[Kdrama] Looking forward winter-spring season list (Feb – March 2015)

Last time I did one of these looking forward post was probably 1-2 years ago so I decided to make one every new season and then when the season ends, I’ll see what dramas I actually managed to finish. The winder-spring Korean dramas of 2015 are pretty good in terms of plots but what makes them more interesting are the cast members of each drama, hopefully none will disappoint my taste buds because it will a total waste of talented actors.

Jingbirok (Book of corrections) – KBS

Episodes: 50

Airing date start: Feb 14

Plot: “Jingbirok” is a memoir written by scholar Ryu Sung Ryong who was a commander-in-chief during the Japanese invasion of Joseon era from 1592 to 1598. This drama is based on the “Jingbirok” and covers the political scenes of the mid-Joseon era from pre-Japanese invasion until the Battle at Noryang where General Lee Soon Shin died. – cr KBS WORLD

I’m normally not the type of person to be excited for historical dramas, even though I watched a handful of them, however there are two major qualities this drama has. First is the cast, from Kim Sang Joon to Kim Tae Woo, the casting screams “a must watch drama”. The second major quality of ‘Jingbirok’ is the writer – for those that aren’t aware of the name Jung Hyung Soo, he is behind other historical dramas such as ‘Gye Baek’, ‘Damo’ and one of the rating ‘king’ drama ‘Jumong’ that got the highest rating of 51.9% nationwide near the end of it airing.

House of Bluebird – KBS

Episodes: 50

Airing date start: Feb 21

As clearly seen from my blog, I love family dramas thus “House of Bluebird” won’t be ignored by me especially when there is one certain actor whose dramas I’ve been following for some time now and that actor’s name is Lee Sang Yeob (note for the other family dramas lovers, he acted in “Can you Love and give it away?”). The plot is of course centered on the members of a family who are trying to cope with live and grow their relationship stronger as they face all kind of situations. This drama will tackle young graduates struggling to get a job.

Other cast members besides Lee Sang Yeob are:  Lee Jun Hyuk (also appeared in “The man from Equator”), Kyung Soo Jin (recently appeared in tvN’s drama ‘Nine Plus Boys’), new face Cae Soo Bin, father and the head of the family in most family dramas Ceon Ho Jin (“Smile, you”; “Seo Young, My Daughter”) and  Choi Myoung Gil (appeared in recent drama “Punch” and past family  “I summon you Gold”).

The writer also wrote former MBC drama “Will You Love and Give It Away?” as for the director, Jin Byung Hyun, other than “The land of the Wind” he is also behind “Big” and “Hot blood”.

Heard It Through the Grapevine – SBS

Episodes: 32

Airing date start: Feb 23

This drama tells the story of a powerful lawyer whose 18 years old son gets a 16 years girl pregnant. When I first heard the plot for this drama, I wasn’t too excited however after seeing the preview, I somehow found myself looking forward to see how they will deal with teenage pregnancy, especially in a society like Korea’s. But I would’ve wanted more too see them trying to get out a story about a middle class family not people from a higher class. Regardless, let’s hope it will be good.

Still, the cast is strong after all we have Yoo Jun Sang (“My Husband Got a Family”) and Lee Joon (“Gapdong”). The writer and director of the drama worked together on the recent cable drama “Secret Love Affair”.

Missing Noir M – OCN

Episodes: 10

Airing date start: March 28

Cast: Park Hee Sun and Kim Kang Woo

The plot is kind of bland and overly used as it’s about a genius who at 10 years old attended Harvard University. The story isn’t making me excited by one bit however the casting is great so I’m adding “Missing Noir M” to my looking forward drama list. Hopefully this will turn into something good.

Equator’s Flower – Feb 28

Episodes: 50

Airing start date: March 14

(I couldn’t find the poster for this drama so I used a random still with Yoon Park and Lee Sung Kyung)

I kept the best for the end, the drama I’m most looking forward is Equator’s Flower because it’s my type of weekend family drama.

The plot reveals a typical family drama about Rena Jung who is married with chaebol Park Min Joon. Before her marriage with Park Min Joon, Rena abandoned her daughter Kang Yi Sol. Lastly, Min Joon’s younger brother Park Jae Joon falls in love with Yi Sol.

The casting is great as we get Lee Jong Hyuk (past works: “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Chuno”) who will play Min Joon, Kim Sung Ryung will be Rena and she acted in dramas such as “Iljimae”, “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor”, our younger cast are Yoon Park (most recent work, hit weekend drama “What happens to my family” and teen drama “Adolescence Medley”), his love interest, Yi Sol, will be played by new actress and former model Lee Sung Kyung( acted in “It’s Okay, It’s Love” alongside Lee Kwang Soo).

The writer is Park Hyun Joo (“Wonderful Mama”) and the director is Lee Dae Young.

If anyone has more recommendation for me or any other looking forward dramas, please share it.



  1. I’m looking forward to Divorce Lawyer In Love, Angry Mom and Falling For Innocence. Each for a variety of reasons 🙂
    There is also Unkind Women but I may or may not give it a try!

    1. Thanks for reminding me about Falling For Innocence, I forgot that Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Minare back together in another drama XD

      For Angry Mom, I would rather watch a jdrama with the same plot because I’m not sure if Korean can pull it off, but I’ll eventually try it out to see how it went.

  2. These drama sound great. I’m especially looking forward to Missing Noir M and Divorce Lawyer In Love. 🙂

    1. I will probably follow Divorce Lawyer In Love for the cast mostly XD

      OCN are doing a decent job with their dramas so I’ll be looking forward to Missing Noir M.

  3. Let’s hope that both OCN with Missing Noir M and the combo writer/director of Heard it through the grapevine continue to deliver.
    Though, we are also looking forward to enjoying Lee Dong Gun’s Super Daddy Yul.

    1. Super Daddy Yul sounds fun especially with Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yu Ri as mains

  4. Blue @ Kdrama Endings · · Reply

    Missing Noir M!!! Love the actor! And the drama is short, which is one more reason to watch. Thanks for sharing ^^

    1. The actors is all I need from that drama. The story is typical for OCN but the actors make the difference lol XD

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