[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 24 (Trip to Tokyo)

This is episode 57 of ‘The Superman Returns’

In this episode, Il Gook takes the triplets to their first oversea trip – to Japan, Tokyo so the boy can meet Sarang. On their way to the airport, the father tells the boys that they will go to see Sarang and he also tells them that when they arrive they should say “hello” and hug Sarang.

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that his wife meet up with Yano Shiho (Sarang’s mother) and the two women made a promise so he wants to keep the promise of visiting Sarang in Tokyo. However as the father asks each one to listen to him while they will be on the trip, only Dae Han and Min Guk answer that they will listen and Man Se makes a short pause before answering.

Back in the interview room, Il Gook confesses that both him and his wife were thinking to make a trip (with the triplets) but eventually they gave up on the idea, so now that he has to travel alone with the boys to another country, his wife asked if he can make it by himself thus she worries a lot.

At the airport, the triplets are surprised to see so many planes but Il Gook never misses the chance to teach the boys new words. In the plane, while the father was putting the belt on Dae Han and Man Se, Min Guk puts his own belt and receives praises from Il Gook.

Food is served and although the woman who gave Min Guk his food said that it’s hot, he still places his hand on the food box, then he started to cool his food – they all enjoy their food.

Finally arrived in Tokyo, on the bus towards Sarang’s house, Il Gook brings out a bag of snacks and tells the boys that each one of them will receive a biscuit if they answer his questions.

Il Gook: Where are we going now?

Min Guk: To Sarang (‘s house).

Il Gook: Who are we going to meet with?

Dae Han: With Sarang.

Il Gook: Where are we going now?

Man Se: To Sarang.

After receiving their snacks, Il Gook tells the boys that at Sarang’s house there are 5 dogs and they need to get along with them. (Sarang had 2 dogs but one of them gave birth to 3 puppies)

In the interview Il Gook says that the triplets are actually bigger than Sarang so probably she will be surprised to see them “Oh, they are younger so why are they bigger(taller)?”.

Arrived at the apartment building, Dae Han and Man Se help their father drag a box until Sarang’s apartment. When they finally meet, everyone is a little nervous but in the end the boys get excited the moment they see Kyoro (the dog). The dog barks when she/he sees them but Sarang scolds the dog in Japanese saying that she/he should stop (barking at the guests). Because the triplets get scared when the dog barks again, Sarang closes the dog in the bedroom.

As they enter the house, the triplets run to look around. However, Sranag is a little shy compared to the talkative triplets. Sarang’s father serves the boys the rice balls his wife made for them.

As everyone was eating, Man Se wants to add Sarang father’s tea into his water, although he doesn’t understand why the boy wants to do so, the man lets him have his way.

While Sarang’s father starts cooking food for everyone’s lunch, Il Gook decides to read the kids a story. Then Il Gook tells the Sarang to search for a tiger, but she shows a lion (on the tent of the cameraman), however eventually she matches the animals. To congratulate her, Il Gook asks for a kiss but Sarang ignores him, however the father asks Man Se to kiss him. After receiving the kiss from Man Se, he tells the youngest to give a kiss to Sarang as well and it doesn’t take much because the boy does it without any effort.

Everyone sits on the table to start eating lunch, but the triplets seem interested in the characters spoons they have. They all eat but at some point Man Se says that Min Guk and Dae Han got dirty (he had some sauce on his face as well) but the father says that he will clean them up afterwards.

As dessert, Sarang’s father gives them some strawberries and it ends up being a war of how eats more and faster between Sarang and Min Guk. While Min Guk and Sarang were fighting over the strawberries, Man Se starts shaking because the strawberries were too cold. Since they aat everything, Man Se is left with nothing, but Sarang gives some of hers to the boy.

In a conversation with Il Gook, Sarang’s father is surprise to find out about the triplets’ different personalities.

After lunch, everyone is put to have an afternoon nap. Dae Han is the first one to fall asleep, Il Gook gives Min Guk a belly massage while Man Se and Sarang play with each other. Everyone falls asleep, however Sarang is the only one who can’t sleep so Il Gook decides to play with her. It takes a while for Il Gook to get Sarang’s attention but he still succeeds.

To let the kids play more, the fathers takes them to a park. There Dae Han is excited to see the sea as he several times shows his amaze while telling everyone “woow, it’s the sea!”

On their way back home, Sarang asks Il Gook to make a party.



  1. Sarang and Manse are so cute together, Manse got the sarang fever. Sarang + triplets = killer combination. So cute >///<, the twins in this episode are also soooo cute, I laughed so hard at Seojoon's naughtiness, he's becoming more and more like Manse. I can somehow imagine how hard it will be for LHJ to take care of him in the future as he become more active. Moreover, their christmas celebration is such a contrast from past year celebration, the twins can now walk, talk and even understand what their dad is talking about, so much feels!!

    1. Is definitely a big change considering that last year the twins were crawling and now they are already walking and even talk (a little).Can’t wait to see how they will change in the future~ XD

  2. Rhea J. Domingo · · Reply

    Hi!belated Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!🎄🎉🎅

    1. Thank you~ Merry Christmas, may all your wishes come true! ^o^

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