[Kdrama] ‘Healer’ FINAL ~ review/impression/opinion ~

I’m going to be blunt, if it weren’t for Ji Chnag Wook and ajjuma, I would’ve send this drama flying. To be honest, in the beginning I was interested more into the past story to the point of wishing to have a drama focused only on the 5 friends because I simply wasn’t attracted to the messy present story telling.

Slowly as the plot started to set its foot in place, the drama went from a numb state towards a more engaging story delivery. But then, I found myself more interested in the love relationship rather than the actual main conflict, conflict that was bland and eventually forgotten.

I don’t mean it in a way that the writer forgot to continue the main conflict but in fact it was boring, there was nothing exciting to make me wish to see the next episode, especially from around episode 15 until the end. Still, ‘Healer’ went steadily without making any overly dramatic scenes. The writer managed to put the right amount of dramatic elements rather than overflowing the cup with too much of it. Certainly it’s also thanks to the actors who are also continuing their compact portray of the characters as they find out more and more information and more importantly as said in the beginning of my post, mostly thanks to Ji Chang Wook. What I want to say is that the drama was good until the actual plot entered the game and Healer (Jung Ho/ Bong So) the character was pushed aside then it lost its flavor because let’s be honest a big percentage of who actually pulled the drama goes to Healer rather than to the story.

The other character didn’t really show much development almost none compared with Jung Ho, character that changed from a person who desired to be alone and close himself in front of others into someone who wished to live a life filled with normal passing days together with his loved one(s).

I liked Young Shin a lot in the first half of the drama, she was a person avid for changing herself in front of something she feared. Like for example the part when she was fearing of the elevator, even so there was a desire to overcome it. Unfortunately after the first half, Young Shin was in a way nonexistent in the actual drama. She was there but at the same time, I couldn’t feel her presence. It’s a shame seeing a female character with lots of potential turn wishy-washy.

As for Yoo Ji Tae, the actor that plays Moon Ho, he was a disappointment. I don’t know if it was from the lack of character development or the lack of character construction skills of the writer, but he was just flat, he couldn’t show anything. There were times when Moon Ho seemed like he is a key character or had at least minimal importance to the story but at a closer look, all that was just on the surface.

On the other hand, although the Elder and Moon Sik were presented as fearful people, in the end they were only two Chihuahua wearing a Pit bull’ muzzle, indeed terrifying!

Overall I think that something was missing and the ending was kind of rashly written. Even so, I did enjoy the love relationship between Jung Ho and Young Shin. It felt like the beginning of a relationship between two adults and that’s the plus of the drama.

Howbeit, I do not consider ‘Healer’ to be a must watch drama. It was good, not exceptional nor something different, to cut it short, for me ‘Healer’ was on the same level as Lee Jun Ki’s ‘Hero’.



  1. recaplover · · Reply

    It’s rare to read a review that criticized Healer while others seem to rave of how good it is. I like your review and I agree on some points. I enjoyed Healer so much in the 1st 18 episodes, but the the last 2 made me so disappointed. Episode19 and 20 feel like the fan service which have lots of cuddles and kisses, but no story. The plot is choopy, ridiculous with huge plot holes that gave me the bitter taste in my mouth. Like you said, YoungShin in the last few episodes was just there for the cute parts. The Elder is just an old grandpa who has soft spot for Healer haha.. Moon Sik is a whinny puppy begging his wife to give him some loves. The plot that leads to the death of their fathers is utterly ridiculous, they appeared like teenagers seeking for thrilled rides instead of the responsible career men with family to take care. Unlike you, I loved MoonHo, but so disappointed that he lost his fire in the last few episodes.
    Anyway, Healer is a cute, funny action drama that I have fun watching. I love the cute romance of the leads who never go to the noble idiocy road, always talk things out when they have problems, understand and support each other, and those are very rare to see in Kdrama

    1. I didn’t actually criticized the drama, I did like it, just that there were some black spots to the whole story. As you said, even the two fathers were presented as two teenagers when they actually went over that age and they were hired as reporters.

      Also, regarding the teacher, they didn’t actually explain why he went to jail or did I miss that part? 0_0

      There were a lot of rushed parts in the story so that’s what disappointed me the most.

      Thank you for reading and for the comment! ^ ^

      1. The teacher went to jail because he was caught during one of their illegal free speech broadcast airing. I can’t rmbr who said it exactly, but I think they stopped broadcasting after that?

      2. Thanks, I think I missed that part or just forgot about it

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  3. did we watch the same drama ? luckily this is my first time reading a review from you and it will be my last . cant trust anything else u review after reading this

    1. Sweetheart, you need to accept the fact that others may not like the same things you like. Also, I’m not forcing anyone to read my posts but saying you can’t trust my reviews just because I don’t have the same views as you then that’s just plain stupid.

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