[Kdrama] ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

Before I proceed in my opinion, I want to give a small advice, don’t think too lightly of this drama, there is more behind it, is not a simple rom-com as one may think – to put is simply, writer Jin Soo Wan is one smart person.

‘Kill Me Heal Me’ is so good in a perfectly weird way that has (probably) my favorite screen ‘couple’, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. I’m so happy seeing them together once again for a new project, although sometimes working as an item all over again can be seen as overly used from the viewer’s point of view, these two always seem to match so well. I love how they chose another pattern compared with what they did in the past since in ‘Secret’ the two had a more serious and melo vibe, I’m glad to see them switching to a more comical project.

The first two episodes are a good start, although the first 15 minutes or so from the first episode were somehow boring, still I think that the director did a pretty good job at showing Do Hyun’s past in a quick manner so that we know the beneath of the actual character. Even if other may not agree, I personally think it was a good way of showing lots of stuff but fast, yet I wished that they could’ve find other American ‘actors’ since I cringed the whole time.

As I was watching ‘Heal Me Kill Me’ I could not stop myself from thinking that Ri Jin hysterical screams give so much color to the drama especially when she fights with her twin brother, Ri On. But more than her screams, as already mentioned, I like the idea of giving the main character multiple personalities. Although Ji Sung did joke that he should’ve been paid 7 times, for all the characters but to be honest this should be reality since the guy deserves all the money for the awesome job he does with each character; Anyway, the way I see the other personalities within Do Hyun are probably the scream he wants to let out through the other ‘guys’ considering that they all have what Do Hyun desires since his family somehow is shutting him in, on the other hand, the other personalities do and say what in a way he wants.

Rather than seeing the ‘transformations” like some kind of ‘magic/fantasy’ thing, I think the writer is using stuff like the tattoo or even the eye color thing as a way to tell the viewers when and where one of the other personalities appears, to put a line between them.

A reason on why I think that the inner guys aren’t separate beings but Do Hyun’s imprisoned thoughts is because the doctor he visited mentioned something about Se Gi having an objective thus he is becoming stronger, that is exactly what Do Hyun needs, to have an objective that will make him grow and break apart from the box his family put him in. According to Do Hyun, Se Gi reveals himself only when he is hurt or gets angry therefore the other guys are just his desire to breakout considering that Se Gi is more on the confident and rough side thus he is out only when Do Hyun needs the confidence he has.

As a result of the family members’ suppression over Do Hyun, he lacks confidence in his own persona even Ri On mentioned something that in a way may be a link regarding Do Hyun (made by the writer):

Ri On: “I’m saying that I can live a safe and comfortable life by defining myself into 3 people.”

Even though compared to Ri On who created the ‘other two’ for himself, for Do Hyun the ‘others’ were already from inside him. Also, some may think that Ri On’s reference to ”Jekyll and Hyde”, he was hinting at the other drama that has to start airing, yet I beg to differ because Ri On’s mention wasn’t for that – or at least that’s how I see it. The ‘mysterious writer’ Omega is referring to the actual mental condition, “split personality” moreover they are all Do Hyun’s urges to scream without feeling guilty for doing so – remember when Do Hyun was in America, he wasn’t refusing anyone, because if he as himself would’ve said ‘no’ then he would’ve felt that guilt.

Anyone else noticed how Do Hyun always looks in the mirror when talking with Se Gi? The meaning of “look yourself in the mirror” is fully used with this because even though Do Hyun thinks of Se Gi as a total different person, he always looks in the mirror when talking to him, yet that’s not talking with the other guy but with ‘himself’.

Do Hyun: “If I’m not alive, you’re not either. If you become stronger, I will also become stronger! Are you listening to me, Shin Se Gi? Are you listening to me, you bastard?” – he says all that yet he looked exactly in the mirror as he was ‘telling it’ to Se Gi.

The thing is that Do Hyun doesn’t have the courage to do what Se Gi does so he created him inside, he needs him. Another thing is that although Do Hyun is centered to not let Se Gi out, he is quick to want the ‘other guy’ to resolve certain problems such as saving Ji Rin.

Is Se Gi just like Hyde? Yes! Is Se Gi the bad guy? Definitely not, after all we all have a Se Gi or Hyde inside us but compared to Do Hyun, us/we – let’s say normal people, have “Do Hyun” and “Se Gi” blend well deep down inside ourselves and not as split personalities.

Another thing, when I saw the plot, I was thinking why the use of twins all of a sudden, but now it kind of makes sense, this wasn’t randomly since twins grow together and come from the same ‘place’, twins are identical, but still have different personalities something like Do Hyun and ‘the others’.

Before closing my post, I want to say a few words about the name Shin Se Gi, it kind of means “New Century” – yes, Jin Soo Wan is smart for showing everything to us yet hides a lot therefore I’m looking forward to see what will happen next in this drama.



  1. Thank you for this review. We have the same impression and opinion. Being in the medical profession just like me appreciates this drama.It take an intelligent audience to really understand this. The writer is smart and the actors are very good in portraying their respective roles.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it like this, indeed this drama is much more than we see at first glance. Hopefully things will go like this from now on in the future episodes

  2. this drama is sooo refreshing sooooo many amazing scenes i had to replay, hwang jung eum and ji sung are unbelievable actors, every scene is done to perfection. hwang jung eum is one of the best actresse i have ever watched not jut in korea but in the world, she really knows how to become the character she is given, and ji sung just nailed this role too.

    1. Both are doing a great job with their characters especially Ji Sung who has to do multiple tasks~

  3. Truthfully, I’m still on the fence for this as I still can’t fully grasp the tone but I think Se-Gi make things a lot more interesting, he’s overpowering the “master” of DH’s body and I think him falling in love with the heroine is an interesting development as it complicate matters.

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