[Kdrama] ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ ep 3&4 ~ review/impression/opinion~

The relationship between Seo Jin/Ro Bin and Ha Na is surely saving this drama or at least for me it works as I’m starting to like the show, I mean it is becoming interesting, slowly but nicely. Also, the main characters forcefully living together always get strong fat points from me. Honestly, at this point I won’t even try to understand the plot as a whole, I’ll rather just enjoy what’s in front of me without thinking too much about of the behind details.

But I still think that the production company seems to have done anything just to get Hyun Bin in the cast and they kind of neglected the other aspects of the drama. Yes, the writing is getting better but still messy and Sung Joon being part of the cast together with Hyeri as the second leads makes me a little iffy about the drama. However, Hyeri seems to be doing a better job than Sung Joon – or at least from my point of view since he is still wearing his body in an awkward manner around the camera.

I’m glad that at least the writer didn’t put the ‘who is the culprit’ kind of game. Of course we don’t know the real one but at least we got to know who is after Ha Na however I don’t know why but I kind of suspect his father to be the one that was talking with the man who wanted to harm Ha Na.

The way I see it is that the parents don’t even bother to understand Seo Jin moreover Ro Bin. They don’t want to understand why there is another person within their son and by attacking Ro Bin, the two aren’t doing any good to their own son, it’s more like the parents want to hide everything not because it will affect ‘Wonder Land’ but because it shames them as people. Neither of them understand the fact that Ro Bin (in a way or another) is their son not a monster as their treat him especially the mother.

Probably Ro Bin was born out of Seo Jin’s desire to help himself, much like a cry for help. There is also the possibility that Seo Jin lacked confidence to act out thus Ro Bin appeared since he backed off on the bridge 15 years before the present time so the alter personality appeared as a push up. All in all, I can already see the ending of this drama, Seo Jin will overcome his trauma and Ro Bin will disappear – since DID patients have a possibility of cure if they go past the trauma that triggered the other personality. However I don’t think that Ha Na is the real trigger of Ro Bin, I’m thinking that there is a different pattern for the real reason behind Seo Jin’s inability (or should I better say constrain) when it comes to going beyond your personal limit. Although Ha Na can be something that helped Ro Bin appear, I feel like the real trigger(s) are Seo Jin’s parents – but that’s just the feeling the mother and father give me for now.

Still, since a lot of people are comparing ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ and ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, I actually think that it’s a big difference between the two dramas. Mostly because, although both have as the main subject DID, ‘Kill Me, Heal Me” is focused more on the mental/ psychological aspect where ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ has its attention on the people/family’s acceptance but not the acceptance of DID but who the person behind Seo Jin is and the actual connection between the two. More like accepting who Seo Jin is because his parent’s are surely not ready to accept him as himself.

Overall I enjoyed episode 3 and 4, things seem to get on the right track – especially the writing so maybe we can wait for good things to happen in the future. Hyun Bin is also doing a good job with both Ro Bin and Seo Jin and maybe in the end we will see an intriguing development of the story.


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