[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 29

This is episode 62 of ‘The Superman Returns’

After the afternoon nap, Il Gook is preparing dinner for the triplets, while the eldest son continues his nap the other two boys are watching the father preparing food in the kitchen. Min Guk seems interested in the food and asks Il Gook what’s he doing and the father answers that he is cooking ‘Korean Royal court stir fried rice cakes’ (kungjong ddokbokki) however since the boys are still too young, they misunderstand the pronunciation. Man Se even thinks that it’s ‘whale rice cake’ but Min Guk corrects the youngest saying that the food’s name is ‘Chinese rice cake’ (he also mispronounced it). Il Gook finds it funny but once again he tries to tell them the correct pronunciation.

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that his wife made Korean Royal court stir fried rice cakes for the triplets and they said that it was good so now he also wants to challenge himself to make it for the boys.

Min Guk gets surprised that the rice cake can make such a loud sound when its cut (probably the was cutting frozen rice cakes) and from the kitchen the father can be heard saying ‘you had no idea that the rice cake can be this hard.’ Meanwhile, Man Se and Min Guk play with each other as Min Guk gets on Man Se’s back but because the boy says that it’s heavy they switch however this time Min Guk can’t even move with Man Se on his back.

Later, Min Guk hears the cameraman sneezing from one of the tents and Min Guk tells his father about it, then the boy turns towards the tent and tells the ‘uncle’ to be careful of the cold/be careful not to catch a cold.

Il Gook continues his cooking but Man See shows interest and asks the father all kind of questions, if he added the carrots and so on. After adding everything, the boy asks Il Gook to show him the food. Yet when Il Gook wants to try and see if the food is ready, Man Se sees him and tells the father not to eat it and spit out what he just eat, Min Guk also follows up and tells his father not to eat.

When Il Gook was preparing the two younger siblings for dinner, Man Se asks if Dae Han isn’t eating and the father goes to bring in the oldest son as well. While eating their dinner, Il Gook also enjoys his share of the food and after he finishes it, he shows the boys and tells them that they all ate everything. The triplets are surprised and Min Guk asks Il Gook if he ate everything but the father is also surprised at the sudden question and pushes out again that the four of them ate everything not only him.

Man Se also finishes his dinner and wants to eat tangerines but he eats the first, then the second and so on until Il Gook tells him to stop eating. Because he didn’t want to, Min Guk steps in and takes the bowl with tangerines away from him. However Man Se manages to take one more.

The next day, Il Gook takes the triplets to the folk village to learn more about traditions. Walking around the village, Il Gook tells the boys that now they are all grown up since they follow him around without having to hold their hands since they aren’t running around anymore. They walk more and meet a man who was making shoes from straws (?) and tells the boys to bow in front of the grandfather (the bow for the New Year).

Il Gook finds a cart and puts the triplets in it to show them around the village and the places where he recorded for a drama (for the drama ‘Emperor of the Sea’ – if you didn’t watch it yet, then WATCH IT NOW). He arrives at some kind of exhibition of the dramas that were recorded in the village and although Il Gook wants to show the boys a poster with himself from the drama ‘Emperor of the Sea’, Man Se doesn’t think that in the picture is his father but Dae Han interrupts and says that it is their father.

Next, Il Gook takes the boys to an etiquette school so the triplets can learn proper etiquette. As the instructor was explaining, Man Se keeps talking to himself but Min Guk touches his brother lightly after hearing the man telling Man Se to pay attention, however then Min Guk starts digging into his nose and although the instructor wanted him to stop, the boys just laughs back at him, think that it’s funny.

The instructor starts the class and wants to teach the children how to reply/respond when the father or their older siblings call them. First is Min Guk – the instructor asks Min Guk how he should greet the father in the morning but Min Guk just bows making everyone burst into laughter. The man tries then to teach Min Guk how to answer to his father when he calls his name but Min Guk just calls out his own name. Luckily Dae Han answers ‘Yes, father’ but we got another troublemaker, Man Se. The instructor wants to see how he answers to Il Gook when his name is called, although in the beginning he does as Min Guk did, in the end Man Se finally answers “Yes, father”. Since Man Se is the youngest, the instructor tells him that he should call Dae Han and Min Guk hyung (older brother).

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that is time for Man Se and Min Guk to address to Dae Han as older brother because the eldest deserves it since he supported them while they were in the mother’s womb. On top of that, Il Gook also says that because he normally focuses on the other two, Dae Han is understanding and always takes care of his siblings.

The second class is calligraphy. Surprisingly during this class, the boys pay attention to the teacher – meanwhile Il Gook takes a nap. However things don’t stay calm for too much because Min Guk dirties the floor with the black ink and because he didn’t listen to the teacher, the man decides that it’s time to punish the boy. Min Guk is now starting to think that his world is falling apart seeing the teacher serious scolding him – at the same time the father laughs at the scene. Min Guk breaks into tears; because he feels sorry, the teacher gives him a candy and a hug. The moment Min Guk sees the candy, he stops crying. The teacher asks for Dae Han to comfort his younger brother with a hug and he also tell the boy to wipe his tears. To everyone’s surprise, Man Se also starts crying.

Since everyone was now calm, the 3rd class starts – ‘The new year greetings’. The teacher wants to tell the children how to bow in front of their parents for the New Year Greetings and the first to come forward is Dae Han. The teacher tells him to kneel down but he just takes a sit on his bottom. Next is Min Guk who is doing a pretty good job but with the help of from the teacher.

After all the classes finishes, the children receive refreshments and when Man Se wants to take a bite, Min Guk and Dae Han stop him saying that they can’t it yet. The teacher then allows them all to drink and eat – seeing how Dae Han drank the full bowl, the teacher says “Dae Han must’ve been thirsty”. As everyone was enjoying the snacks, the man tells Min Guk to give a sweet potato to Il Gook as well. The end!



  1. loved this episode so so much! love it when Il Gook sends them for classes (i.e. skiing, etiquette) and appreciate how he does not fawn over the kids too much when they cry… the interactions between M&M (Manse & Minguk) and also with their father are so precious ❤ the part where they played freely climbing on each other's back made me beam so much. also Daehan, how are you so mature for a 2 year old??? 🙂

    1. Yep, is nice to see him giving the boys opportunities to try out more things – this may be helpful for the future for the triplets.

      That scene with Min Guk and Man Se was indeed cute and it’s nice to see how they always ask if one is missing, like how Man Se was asking about Dae Han when the food was ready.

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