[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 25 ~recap/review/opinion~

This episode made me feel sorry for Aeng Ran, she is trying to protect both Do Jin and Woo Seok but nothing good got out of her plan. Do Jin is acting irresponsible and Tae San is getting close to Woo Seok. Do Jin has yet to understand what his mother wants to do; now he isn’t acting like a mama boy anymore yet he is like a late teenager running away from home. Yes, it’s admirable that he wants to protect and be the head of the family for Mi Oh and their son, but he has no money to even buy a 1kg of rice, how can he even dream to protect them. If he were to understand his mother, he would know that by wining more of Shinhwa’s actions, he can protect his son for the future. Both Mi Oh and Do Jin are too immature to understand life but still want to get married just like that as if they can walk around life with nothing in their hands.

On the other hand, Woo Seok and Soo In are looking more and more like a couple from him asking for breakfast to them sharing between each other how their day was, it’s actually lovely to watch them although he will probably win the ‘Cheesiest main male character’ Award.

The man who knows Bok Nyeo also calls Woo Seok and he sets a meeting with them, however Won Jae reaches him faster than the other two and says that Tae San wants to meet him for a moment – the man knows Tae San from the past as well.

Although the man doesn’t understand why Tae San wanted to meet him, when he asks, Won Jae and his father in law offer him a drink – probably they want to get him drunk so he won’t go to meet Woo Seok and Bok Nyeo.

At the restaurant Bok Nyeo and Woo Seok wait for the man but they aren’t aware that they are waiting for the same person. Woo Seok tries to call him but with no luck then he goes to Bok Nyeo’s table and as they talk the two decide to eat something together. When their lunch arrives, Bok Nyeo give him her side of abalone saying that he should eat more because he is tired after working at the company – they have a peaceful lunch together – however Bok Nyeo looks over Woo Seok as he enjoys his food saying that he is a reliable man. Woo Seok then tells her that she should marry Yi Moon fast so he can become a reliable son-in-law for her making the woman embarrassed.

Because of insufficient money, Do Jin and Mi Oh can barely afford a basement apartment however because they have a child, the two decide not to buy it for now. They apologize to one another for the situation they are in and after that Mi Oh asks him if he got to speak with Aeng Ran but apparently Do Jin just texted his mother informing her that he is okay.

Since Yi Moon came home with the man from the blind date for Nr 911, she feels insulted and gets angry so she tells Soo In and Poong Geum to close the store but the later one tries to calm her down.

Woo Seok decides to buy Bok Nyeo new glasses after finding out from her that she broke her glasses. Although the woman doesn’t want at first, Woo Seok tells her that he wants to show his gratitude since she always takes care of Byul. Inside the store, the seller ask the two if they are mother and son considering that they look pretty similar, taking the two aback but they just smile and Woo Seok answers that they hear it often.

Aeng Ran is angry that Tae San isn’t doing anything after Do Jin left the house but the man tells her that he will come back soon. After Tae San leaves the room, Wang calls Aeng Ran and tells her that the man who was supposed to meet up with Woo Seok in the afternoon didn’t appear at the meeting point because Tae San stopped him.

Tae San remembers how things happened in the afternoon – he told the man that he shouldn’t meet Woo Seok because he is a swindler telling everyone that he is Jin Woo. The man gets angry thinking that Woo Seok lies around when the real Jin Woo is dead.

Arriving home, Woo Seok asks Soo In to have a talk together and they leave the store with Bok Nyeo smiling at them. Woo Seok tells Soo In what happened during the day and that the man he was supposed to meet didn’t show up so he asks her to comfort him. As a comfort he wants to be hugged but Soo In isn’t ready to do that (skin ship) however Woo Seok interrupts her with a tight hug. Soo In lightly breaks away from the hug having Woo Seok looking at her for a few seconds then he kisses her.

Nr 911 is angry at the other 4 woman because a few cents were missing from the store – in fact her anger over the few cents is an excuse to lash out at Bok Nyeo because she and Yi Moon made her go at a blind date with an old man. Nr 911 marks Bok Nyeo as the one who stole the money prohibits everyone from dating – not like is has any connections. After work, because the store had leftover bread, Soo In comes with the idea of giving the remaining bread to retirement houses and firemen. However on their way home, Poong Geum is getting worried that if the sales won’t rise, Nr 911 may take back her investment. At some point the 4 hear a woman scream and they rush to see what happened – two men were harassing a young late so the former inmates demand the men to let the girl go; everything ends up being a fight with the women pulling the men’s hair and biting them. Later they find out that the girl they saved is the daughter of the residential leader (the woman who is kind of in love with Yi Moon – the annoying chicken neighbor).

Back at home, Woo Seok and Soo In smile at each other and at that moment Nr 911 shouts that dating is prohibited making the men of the house confused, luckily Mi Oh tells Woo Seok and Yi Moon what happened and why nr 911 made that rule.

Aeng Ran notices Won Jae getting out of Tae San’s office; knowing that they are plotting something again she asks him what he was doing inside there but he just lies that he played “go” with his father in law.

Dan Shim reveals that the documents Bok Nyeo is looking for are inside her pillow however no one knows yet about this.

The next day, Do Jin asks Poong Geum and Mr Tak to be their witnesses because he wants to register his marriage with Mi Oh. On the other hand at Yi Moon’s house, Bok Nyeo sees Nr 911 making breakfast but Yi Moon starts to get angry with her. Yet because he starts raising his voice at her, nr 911 threatens that she will take back her investment. Fortunately Bok Nyeo calms her down.

Woo Seok goes to the bakery to ask Soo In for breakfast since he didn’t got to eat at home because of the scene between nr 911, Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo. Soo In gives him a cupcake but he again acts like a child and wants to be feed by her, then Woo Seok tells her that lately he is having heart problems frightens Soo In that maybe there is something serious – health related but then he reveals to his lover that his heart burns everyday because of her (wait a minute I need to puke). While being feed by Soo In, Woo Seok says that he smells something burning but she doesn’t understand what it could be since all the bread was out of the over and then he drops the bomb, it was his heart burning for her. (I seriously can’t with this guy). Before leaving, Woo Seok asks for a kiss but she hits him as a sign to stop being cheesy.

During breakfast, Tae San tells Joo Ran to bring Do Jin back home and Joo Hee to not forget about her blind date he prepared for her.

Woo Seok finds out from Won Jae that Joo Hee has a blind date and he seems genuinely happy for him but Joo Hee gets irritated making Woo Seok feeling bad as if he insulted her.

Mi Oh asks Do Jin if he is sure that he won’t regret registering their marriage however Do Jin seems ready to protect Mi Oh and their son.

The residential leader comes to the bakery to thank the former inmates for saving her daughter. A few seconds Joo Ran also appears and finds out that Do Jin went to register his marriage with Mi Oh. But before rushing, the residential leader stops Joo Ran saying that she was the one who spread rumors about the 5 women and their bakery. To her luck, Joo Ran gets to run away …..for now.

Joo Ran rushes home and tells Aeng Ran that Do Jin went to register his marriage – shocked Aeng Ran goes to the bakery. At the bakery, Aeng Ran demands clarification from Bok Nyeo for letting her son marry Mi Oh. Lastly Do Jin and Mi Oh appear and when she wants to slap the girl, her son stops her making Aeng Ran shocked at the sudden scene. Although Aeng Ran tells him that she sacrificed herself for him, Do Jin says that he never wanted her to do that but his words lets his mother with nothing to say so she just leaves. On her way back, Aeng Ran remembers the past when she dated Do Jin’s father.

Won Jae informs that he found out who gave the scholarship to Woo Seok – it was Aeng Ran. Fired up, he goes home and tells Aeng Ran that Jin Woo is alive. She puts an act as if she doesn’t know but Tae San tells her that Woo Seok is Jin Woo. She continues her act (probably trying to protect herself and Woo Seok from Tae San finding out).

The man who was supposed to meet up with Woo Seok and Bok Nyeo waits for Bok Nyeo in front of the laundry shop.



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