[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 30

This is episode 63 of ‘The Superman Returns’

I’m sorry for delaying the post for almost a week, however school work got into the way and I didn’t had the time to write the recap. The next episode will be delayed as well since I still have some projects to finish so I will most probably post it around Wednesday.

In this episode, Sarang arrived from Japan to visit the triplets – hopefully the producers will end the ‘visits’ thing they seem to like recently.

In the morning, Il Gook takes the triplets outside and as they arrive in the parking lot, Man Se jumps onto the wheel – Dae Han tells his younger brother that he shouldn’t drive because their father is the one who should do it. Il Gook tries to convince Man Se to get on his own seat by saying that the car isn’t even moving, however Man Se isn’t easily ‘detached’ from the driving seat. Eventually, the boy returns to his back seat.

Before driving away, Il Gook shows the boys some toys where Dae Han chooses the horse and the other two choose the zebras. As they are all engrossed in the toys, Il Gook tells them that today they will go horse riding. But in the car, without anyone noticing, except for the camera, Man Se takes a bugger from his nose and puts it into his mouth. The father tries to make a somewhat unwritten agreement with the triplets that they shouldn’t get scared of the (real) horses because they will go horse riding.

Since Il Gook gave them the news, Dae Han says that he won’t ride the horse and is followed by Man Se asking if they are going to ride the sleigh but the middle son clarifies the situation telling Man Se that they are going horse riding (not sleigh riding).

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that all he wishes for is so the boys won’t get scared when they see the horses. When they arrive at the place, before meeting the horses, Man Se and Min Guk say that they aren’t afraid of the horses however Dae Han says that he is scared.

Before letting the boys near the horse, Il Gook is the first to ride the horse to show his cool side to his sons but things don’t go the way he wants and his riding seems rather unflattering more than that, the triplets are more interested in a airplane.

After failing to look cool in front of the triplets, Il Gook takes the boys to meet the ponies where Dae Han calls on of them…..Rudolph. The father corrects Dae Han saying that it’s not Rudolph but a horse and then he asks both Dae Han and Min Guk if they want to ride it but he faces refusal from the two. At first Dae Han is reluctant to feed the pony but with the father’s help he does it without any trace of fear, meanwhile Man Se and Min Guk take a taste of the carrots. After feasting on the carrots, Min Guk throws one to a pony (he was scared of the pony and didn’t do it in a mean way or anything like that). After the pony eats what he received from Min Guk, the boy brags to his father about it saying that he isn’t scare of them anymore but then the boy faces Il Gook question if he wants to write the pony making a strong stance of refusal….. although a few seconds back he was bragging about not being scared of it.

Everyone returns home for dinner and as Il Gook was preparing the food, Min Guk and Dae Han start singing (more like Min Guk starts the lyrics and Dae Han finishes it) – meanwhile Man Se was telling Il Gook that he finished his glass of water.

While the food was cooking Il Gook tells the boys that Sarang pay them a visit. After telling them the big news, he starts singing a song trying to teach them to make a heart above their heads. Then Man Se takes an interest in the new things that appeared in their kitchen – a new cup and plate that were prepared for Sarang by Il Gook.

When Man Se sees Il Gook putting curry onto their plate, he shouts out “it’s curry, curry curry” to his brothers. While the triplets were eating their dinner, Il Gook prepares the living room for the guest – after finishing his food Dae Han takes his plate and puts in onto the sink and is followed by the other two as well. Since cleaning wasn’t finishes, Il Gook receives help from the boys.

Sarang and her father finally arrive – although she is slightly shy at first, the triplets are exthasic to see her, especially Man Se is visible happy to see her even showing the girl the char Il Gook prepared for her.

Sung Hoon tells the children that he got some fish bread and calls them around him to give everyone a piece. After everyone received their fish bread, Il Gook asks for his a well.

Unfortunately, even though Il Gook prepared a lot, Sung Hoon didn’t take notice of the new things that were made for Sarang and apologizes in the interview room for not noticing. Going back to the triplets, the boys even now remember Sarang’s dogs.

Since Sarang went to the restroom, the boys ask about her and Il Gook tells them that she went to wash her hands but they are clearly not fooled and Man Se asks if she pooped but the father continues to say that she just went to wash. When she appears, Man Se transforms into a dolphin shouting out “SARANG NUNA!” . But a few times Man Se calls her just by her name without adding ‘nuna’ after it so the father corrects the boy.

Man Se is still excited to see Sarang so he takes her to play together. While Man Se plays with Sarang, Sung Hoon pays interest into the boys’ height and weight. Il Gook answers that Dae Han is the tallest with 101.2 cm followed by Min Guk standing at 98,5 cm and lastly Man Se with 97,6. But in terms of weight Min Guk wins the crown by 17.5 kg, followed by Dae Han who has 16,4 and Man Se 16kg.

After playing together, Sung Hoon gives the boys judo clothes and decides to teach them some judo moves. But later Il Gook is shocked to see Sung Hoon lifting the 4 children all at once. The day ends with the two adults falling tired after playing with the kids.



  1. Thanks for the update, Soori! I’ve been revisiting your blog for a few days. Glad to read your recap. Wish you the best in your school work! ^_^

    1. Thank you and I’m sorry for the big delay. But I will start posting the recaps on Mondays after finishing the projects 😀

  2. I love your recap and one of triplets fan..tqvm for the recap

    1. My pleasure, thank you as well for reading and for the comment

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