[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 28

This is episode 61 of ‘The Superman Returns’

I really hope the producers will drop the ‘guest’ thing for this show, I’m not watching to see  other celebrities coming to talk about their own life, be it Ryu Hyun Jin or anyone else. And I’m speaking for all segments of the show with the other children as well, I just want to see the kids interacting with their parents rather than with other people. Also for Ryu Hyun Jin is the second time coming on the show, he appeared when last year at the twins’ house….

Ryu Hyun Jin continues to play with Man Se – it’s actually more like Man Se telling where to go and stuff like that and what to do. After playing together, the 5 of them have to go outside and Il Gook tells the guest to try and change Man Se’s diapers and clothes, however the boy says that he wants to pee making Ryu Hyun Jin shout out ‘time out’. The man takes Man Se to the bathroom however the boy doesn’t want to do it in the toilet so he pees on the floor having the guest wash after him. They come back into the living room and with some effort, he finally dresses Man Se.

The 5 go out at a restaurant and there Man Se says that the dog is scary, but the two men don’t understand where is the dog so the boy answers that the dog from Sarang’s house is scary. On the other hand Min Guk asks the person from the restaurant to bring him food. When food is starting to arrive, the triplets say “I will eat well” (something like bone appetite).

As they eat, Man Se drops some of his meat on the floor and the guest helps him eat – then Il Gook starts asking Ryu Hyun Jin if he wants to marry and how many children he wants…..I will skip this part because I don’t really care.

Another day, Il Gook takes the triplets to ski, on their way, Min Guk sings while Man Se sleeps and Dae Han is quietly watching outside the window.

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that he waited for the moment to go skiing for many years more than that he always wished to ski together with his 3 sons.

The boys are happy to see so much snow as they follow their father. Il Gook seems to have prepared a new “Song Train”, this time is a train made of sledges. Although the beginning is good as Il Gook drags the sledges around, he shortly feels exhausted and out of breath. Dae Han sees Il Gook out of breath and asks him if he is okay, then he and Man Se go to help Il Gook drag the sledges while Min Guk sits on his sledge being dragged around by his brothers. After a while, the father tells the triplets to sit back on their sledges.

Much later, Il Gook takes the boys to a ski class. The 3 seem eager to participate. During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that since there are 3, he can’t teach them so a ski teacher will be better. When they arrive at the place for ski lessons, Il Gook tells the boys to enter but he also mentions that he isn’t allowed inside. Hearing that, Dae Han doesn’t want to enter anymore and just goes where Il Gook is to stay with him while his brothers pay attention to the class. Although both the father and the teacher wanted to make Dae Han enter, he still refuses.

The class continues without the eldest as the other two are having fun skiing with the help of their teachers. Man Se’s teacher tells him from where they will start skiing and where they will stop, she explains the steps and when they arrive at the finish point, Man Se wants to wait for Min Guk to get down as well. The second round is with both Man Se and Min Guk going down at the same time – of course with the help of their teachers.

Il Gook decides to take Dae Han’s temperature and luckily he didn’t have a fever. In the interview room, Il Gook says that he thought that Dae Han will be the best at skiing out of the triplets. Back to the ski class, one of the teachers tells Il Gook about Man Se and Min Guk’s lessons. Again, in the interview room, Il Gook tells the staff that Man Se seems to like speed but that is actually worrying him. When the staff asks why, he answers that maybe in the future Man Se will get into weird(dangerous) things – he makes the sound of a motorcycle and says “Dad, hop on” (the motorcycle) as if Man Se will be saying that in the future.

After skiing, the father takes them to eat dinner,. Knowing that they will eat, the triplets are happy. When the lady from the restaurant comes with the menu, Man Se asks the woman what they serve there (at the restaurant) and she answers that they have duck meat.

They all eat their meat quietly and after finishing the food, the triplets ask for dried seaweed. Since they seem to like it a lot, Dae Han even bites his finger while he was enjoy the seaweed.



  1. I love your recaps and I’ve been following your superman is back posts but I wanted to say this post was really great. I LOLed at “I’ll skip this part because I dont really care.” I hope you recap Uhm Tae Woong’s parts!

    1. Thank you for reading 😀

      I will probably do the recaps for Uhm Tae Woong as well, however for now I’m not sure if I like their part so much to write a recap about it 😀

  2. Soori, i’m curious to know if you have any favourite among the triplets and your thoughts on them? i think Manse is going to grow up to look like Il Gook the most

    1. This sure is one tough question *insert Il Gook’s hahahaha* – the 3 of them have different charms and each one of them was my favorite at some point, I started with Min Guk then Dae Han and now my favorite in Man Se for his light and uplift personality.

      I agree with you, I used to think that Min Guk looks the most to Il Gook, however lately Man Se is looking more and more like the father.

      1. *reinserts Il Gook’s hahahaha* i share those same thoughts as you on the triplets as well! I suppose that’s why i look forward to them every week, regardless of the preview… and i too wish for more interaction with Il Gook/ among themselves rather than with celebrities. in fact, i hope to see the triplets interact with their grandfather especially after seeing the calendar making episode.

        Soori, are you a Korean? is there an official feedback channel for the show?

        thank you so much for your recap and thoughts — always enjoyed them and will continue to do so! 🙂

      2. That will be lovely to see them with their grandfather like how the grandfather of the twins also appeared on the show in a past episode 😀

        No, I’m not Korean ^ ^
        There is an official feedback channel for the show but it’s fully in Korean, you can find it on KBS’ site.

        Thank you as well for reading my posts~

  3. Thanks Soori for that recap! ^_^ I’ve recently come upon your blogs and I’m glad I have. I love these three cuties and I’ve even recruited my boyfriend to watch the show (to pick up some parenting lessons for the future? )
    Anyway, enough with my babble. Thanks a bunch again! I watch the recent episodes without subs and because of your recaps I get to catch the gist of the episodes.
    BTW, both the father and the triplets are quite refreshing to watch. I love Il Kook. ♡♥♡

    1. I know what you mean, I also take notes for the future because to be honest Song Il Gook’s parenting is on my liking so I kinda want to put into practice what I’m learning from him in the future 😀

      Thank you for your comment and for reading my posts~

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