[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 31

This is episode 64 of ‘The Superman Returns’

This will be the last episode to be posted so late, now I’m free (from school work) so from the next episode onwards, I’ll post the recaps on time. Also for the Lunar New Year, KBS decided to air a triplets and twins special on February 18. However I don’t think of recapping this special since it will mostly have ‘special’ moments of the triplets and the twins on the show, from the beginning until the present time. I will post if there will be new footage or stuff that didn’t air until now.

While Sarang was taking a bath, the triplets were busy playing by themselves, building trains and a house from the mini-chairs they had around the living room. The 3 help each other build everything and when the train was made, Dae Han says that he will drive it. While Min Guk was telling Man Se were to sit, Dae Han acts as if he fell into the sea, but in fact his butt just fell between the chairs but then Man Se helps him lift up.

Il Gook comes and interrupts the boys’ play since they had to take a bath before going to bed. After washing up, Man Se and Sarang are the first ones to go to bed, later everyone gets under the blankets and enjoy a late night movie (children movie I suppose).

The next morning, Il Gook wakes early in the morning to prepare breakfast for everyone meanwhile Sung Hoon entertains the children. Moments later, everyone goes into the living room where Sarang’s father watches the kids play around especially watched his daughter and Man Se holding hands and play by themselves. During the interview, Sung Hoon says that Sarang seems to find Man Se’s aegyo (cute act) especially charming and probably it’s on her taste although the others also have a lot of aegyo as well.

The food is served and Sung Hoon asks Il Gook if the boys normally eat that much in the morning after seeing the plates full with food. To his surprise, the triplets’ father confirms that they normally do eat that much. While the children were all eating, Il Gook starts preparing some food for Sarang’s father as well. In the interview room, Il Gook says that now he understands why Sung Hoon was mostly in the kitchen when he and the triplets visited Sarang in Japan a few episodes ago, considering that there were 4 children and two adults.

As the two fathers were enjoying their breakfast, the children eat some tangerines but Min Guk keeps asking for more although he didn’t finish everything he had on the plate – he asked for more two times. Il Gook tells him that he should first eat everything he has (before receiving any more).

Sarang gives Man Se a banana and later Man Se is seen wondering around the house trying the find a proper spot……to poop. And the best spot was under the dining table; however he poops as he continues to eat the banana he received from Sarang.

Il Gook does the dishes and Sung Hoon has his eyes on the children. Since they want to race around the living room, he tells them that they should first run around the living room table and then the finish line will be the couch. The triplets have a rookie start but they all finish happily.

Before leaving to spend some time outside, Il Gook plays a song to the children and they all start dancing. Finally in the car, Il Gook tells them that they will go to ride the sledge. But to the fathers’ surprise, Sarang and Man Se hold hands the whole time.

Arrived at the place where the children ride sledges, everyone is having fun, except for Man Se and Min Guk who are having a little problem trying to go up the mini (tiny) hill since it was slippery, but thanks to Sarang’s father, they get up. Later, Il Gook and Sung Hoon congratulate Man Se for helping Sarang with her sledge. Back to the interview room, the triplets’ father says that he rediscovered Man Se since he never knew what a mannered (gentleman) boy the youngest was until now.

Everyone continues to play with their sledge but since Sarang was feeling sleepy, Il Gook tells Man Se that he should kiss and wake up the princess however the boy isn’t successful with the kiss. After playing with the sledge, Sarang sees the Viking ride and asks to try it out, but for the children it can be a little frightening, especially for the triplets who seem to panic a little. When asked if they want to ride it one more time, the triplets give out a rather short but stern answer: NO!

Next, they all go to catch some fishes; after catching them, they all enjoy the cooked fishes as a snack. As they eat, Dae Han shares some fishes with his younger brother Man Se while Il Gook was away to get some sweet potatoes. Snack time ends with the children eating hotdogs and the father talking how the day was so far and that it’s harder than what it looks like on tv however the hang out ends fully after the fathers take the 4 children to ride mini cars.

Back at home, Il Gook thinks it will be a good idea to make mandu (dumplings) for dinner with the help of the children. Although it may seem easy and fun they all make the dumpling a little too thick. Man Se then wants to lift up a bowl of dough and after taking some power (like cartoon characters do), he succeeds to lift it.

In the interview room, Il Gook tells the staff that he never knew how hard dumplings are to make thus from now on whenever he will eat dumplings, he will be grateful to the person that made it considering the hard work it takes to make it.


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  1. marielle · · Reply

    Songs used during episode 64? Only the songs used for the triplets and sarang. Thank you

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