[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 10 ~recap/review/opinion~

Woo Seok tries to catch up with Soo In after seeing her getting out of Tae San’s company however he has no luck as she gets on a bus. Woo Seok returns to the company to talk with Tae San about the new premium project that they want to release soon.

Soo In arrives back at the bakery she works, however the guy who hired her, keeps asking who was the guy that visited her (he was referring to Tae San’s assistant who came to pick her up). When she explains that the man isn’t her boyfriend, the owner of the bakery releases a sign of relief thing that makes Soo In a little suspicious about him. When Soo In goes in the kitchen, the man has a smirk on his face.

Aeng Ran and the woman who works for the Ma family make food for a guest who is supposed to visit them, meanwhile Joo Ran and her husband start talking about Soo In saying that she is a fool for refusing to take the money from Tae San. Later Tae San comes back home with the guest: Woo Seok and Aeng Ran’s face drops on the floor the moment she sees him.  Seeing him in the house, Joo Ran starts talking about how just recently they had the talk when she told him to let her sister alone, because of that Joo Hee asks her sister for a private talk.

Joo Hee tells her older sister to stop being rude towards Woo Seok but the sister denies things like that, however the younger sister bluntly asks Joo Ran to confess that she hates the fact that Tae San likes Woo Seok.

Bok Nyeo tries to make some donuts, meanwhile the neighborhood woman who likes Yi Moon comes to share some fried chicken with him and Beyol. Every times Yi Moon mentions Bok Nyeo, the woman gets angry, but Yi Moon refuses to eat her chicken excusing himself that he already eat dinner. Yet, when Bok Nyeo appears with her donuts, both Yi Moon and Byeol jump to eat her homemade donuts.

While the neighborhood woman asked Bok Nyeo for a talk (with Yi Moon following them), Soo In calls and asks for Bok Nyeo however Byeol tells her that the grandmother is out.

After talking on the phone with Byeol, Soo In starts closing the bakery. Later when she tries to change her clothes, the owner barges into her room saying that he bought some sweet potatoes so he wanted to share some with her. Luckily she manages to make him leave, still the whole scene gave her a fright.

On the other hand, at the hostel (share house?) the men start checking up on Poong Geum as she was doing Pilates. The driver from Ma driver appears but they don’t meet each other. The driver starts watching some porn movies into his room, but that annoys Poong Geum who knocks on the wall between them – the two end up yelling at each other over the wall.

Tae San, Joo Hee and Woo Seok talk about the new project over a chess game and Joo Ran hears everything. Aeng Ran talks on the phone with someone who she tells that they have to keep “him” as a wildcard for later.

Mi Oh looks at a picture of her and Do Jin while she cries and curses at him.

Joo Hee drives Woo Seok home and in the car she asks who he run after in the afternoon but he just replays that it was someone he knows. Then Woo Seok wants to ask Joo Hee something but he stops before putting the question, but Joo Hee just smiles and tells him that he is acting weird today.

Arrived at his home, Joo Hee tells him how happy she is for letting her approach him little by little – Woo Seok doesn’t say anything in return and just gives back a fade smile.

Woo Seok tells Bok Nyeo that he saw Soo In during the day however he couldn’t catch up with her, still he is sure that she will call her “mother”. They end the discussion about Soo In as he tries some of Bok Nyeo’s donuts.

Aeng Ran and Joo Ran go to do some voluntary work at the women house (?) Mi Oh lives at. Although Mi Oh tries to hide away, Aeng Ran sees her. Aeng Ran threatens the girl that if she dares to appear In front of Do Jin, she will take the child away; the woman also offers an envelope with money however Mi Oh refuses saying that she wants to be a proud mother for her child without raising him on the money of others. Angered by the whole situation, Mi Oh says she thought that Aneg Ran will be the only person who can understand her (since she raised Do Jin as the son of a mistress) even though others blame her, yet it turns out that she is the most manipulative and vicious of all.

Woo Seok and Joo Hee are having a meeting about the new products when Do Jin enters the room saying that he heard about Soo In being released thus they should visit her. But at the same time, Joo Ran’s husband appears and tells him that it’s too late since she already meet Tae San and got her stuff from the house. Do Jin asks why she meet his father and the brother in law tell him that Tae San wanted to offer Soo In some money but she refused. The guy continues saying that she is a fool for refusing because she is an orphan with a criminal record so no one will hire her – the whole scene is seen and heard by Woo Seok. After the brother in law leaves, Do Jin asks his sister is she really doesn’t know where Soo In is currently living but apparently she doesn’t know – but Woo Seok looked as if he was looking forward to find out where she lives.

Soo In is looking for a new house. The owner finds out from her about finding a new house and starts acting weird again. The guy asks her if she is looking for a new house because he entered her room without knocking a night before. She tries to tell him that it’s a misunderstanding and that she just wanted to look for a house, but the guy gets even angrier and leaves the kitchen.

Poong Geum goes to meet up with “Ma Do Jin” (actually the driver) – the two talk about how much they missed each other in these two years of being apart. “Do Jin” gives her his ‘private’ phone number (it’s actually his real phone number since the number she always called on was actually the number of the real Do Jin).

Tae San comes home and finds out that Aeng Ran stayed most of the day in bed so he gets worried. Even though he asks what’s wrong she doesn’t answer – thinking that maybe Do Jin made problems for his mother, Tae San starts hitting him. Do Jin thinks that maybe his mother is upset that he doesn’t like the girl she set him up with and hugs his mother asking for forgiveness.

Woo Seok reads once again the letter he received from Soo In and remembers all the moments when they meet.

Woo Seok: “The baking classes ended, she’s got nothing to do with me, but why I can’t stop worrying about her?”

The owner of the bakery enters Soo In’s room wanting to talk about what happened in the afternoon. Although she clearly shoves him away he comes back saying that he is in love with her. Soo In doesn’t want to accept his feelings and because of that he starts becoming more violent. Because he attacks her, she kicks him but although Soo In runs away he goes after her. The two starts fighting and she hits him in the head. The man falls on the floor and scared, she calls for an ambulance. At the hospital, the man lies telling the police man that Soo In tries to run away with his money. Because of the man’s lies, Soo In is taken to the police station.

Bo Kyung (the girl with whom Do Jin had a blind date) comes to visit Aeng Ran. Joo Ran barges into the visit and asks Bo Kyung why she likes her younger brother thus the girl ends up talking about how she likes Do Jin’s sad eyes. While the girl was upstairs, visiting Do Jin’s room, Joo Ran asks Aeng Ran if the girl isn’t a little crazy but Aeng Ran doesn’t find anything weird about her.

Woo Seok gives his presentation on the premium products for the board directors.

The detective tells Soo In that it will be better to call her family or friends to settle things with the bakery owner because if not she may end up in prison once again.

Meanwhile, at Yi Moon’s house, Woo Seok comes back home and while Bok Nyeo was preparing food for him, he goes to close the laundry store. As he was closing the store the detective calls asking for Bok Nyeo. Woo Seok asks what happened and the detective tells him that Moon Soo In is detained for assault at the police station.

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