[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 24 ~recap/review/opinion~

Tae San opens Aeng Ran’s package and sees the picture that she took with the orphanage kids and Woo Seok. Fortunately she finds a quick excuse and Tae San doesn’t think much about it. After taking his leave, Joo Ran enters the room and starts making fun at Aeng Ran about the fact that she lied to Do Jin, but she gets irritated that the woman isn’t giving her any attention. Joo Ran tries again to annoy Aeng Ran but when the later one finally gets angry she shouts at her to leave the room while throwing pillows at her.

Mi Oh tells Soo In about Do Jin finding out that the boy is actually his son. Although she is worried thinking about Aeng Ran who threatened her in the past if Do Jin finds the truth, Soo In thinks it’s actually for the better now that everything was revealed and she advices Mi Oh to trust the father of her child.

Woo Seok enters the kitchen and tells Soo In to wash his face since he can’t use his hand. At first she refuses but eventually she has to do it because Woo Seok pushes the ‘I’m wounded’. But before getting to wash his face, Byul appears and says that she wants to do it since it sounds fun.  Soo In who laughs at the sight of Byul washing her father’s face and Woo Seok complains that he got soup in his eyes, he rather complains because in fact he wanted Soo In to wash him.

Bok Nyeo sees the scene and can’t help but smile at it, however he happiness is fast shattered because of nr 911 who comes back home drunk shouting and fussing around. But Mi Oh comes and helps her with putting nr 911 to sleep. On the other hand, Bok Nyeo hears Yi Moon telling Woo Seok that he had a drink for the first time in awhile – not with nr 911 but that’s what Bok Nyeo thinks. Looking at herself in the mirror, the woman decides to try on nr 911 clothes and lipstick. In the end because of a smile misunderstanding, she starts fighting with Yi Moon.

Tae San still can’t help but think again about why Woo Seok found his old picture at the same orphanage that Aneg Ran and Woo Seok went to the same orphanage for charity work. Later Aeng Ran orders Mr Tak to find Do Jin but the moment he steps out of the share house, the man sees Poong Geum who was returning from a ‘date’ with the bakery landlord.

The next morning, Bok Nyeo is still angry at Yi Moon and she is pretty obvious about it considering the way she acts with Nr 911. Later both Yi Moon and Bok Nyeo find out from Byul that nr 911 made her read the letter from Yi Moon to Bok Nyeo – and this is from where the misunderstanding happened.

Woo Seok goes to the bakery but there he gets cranky after hearing Soo In still calling him ‘teacher’ when they are now dating, however she tells him that they never made it official; To have it his way, Woo Seok tells Soo In that since she cried so much thanking that he was alive they didn’t need words to make it official, he continues and tells her that she has a month to prepare herself to call him by ‘Woo Seo’ and not ‘teacher’. After finishing the discussion about them dating, Woo Seok now wants to be feed by Soo In; he also starts joking with her, when she slightly hits him, Woo Seok acts like he was deeply hurt making her feel bad about it. As she apologizes, Woo Seok says that he will be alright if she feeds him once more making Soo In hit him one more time…. harder this time.

Tae San is pretty curious about Woo Seok’s past and he kind of receives some answers from the younger man. Joo Hee’s father is also curious how Woo Seok got to spend the day with Aeng Ran at the orphanage and lastly he is finally happy after hearing that Woo Seok can’t find more details about his past from the orphanage he went at.

Woo Seok decides to tell Joo Hee that he and Soo In are finally a couple making the woman throw all off the things from her office (of course when Woo Seok wasn’t around).

Aeng Ran still can’t find Do Jin so she calls Mi Oh to see if she is the one who told him the truth. Meanwhile Do Jin is ready to do anything for Mi Oh to forgive him. Bok Nyeo receives him in the house and calls the girls from the bakery to come fast home. Mi Oh rushes after hearing that and when she arrives home, the girl starts shouting that he had no right to be there. Knowing his mistakes, Do Jin apologizes once again and with the help of Yi Moon, Soo In and Bok Nyeo, Mi Oh seems to be shaken after seeing him desperate. With their help, Do Jin can spend some time with his son and Mi Oh.

On the other hand, Poong Geum stay at the bakery; later Joo Hee comes by to find Soo In. When Soo Soo In arrives, Joo Hee demands her some explanations on why she and Woo Seok are now a couple. Soo In isn’t letting herself be frightened by Joo Hee’s attitude saying that Woo Seok’s feelings has nothing to do with Joo Hee’s feelings. Angry hearing that, Joo Hee slaps Soo In but Poong Geum who sees the scene chases her away.

Joo Ran meets up with Bo Kyung to answer about how she found out that she is actually a single mother. Although Joo Ran is happily telling how she found out, Bo Kyung destroys her happiness by splashing cold water at her. However Joo Ran also pours juice on Bo Kyung. Things don’t stop there and Bo Kyung throws her high hills at Joo Ran…. things go even further to the point that the restaurant’s staff had to stop them.

Do Jin seems ready to take care of Mi Oh and their son so he takes the two out for some new clothes. After that, he drives them to the Ma house feeling that it’s the right moment to show that he has to protect both Mi Oh and their son. Although everyone is shocked to see them, Do Jin begs Tae San to let them marry, however the father doesn’t want to hear anything like that and threatens Do Jin that he will be erased from the family’s registry. Even so, Do Jin is ready to show his determination as he throws his resignation letter. Aeng Ran has a shock and pleads Do Jin not to leave after she struggled to protect him all along, yet Tae San seems confident that Do Jin will come back.

After leaving, Mi Oh asks Do Jin if he is okay with the current situation but he doesn’t want to reconsider and just wants to stay with her and baby.

Woo Seok meets with the man whose father knew the old factory but again without much luck. After that he calls Soo In and as they talk about how things were during the day 3 neighborhood women enter the bakery asking her to leave since she is a former inmate but Mr Tae is around and helps Soo In and Poong Geum get rid of the nasty women.

At night, Aeng Ran goes to search around Dan Shim’s room to try and find the documents Bok Nyeo put under the tree in the past. However the woman wakes up and thinks that Aeng Ran is a thief. Still, Dan Shim tells Aeng Ran that she knows what she wanted to take away, what is “Jin Woo’s mother”.

Woo Seok may be closer to his past this time after getting in contact with a man that knows Bok Nyeo from the past. The man calls Bok Nyeo and asks for a meeting.


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