[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 33

This is episode 66 of ‘The Superman Returns’

The first to wake up is as usual Min Guk who fusses a little around but then he goes near Ma Se to stay in bed a little more. Il Gook and Dae Han also wake up while Man Se continues his beauty sleep. Meanwhile Dae Han acts as if he is a dinosaur and walks slowly around the room.

The older brothers think of the pillows as dinosaurs and then Min Guk, all of a sudden says that he missed dad. Later, Min Guk points out that the tent/camera is also a dinosaur.

Since everyone was up, they all go to the living room and when they choose their chairs, Man Se takes the pink one, Il Gook tells him that the pink chair is Sarang’s, still the boy wants that one leading to the father to ask if he likes Sarang and the youngest gives a short but straight reply “Yes”. Before starting to read from a book, Il Gook says that they will go again to visit Sarang. Because the conversation was still about Chu Sung Hoon’s daughter, Man Se asks where the girl lives and considering that he doesn’t know what or where Japan is, the father says that they have to take the airplane to visit Sarang.

Il Gook opens the book and stars a quiz with the boys: he shows them pictures of dinosaurs and they say the name. Surprisingly, Min Guk guesses all the names of the dinosaurs, yet Dae Han gets a little displeased when he gets wrong one so he wants to read a book about horses that was probably in another room so he climbs over one of the mini fences that the Song family has around the house. Seconds later, Man Se follows his older brother leaving their father dumbfounded at their action. Min Guk also wants to climb over it but Il Gook tells him that he will get hurt (on the screen it says “Min Guk you will get hurt. (because you are heavy) It will be hard for you.” – the staff puts the “heavy” part, the father says the rest.

In the interview room, Il Gook tells the staff that he has a video showing how small they were (although in the video is only Man Se putting his face/mouth over the plastic part of the fence) but now the boys even climb over it. But he finishes saying that he wishes for the 3 boys to stop growing (and stay as they are right now).

Today’s concept is camping therefore Il Gook takes the triplets to a camping park. Back to the interview room, the staff asks Il Gook if he can set up a tent and the father seems quite confident in his skills saying that he even was in a boys’ scout. Seeing his confidence, the staff wonders how much will take him to put the tent and Il Gook answers fast that he needs just 10 minutes.

At the camping site, the children of other people go around Il Gook and ask him all kind of random question like who is Man Se and so on. The sun is starting to set and Il Gook still didn’t manage to put his tent (that’s the size of a house) therefore he introduces himself to some random men who were also camping with their families and asks them to help him. Meanwhile the triplets are in someone else’s RV eating sweets with other children.

All in all, the tent is eventually put up but Il Gook sees that he forgot to bring the curry he prepared for the children and got only the rice thus he goes back to the men that helped him and they help the struggling father with 3 packs of instant jajang rice (it’s like Jajangmyeon without the noodles but with rice).

The other fathers help Il Gook with the fire as well so he can finally start cooking for the children then he reveals that until now he thought camping was easy. Although he didn’t have much to offer as a thank you for the help, the triplets’ father gives his saviors some sausages.

Everything was ready thus Il Gook goes to bring the boys back and since it was warmer in the RV, he changes the diapers there before going to their tent. Another unfortunate event happens after Il Gook manages to change the boys’ diapers…..Dae Han pooped.

Everyone is back at the tent, yet the boys look too hungry to care about the tent although Il Gook wanted to show off. The food is served and when they finish eating, Il Gook gives the boys some marshmallows. The other families see Il Gook suffering and they offer to give him some food – he tells them to give just some potatoes because he doesn’t eat meat.

Man Se keeps coughing so Il Gook decides to take the boys at the fire made by the other families. With everyone around the fire, the fathers talk and Il Gook comes to the conclusion that they should retreat and go home because it’s too cold for the boys. Another father who had a guitar gives the tune and Min Guk starts singing shortly he is followed by Man Se.

The episode ends with Il Gook thanking the other families who helped him with the camping gear.



  1. paytonlee · · Reply

    thanks for the written update.

    boy im glad the boys are alone atlast. i dont like the collaborating thing with other families. for me its too awkward to watch.

    1. I like the interaction with the other families but I don’t like the quests parts, the random celebs coming but yes finally they are alone ^ ^

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