[Kdrama] ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

I was quite surprised to find myself liking ‘Shine or go crazy’ mostly because I’m not that into historical dramas as how I’m into the modern ones and except for Jang Hyuk, I didn’t think that I’ll find the drama that appealing to me. Still even if I’m not into historical dramas, I’m always going to watch it if it has Jang Hyuk in because for me he is gold when it comes to this type of dramas.

Unexpectedly I like the story despise the normal image I have over these types of drams when the vast majority has the plot something like ‘inner conflict in the royal family’ and although ‘Shine or go crazy’ doesn’t lack that (unfortunately) I find the connections between the main characters to be interesting. After all, we have a cursed price, Wang So, who has a fake marriage with (“apparently”) random woman, Shin Yool to help her get out of the trouble to marry a man twice her age. Then he is in a way forced to marry Yeo Won, woman that is his fated one (according to the King) so he can regain his stability in the palace.

On the other hand, Yeo Won and her bodyguard (?) are in what Koreans love to use lately, a ‘some’ relationship – actually she didn’t revealed any straight up feelings for him, yet the man is openly showing his feelings for her asking to stay by her site even after she marries Wang So. This sure will be a complicated drama, on top of that there is also, Wang So’s past where people thought that he killed his older brother and some of the palace servants because of his curse.

I like the acting, I mean we do have Jang Hyuk, Ahn Kil Kang, Oh Yeon Seo and many other big names. I don’t know about others but I love Jang Hyuk’s face movement as he shows emotions, like when he was in the King’s chambers and the Queen came and slapped him, he showed his character Wang So struggling to sustain his tears without overflowing.

Oh Yeon Seo is also an actress to follow for the future with her quirky style of giving live to her characters however I don’t like that Lee Honey (Lee Ha Nui) is in the drama – I don’t find her to be a good actress, she is okay but there is no extra potential in what she shows acting-wise. From what I’ve seen so far in her other projects, Lee Honey’s performance is always somehow inconsistent and out of place even though the character has a (written) development.

In a way I did enjoy the first two episodes, although the first is a little bit dragging in the beginning but that’s understandable since it’s the pilot episode so I will judge more into the actual story after episode 3 when everything and all the characters will start to unveil to the viewers.

Considering that the writer is distorting the historical facts and created fictional characters out of the real ones, I’m not sure what to expect from the future episodes, but for now the writing is stable and easy to follow. May be confusing at time but it happened only in the first episodes before I got the grip of the story apart from that it was a smooth ride and a nice introduction to the plot. Overall ‘Shine or go crazy’ seems like a nice drama to follow – hopefully I will stick around until the end.


  1. Fact: Yeon Seo stole my heart. I can’t get enough of her beautiful face!

    Lately i’m not i wasn’t in the mood for a Sageuk drama, but i decided to give this one a shot due to its strong cast and the dreamlike aesthetic i was expecting due to its fairytale & reality blending.
    Jang Hyuk as Wang So is like a Goryeo version of Lee Gun who used the last picture from the Old Goodbye camera 😀
    There are many things to look forward to, especially the interactions between various characters and how they will change in the future.
    The only thing i didn’t like was a specific part of the fight choreography, the circular yet static camera change on very specific scenes, it felt like changing the camera on your figure in games like Mortal Combat lol. But apart from that, the rest fighting scenes and acrobatic moves were really good and did justice to SoGC’s fighting part.
    Found it very promising and somewhat Sageuk-refreshing since it’s modern-spirited at times whereas remaining in the past at the same time.

    1. Yes, she is indeed beautiful, I wasn’t a fan but YS is definitely an actress to follow in the future.

      I loved the interaction between the leads in the first two episodes and I’m looking forward to see how they will meet again and Wang So’s reaction XD

      I’m also a little iffy about the fighting scenes but it’s okay since there aren’t many, for now lol

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