[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 21

Good news everyone, although it’s not about Song Il Gook nor his triplets but regarding the show. Tablo and his daughter Haru will leave ‘The Superman Returns’ and their place will be filled by actor Uhm Tae Woong and his daughter – and since I love him, I will do the recaps for their part as well. On some news sites, it was said that Tae Woong’s parts will start airing after the new year (or somewhere around that time).

In the morning, after waking up, Il Gook checks Man Se’s diapers after that it’s Min Guk’s turn. Since the boys speak more now, Man Se keeps asking Min Guk what are you doing and as a response the older brother says that even he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Man Se: Min Guk what are you doing?

Min Guk: I also don’t know. (meanwhile Il Gool was checking his diaper)

On another note, Dae Han continues to sleep.

Later, the two and their father move into the living room, where the boys notice the appearance of the ‘crocodiles’ and they keep pestering the tents for a reply but in the end no on answers them.

Il Gook stars playing with some kind of (laundry) tongs and the two boys hide under the table. Man Se hides behind his brother’s bad and when the father puts the tong on his back and Man Se is heard fast telling his father not to get hurt.

After playing with the tong Man Se and Min Guk count the laundry and when Il Gook hears them, he congratulates and asks them how many (shirts) are there thus the two start counting again. When they end up counting, both Min Guk and Man Se go to their father to tell him about the number of shirts.

Il Gook comes with a book to read for them but before getting on the couch, Man Se shows where Dae Han’s spot on it is. As the father was reading them, Man Se imitates Il Gook’s expressions and movements. In the story, there was something about read beans soup and Il Gook asks them if they want to eat some, but Man Se says that Dae Han won’t eat it. No matter how many times Il Gook asks Man Se if Dae Han will eat red beans soup, the youngest keeps insisting that his older brother won’t eat – at that moment Dae Han wakes up.

Before breakfast, Man Se imitates once again Il Gook’s movements (hand movements like clapping) and Dae Han calmly puts his hand on his brother’s and tells him to stop it.

This episode was probably the start of the 48 hours and Il Gook asks the boys for their cooperation – as he always does and because the talk was getting too long, Man Se tells his father to give him food.

While the triplets eat, Il Gook calls his wife to receive a “hang in there” message from the boys.

As they were talking with their mother, Min Guk tells the mother that he misses her. Then Il Gook asks them to wink for their mother, although Min Guk and Dae Han were winking with their both eyes, Man Se is the only one who succeeds with just one eye. In the closing of the phone call, the boys send kisses for their mother…but the call ends with Il Gook who also sends a kiss to his wife.

Later, Il Gook takes the boys out, unfortunately the 3 of them want to be held and he has to carry them even though they are over 15 kg each.

In the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that since the boys were always telling the cameras alligator and dinosaurs, he wanted to show the triplets ‘real’ dinosaurs thus he takes them to a dinosaurs park.

The boys got really talkative as they talk with Il Gook on the way to see the dinosaurs. They even know what kind of a sound an airplane makes and Man Se calls a robot (?) cool.

At their first meeting with a Tyrannosaurus, the triplets seem a little skeptical about moving near it. Although in the beginning they seem pretty okay, or more like Man Se is the one who is the most excited about everything however Dae Han gets scared and starts crying.

The 4 walk around the park and when they arrive at a bridge, Man Se walks in front. Min Guk tells Il Gook to be careful as he crosses the bridge and when the father starts shaking it, the boys tells him to stop it.

When they meet a dinosaurs who starts moving (someone was wearing a dinosaurs costume) the triplets get frightened and start crying. The first who cries is Dae Han while the other 2 boys freeze for a moment then they start running around towards their father. To calm them down, Il Gook tells them that the dinosaurs is scared of fire and he shows them the fire toys they had in their backpack.

During the interview, Il Gook tells the staff that he never thought the boys will get so scared, he mostly thought that they will be amazed.

To change the mood, Il Gook takes the triplets to another side of the park where kids can slide down on something like a life buoy (I’m sorry, I don’t know the English word for that thing). Even though Dae Han shows to be scared again, Man Se seems to like sliding down. Because kids can slide down from the highest point only with an adult, Il Gook takes the boys at that spot and tries to convince Dae Han and Min Guk that that thing is actually fun. However, Man Se gets bored of waiting and ends up sliding down with an unknown man (probably someone else’s father lol).

On his way back to the highest place, a woman gives Man Se some snacks and even though at first he didn’t want to give his brothers as well, he ends up asking for more to share with Dae Han and Min Guk.

Eventually, the other two slide down together with their father.

After having fun in the park, Il Gook takes the triplets to eat lunch. At the restaurant, Dae Han pours himself some tea and even gives Man Se some after the younger brother asks, but after he pours all of it on the table.

The dumplings come and each one of them gets a serving; In the beginning they have only 6 servings on the table. Man Se mistakes Dae Han’s food as his and he takes some, but the brother gets angry and Man Se starts crying because he didn’t receive, but Il Gook shows him that the one in front of him is his food.

Everyone eats silently and together with their father, they finish 8 servings of dumplings. Although they eat that much, the boys still want some but Il Gook tells them that they will eat dinner later on.

In the end of the episode we see Il Gook taking the boys to eat red beans soup.



  1. missconc3ption · · Reply

    Thank you for this week’s recap. YES! I love Uhm Force too! I enjoyed getting to see him once a week when he was on 1N2D. has it been that long since he left? i remember a few episodes before he left his lovely wife just gave birth to his daughter and the cast were congratulating him. and he showed us a cute picture of her. but wow she’s so big and adorable. at first i thought the rumors were a joke but was overly excited when it was confirmed. cant wait for the both to appear too. i love hwi jae and his twins. they cant talk yet so i dont find them that interesting yet. haru is getting a little old to be considered “cute” she’s very pretty, smart, and has a great big heart. but i also myself skipping over her parts too. tablo is a bit clumsy as a dad for my liking. the way he talks is just weird. does anyone else think he talks a little too slow…i mean hwi jae and SIK dont talk like that to their kids and their kids are younger than haru..i dont know…the mom does that too. like talks S.L.O.W.E.R. than people normally do. and then there’s sarang. she has gotten to be cuter with her bangs grown out. i dont know why the dad had her cut her hair like that before. it was not flattering or cute. i skipped over her parts sometimes too. her dad is too into his daughter. always holding her, kissing her (repeatedly) and tickling her. (that recent shower scene was weird. its fine to help your baby shower but he was in his speedos or whatever its called. and when hes washing her hair he starts kissing her chest all over and yet he cant show much affection to his wife like giving her a simple hug when she asks without having to look like he is being forced to do it) the recent episode too where they went to a hot spring and sarang is wearing a little kid bikini. the top wasnt even on properly. it gets kinda awkward for me to watch sometimes. and her antics have been the same. i really hope she grows out of her “shyness” she has gotten to be a lot more talkative now. and more mature thanks to the time she spent with her mom while her dad was away. (i think being with her dad didnt help her much since he doted on her and did everything for her) i know its only 48 hours that we see but i hope the other time we dont see her, her parents do allow her to spend time with other kids her own age…especially when her dad is adamant about not having another kid…and his reason is just…yuck..i remember in one episode he mentions that he’s afraid he cant love the 2nd child as much as sarang. and sarang might get hurt and jealous if another kid comes along. while the mom shiho really wants another kid because all the dad does is pay way too much attention to sarang. and shiho’s high pitched voice is annoying. (dont get mad at me. thats just my feelings) SIK and his triplets i just adore and love. sorry so long but its just my opinion.

    1. He left 1n2d shortly after his daughter was born but it will be lovely to see him interact with her as he used to always take about the girl when he went to record 1n2d.

      Haru is a sweetheart, my only problem with her parts are the fact that the mother appears a little too much and I watch this show to see the fathers interact with the children not to see the mothers as well since after all the original concept was to follow the fathers for 48h while they take care of their children. The PD gave some kind of excuse for the appearance of Haru’s mother saying that it was the anniversary of her parents, but they can celebrate that outside the tv program.

      I do agree with you regarding Tablo’s way of talking with Haru, at this point even Sarang speaks better Korean than Haru but that is thanks to the parents who would make her pronounce the words correctly wheres Tablo who doesn’t correct his daughter.

      Regarding Sarang, well they need to make her interact with other kids outside of Yuto and his younger brother. Her shyness can turn bad if they don’t try to correct it now while they still can do something about it because of they do start later on, nothing much can be done and it would be a shame since Sarang is normally a bright child.

  2. missconc3ption · · Reply

    aaah i also forgot to mention. in the previous episode SIK said that the past three weeks he realized that deahan’s speech has improved and mingook has gotten a bigger stomach and his cheeks are about to explode..hahah that’s so true..especially in the dumpling restaurant and that bear hoodie…his cheeks do look bigger than previous episodes. but i find that sooo cute…

    1. Yes cute at this age but if it (all that gorging) continues through toddlerhood, boyhood, teenhood and into young adulthood, Min Guk will be in Big trouble. His appa is pretty health conscious and somewhat a fitness freak so I am not surprised that he is appalled at his little boy’s appetite. Actually the boys take after their appa in their healthy appetites. What they need is more physical “exercise” to burn off the excess calories – walking, running around and less being carried by appa and using their Song train.

      1. I don’t think there will be any problems especially since Song Il Gook is anger to do sports with them after the triplets will grow a little more. Recently he did start making them walk more rather than taking the Song Train with them

  3. YAY for Uhm Tae Woong being the extra addition, I just feel time flies so fast, like seriously.. I remember watching him in Delightful Girl Chunhyang where he was still single and then when he joined 1N2D, he was not yet married too and now he already have a daughter. I feel like I’m growing old with these celebrities.

    1. He changed his life so fast in barely a year at that time. I remember him always saying how he wants to get married and have children (at that time he used to visit Cha Tae Hyun’s family a lot) and shortly after that he finally got married and had a child XD

  4. vo thu nguyet · · Reply

    i now miss haru. tablo a bit clumsy as it seemed he did not do child care much before hand. hope that he will more. i do think that he loves and knows how to share time with haru now

  5. who knows where is the dumpling restuarant that the triplets go?

    1. *restaurant

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