[Kdrama] ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

After such an intense promotion from SBS and numerous articles telling that it’s Hyun Bin’s comeback drama, it seem like in the end ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ is more like a show made to shamelessly promote Lotte World.

I’m a little bit disappointed in the drama considering the fuss they made about it, however that doesn’t change the fact that I’m in a way looking forward to see if they can pull the story, and I’m not talking about the actors here but in fact about the writer who at this point isn’t doing a got job, of course that’s from my point of view.

However it’s just that everything seems messy, even though the actors somehow managed to create their characters in two episodes, the writing is all over the place yet I still want to know what will happen next, if the writer can manage to do something about the writing style. I do understand that Kim Ji Woon works with an already written material as the drama is based on a manhwa/webtoon, still they should’ve thought about the script way before, for now it feels like they just recently started working on it and everything turned out from a fast forward wiring to a messy script. In a way it’s unfortunate especially at this point with ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ being Hyun Bin’s comeback drama after finishing his army.

Although Hyun Bin is definitely a good actor and I loved him in ‘Snow Queen’ as that drama is also one of my favorites, I feel like he is rusty this time when it comes to acting, but I will skip the issue for now since we got only two episodes. I’m sure he will get a grip of the acting back like he used to do, but for now I’m a little disappointed maybe because I was expecting too much from him when in fact Hyun Bin stayed away from cameras for a while.

Other than what I’ve already said, nothing else attracted my attention except for Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min, they are actually the ones who have the drama on their shoulders so the writer needs to wake up fast and do a better job.

The other actors don’t seem that important to the actual story, or at least not for now and to be honest I don’t really understand Sung Joon’s casting into this drama. I know there are people who love him, but I find it hard to think that he can manage a key character – from my own humble view, Sung Joon is still at the level of high school dramas acting rather than plots where he has to become an important turning point of the story.

To be blunt, he still has to become comfortable around the camera because his body movements look awkward overall, there’s still that stiffness that normally starting actors have but even after a number of projects he still didn’t lose that awkwardness.

Overall, this drama needs a makeover, everyone needs to rethink the plot or at least reform the writing. Of course, that’s what I think for now, hopefully from episode 3 things will be better than what I’ve seen in the first two episodes because it will be a waste of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min.

Do not forget, we all have different views, some people may find the first two episodes of ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ to be what they normally like, but I didn’t so just try it for yourself rather than taking my words as if the drama is bad.



  1. As Kill Me, Heal has devoured my interest, i still had the intention to check Jekyll, Hyde, Me. The plagiarism accusations from the writer of the original work though pissed me off and prevented me from proceeding with this drama in the first place. It’s the first time i get an anti-drama feeling even if the drama itself isn’t at fault :/ It was a bad timing for such things to happen. Albeit being negative, i’m not that negative still, i might check it later on if i read more positive thoughts! I’ll be looking forward to your future thoughts for sure!

    1. I know, I feel the same. The writer of the comic kinda turned me off with his accusations on ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ when in fact he also pretty much plagiarized the original ‘Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. I personally just found it rude that he vented his anger on Ji Sung, and this made me think that the comic writer lacks professionalism. First they have to focus on the quality of their own work before pointing their fingers around.

      But I’m trying to overlook him and just focus on the drama, I will continue to watch it, maybe we will get a good view despise the overall negative image ‘Hyde,Jekyll, Me’ started with.

      Try it, maybe you will like it in the end ^ ^

      1. Ji Sung was a highly wrong target. And he waiting until Kill Me, Heal Me was already on its third airing week? Kill Me, Heal Me has already a really strong fanbase that nearly worships the drama, including me, it happened without expecting it. Doesn’t he know that netizens are a frightening thing? 😀

        Hopefully enough it will get better and more consistent. I will give it a shot in the middle of Feb once the exams end, i will have to put my whole drama/blogging activity in the ice until the 12th of Feb 😦 *hates dat*

      2. I should also put my drama watching aside until February (got exams as well) but I’m using the weekend as an excuse to watch as many as I can XD

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