Soori’s New Year message and 2014 Yearend drama reviews


Happy New Year everyone!

I want to thank everyone who visits, reads and comments on my blog! Although my posts don’t offer much information, I want to thank everyone who takes out time to look around SHIKIDRAMA. I hope the New Year will bring everyone happiness!


By the way, this year Carolies541 invited me, Kat from dramapot and Heisui from mydramatea to review the Japanese, Korean and Chinese/Taiwanese dramas together as a yearend review project, if you guys have time, please check out our reviews on Carolies541’s obsessionsofline drama blog and feel free to join in the discussion with the 4 of us.

  • Also check out the blogs  of these 3 awesome bloggers mentioned above as well; for some time I was a silent reader of them and I actually learned a lot from their blogs and read great posts regarding Asian dramas.

Again, thank you everyone and have a great year!


  1. Happy new year!!! Seeing that screencap reminds me of Shut Up family, I miss that wonderful sitcom, I love Shim Ji Ho so much in that drama. Btw, thank you for joining me for the year-end review and you reviewed so many dramas!

    1. Ikr? Sometimes I want to re-watch that show.

      Thank you for the invite XD
      Happy New Year~

  2. Happy New Year!!! Hope you have a great 2015. :))))

    1. Thank you~
      Happy New Year!! ^0^

  3. Happy new year. Thanks for pointing me to article in obsessionsofline as I was looking for something like that.

    1. My pleasure~

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