as his (fake) wife to his relatives.

At the hospital, Do Hyun is still not talking but understand what the other talk about him a few moments later, Tae San comes into the hospital room and that is the first time he can say a word, “father”. The others ask Tae San what he plans to do against Aeng Ran and Wang but he is interrupted when the doctors come in to tell the family about Do Hyun’s situation.

Tae San orders Aeng Ran to come at the office. When she arrives, the man puts the guild of the accident on Aeng Ran but she reverses everything saying that she is the one that took care of Do Hyun for the last two years so he should thank her. The situation calms down and Tae San tells her to cancel the lawsuit and pretty much threatening her if she dares to refuse. Still, Aeng Ran isn’t scared of prison as long Tae San will be defeated and promises to take the lawsuit until the end.

Because it’s Aeng Ran’s birthday, Do Jin together with his new family comes to visit her but at first the mother isn’t too welcoming and just stares at them. Yet the moment the grandson hugs her, Wang helps the mood lift up and Do Jin follows thinking that the situation may get better. After she leaves, Wang tells Do Jin that they can’t get everything fast so they have to wait for Aeng Ran to open in front of them.

Bok Nyeo wants to live her life in the present and get away from the past and also advices her son to think like that. However, Woo Seok is stuck in finding what happened with his father and who is at fault for the fire.

Next day, Woo Seok and Soo In go to find more about Bok Nyeo’s case and although he is all tensed up, she tries to help with lifting the mood. The two can’t find detailed information but they are told who the detective was for the case.

At the hospital, Joo Ran starts wondering what will happen with Soo In now that Do Hyun is alive. Shorty, Mr Tak appears with a bag of changing clothes but he is stunned to see Do Hyun alive. But Joo Ran’s husband tells him to keep it a secret for now. Still trying to understand the situation, Joo Ran takes Mr Tak with her to meet up with her Japanese business woman, Yoko Ono. Also, Joo Hee seems to think of something after her older sister started wondering what will happen with Soo I and leaves saying that she has things to do.

While Joo Ran was in a meeting with Yoko Ono, Mr Tak asks Poong Geum what’s Soo In’s relationship with Woo Seok. Yoko Ono manages to scam Joo Ran and make her invest 4 million won in the (non-existent) top secret asset.

Mr Tak keeps stressing after finding out that Soo In even has plans to marry Woo Seok. Eventually he has a slip of the tongue and tells Poong Geum about Do Hyun being alive.

Joo Hee arrives at the bakery and Bok Nyeo is clearly not happy seeing her. In the meantime Poong Geum calls Soo In and tells her that Do Hyun is alive. Soo In starts shuttering and because of the sudden news, she barely can sit straight. Poong Geum gives Mr Tak the phone so he can tell Soo In the details. After finding out the truth about her husband Soo In rushes to the Shinhwa hospital leaving Woo Seok wondering what happened.



  1. recaplover · · Reply

    Yay, new recap! Thanks so much.
    The plot leads to Do Hyun in the coma is very weak, and I still don’t understand why Aeng Ran needs to keep it a secret for 2 years. The writer wants to use that plot to create more dramatic story but it’s unnecessary. Seem like now, Do Hyun will correct his father’s sin and put everything in place. I don’t like that kind of development because it shows that Aeng Ran, Bok Nyeo, Woo Seok and Soo In are unable to do anything to the Mas family no matter how they tried, and have to depend on Do Hyun. I would love to see them more cunning, so they’re able to defeat the Mas all by themselves.
    Which man do you think Soo In will choose? A loving husband for 10yrs or a loving boyfriend who is there to help her in her most despair time? I see that it will be unfair for one man if she chose to stay with the other. I vote for her to leave both of them behind and go aboard to become a successful career woman who can take care of herself without depending on any man.

    1. I noticed something about this writer, compared with other revenge dramas, she is making the revenge plan go in legal terms so as you said it although it’s a shame that Aeng Ran, Bok Nyeo and Woo Seok can’t do much against the Ma family, at least there is Do Hyun who seems like a decent person ( the only decent one out of the Mas) to correct the sins of his family members.

      At first, when Do Hyun appeared, I wanted her to return to him, not because that’s the right way or anything like that but I felt that Han Ji Hye has more chemistry with that actor XD Yet for the sake of the story, I feel the same as you, she should just leave both behind, a lot of things happened so they all need to leave any connection to the whole situation behind and have a new beginning.

      Thank you fro the comment ^ ^

  2. chasen8888 · · Reply

    I do not plan to add spoilers to this recap, however advise you to watch the upcoming ones in order to see what happens next. A lot of viewers including myself do not like this story line or where it is/ has been going of late, dramas seem to have selective memories with earlier episodes therefore the links that are suppose to be there are not seen anymore. Thanks for the recap.

    1. recaplover · · Reply

      Ooh, lemme guess… the only reason that Soo In would be with Woo Seok without any guilt is Do Hyun would turn into a completed wacko like the rest of his family. We’ve already seen Joo Hee who was nice in the beginning but turn into a scary psycho when she didn’t get the man she loves, so I guess it would be the same for Do Hyun. Moreover, in the flashback Soo In has about her husband, I can see that DoHyun loves her, but he did nothing to protect her from the obvious abuses of his family. Basically, he allowed his wife to live like a maid in his family and that’s not the healthy love Soo In should stick to. I don’t know how many episodes I will have to endure about SooIn’s dilemma.

      1. Let’s hope he won’t become like Joo Hee, i mean Do Hyun seems like a man who knows to respect others, still we never know…..

        I also didn’t understood why Do Hyun just accepted his family’s way of treating Soo In, it was there out on the plate, yet he didn’t do much. No matter how much he loved her, he shouldn’t have let Soo In be treated like that. Indeed, from a social point of view she was below their level, however that doesn’t give them the right to treat her like they did. In the end, I hope Soo In will just leave all of them and do something she truly likes without having to aware of no one.

    2. Considering the long airing of the drama, probably the writer forgot about some parts she was supposed to link. Regardless, i do hope things will get back into their place, and although I did (somehow) knew about Do Hyun’s comeback, somehow it’s a little late if you ask me, especially in the story.

      Thank you for the comment XD

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  4. Blue @ Kdrama Endings · · Reply

    Haaaa me too me too I couldn’t believe Joo Ran!!!! And how dare she lecture Soo In when she cheated on her husband herself? Anyway, I am NOT rooting for Woo-Seok. I’m sorry this is just ridiculous to toss aside a husband of 10 years over a boyfriend of a few months. I have so much to say about that but I’ll keep that for later, when I review the drama as well. Woo-Seok is bound to win, based on the posters. This foolishness annoys me to no end, I won’t spoil either but watch the next episodes. Like Chasen8888 I seriously dislike the turn the drama took.

    Also, I think Aeng Ran kept Do Hyun hidden to have her son inherit the biggest piece of the Shinhwa cake. As much as I want to “hate” that woman, she not only saved Do Hyun but she helped Woo-Seok financially ALL those years and made sure he and Beok Nyo could get together again. She should have never allowed herself to be a mistress to avenge her love, that was her biggest mistake, the crazy thing is, that mistake allowed her to take care of Woo Seok in secret and secure a position for him in Shinhwa group, so he could take back what was his to begin with.

    1. I know what you mean, if she is to choose one it will be better to choose Do Hyun. She did marry Do Hyun out of love, on the other hand, from my point of view, Woo Seok was more of a comfort for her and she was emotionally vulnerable.

      I don’t think Aeng Ran wanted her son have the a bigger slice of Shinhwa, but she did wanted him to have a bite of it. Yet I do find her to be the most complex character out of the whole cast. Unfortunately, at that time, becoming a mistress was the only option for her so she can save both her son and Woo Seok, at least her effort is starting to pay off.

      Thanks for the comment~

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