[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 25 (Trip to Tokyo – part 2)

This is episode 58 of ‘The Superman Returns’

Il Gook is still in Japan visiting Sarang with his triplets. While Man Se and Min Guk were ‘fighting’ over some binoculars – more like Min Guk was running away with the binoculars and his brother was telling him to return it, as for Il Gook, he asks Sarang if she wants to make a cake.

Sang Hoon tells Sarang that they should buy strawberries and sour cream for the cake – the girl tells them that she will remembers what to buy but Il Gook seems uneasy since he doesn’t know Japanese and decides to rely on the little girl. After they are informed what to buy, Il Gook and Sarang go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients.

At the supermarket, they buy the strawberries however Il Gook isn’t sure about which one is the sour cream, although Sarang shows him what’s the right one, he still isn’t sure about it. He asks the girl how they say “sour cream” in Japanese and she answers “saeng kurimu” (the saeng is from Korean and the kurimu is from Japanese).

Meanwhile at home, the triplets get scared of the dog that starts barking at them. Sang Hoon tries to explain that the dog won’t do them anything, but they just jump on the sofa after seeing Kyoro entering the living room – Man Se is the only one who goes under the table. The triplets start crying and Sarang’s father tries to comfort them – he takes Dae Han and Man Sei with him in the kitchen but forgets Min Guk on the sofa. As he explains the other two what he is going to cook, Min Guk still waits for him on the sofa.

Back at the store, Sarang shows Il Gook the right sour cream but he remains skeptical. Before returning home Il Gook decides to buy some wine for Sung Hoon and Sarang wants to buy chocolate for Man Se – Il Gook asks what she wants to buy for Dae Han and Min Guk as well and she chooses the same type of chocolate for the older brothers.

Finally arrived home, Il Gook calms the triplets. Il Gook asks Sung Hoon if he got the right sour cream and luckily it was the right one – however from the sofa the father hears Min Guk calling him:

Min Guk: “Dad, Min Guk is here. Dad I was scared of the dog”

Dae Han: Dae Han was scared”

Il Gook hugs the triplets to calm them and Sarang comes near. He tries to make fun of the boys but they start crying all over again. Eventually they calm down and Sarang gives Man Se the first chocolate. Dae Han and Min Guk were also expecting but she had only one however she goes to ask for 2 more pieces for the other two boys.

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that Sarang is just 5 months older than the triplets however she seems like an older sister – he also adds that he wishes to have a daughter.

Il Gook plays with the kids while Sung Hoon cooks dinner. Since everyone was in a good mood, Sarang goes towards Il Gook but Dae Han interferes and hangs around the father’s neck. (Probably he was jealous of Sarang who was getting close with Il Gook).

Sung Hoon announces that food is ready and Min Guk is the first one to jump out of the sofa to sit at the table.  Man Se didn’t receive a spoon so he starts dinking the soup the bowl. Everyone starts eating, Il Gook keeps repeating them that they should eat slowly and small bites.

Yano Shiho appears (Sarang’s mother) and gives everyone Christmas presents. At first she mistakes them but in the end the woman gets their names right. Man Se tells her that he was scared of the dog but since her Korean is pretty limited she doesn’t understand what he wanted to say at first.

The cake is served and Il Gook tries to stop them from eating before singing a Christmas song – in the end they give up the song and just start eating the cake. Man Se offers some cake to Il Gook, Sung Hoon and finally some to Sarang’s mother. Although everyone stopped eating at some point, the triplets continue and Man Se asks for more strawberries but Il Gook tells him that he already eat a lot.

In the interview room, Il Gook tells the staff that he barely ate anything and starts (joking) asking who ate so much cake. He starts worrying what to do in the future, however he lifts his head and says that everything will be alright.

Yano Shiho is curious about the triplets and Il Gook tells her that although it’s hard having 3 children, the happiness he receives triples. He tells Sarang’s parents that he wishes to have a daughter and asks them if they don’t want a son, but Sung Hoon answers that the even the touch of a boy is different from a girl’s, tougher (Sung Hoon always goes around the bush although his wife wants a son).

While the two fathers clean up, Sarang’s mother takes care of the children and Dae Han seems especially happy compared to what we saw until now – he even dances. Meanwhile, Min Guk is still eating.

Everyone goes to sleep and Il Gook stays awake to prepare a small present – pictures with the children from their trip to Japan together with Sarang and hangs them in the Christmas tree. (“A small gift from the father of the triplets”)

Man Se is the first one to wake up and Il Gook tells him to greet Sarang, after waving his hand at her, Man See kisses Sarang. However Kyoro appears and disturbs Man Se’s peace, so the boy won’t be scared, Sung Hoon takes the dog a little further from the him.  As he looks around, Man Se doesn’t see his brothers and asks Il Gook where they are. After showing him where the other two are, Man Se asks where is ……………Man Se.

After everyone wakes up, they all see the pictures made by Il Gook last night. Sung Hoon serves the breakfast and shortly after Il Gook announces them that they have to leave and Sarang doesn’t seem to understand why the triplets have to leave. As the triplets are dressed, Min Guk and Dae Han are interested what the uncle from the tent is doing and Sung Hoon tells them that the uncle is working.

The triplets say their good bye to Sarang and Il Gook asks for a kiss from Sarang – although yesterday she refused (in the preview episode she refused to give him a kiss) this time the girl kisses him.

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that although the time was short, he is happy to have got close with Sarang because he also wishes to have a daughter.

Sung Hoon is asked to give his message to Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se and after that the staff tells him to send a message to Il Gook as well:

Sung Hoon: “Next time, you will do the cooking!”

  • Next week actor Uhm Tae Woong  and his daughter will be joining the show and I will do the recaps for their part as well. But I’m not sure if I should made different posts or just write for both Song Il Gook and Uhm Tae Woong in the same post – regardless, look forward because the preview looked great!


  1. Please do different posts! I love the way you do these recaps for the triplets and I like reading about only them.

    1. Okay, I will do so; Thank you for reading~

      1. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. rosehmmm nm · · Reply

    Yeah I agree this only for triplets! Thnx for the hard work!! Good luck for next year!!:-)

    1. Yes, I think it will be better if I do a separate one for the triplets.

      Thank you for reading, Happy New Year! ^ ^

  3. YAY! I’m so glad when I read you’re going to recap the UTW’s part too. Can’t wait for it. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for reading~~~
      Look forward to UTW’s part because from the preview it looked like we will have a lot of fun watching him taking care of his daughter.

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