[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 19

The episode starts with Min Guk having a one-on-one conversation with the cameraman. Before going to the cameraman’s tent, the boy sees a dead fly on the window and he asks the ‘ajjusshi’ what’s that and although the staff isn’t allowed to talk with the boys, in the end the cameraman answered to Min Guk that the bug is a fly.

Il Gook starts talking on the phone with someone who is today’s special guest for the triplets’ part of the show. During the interview, the father tells the staff that ‘that’ person is someone who likes kids and doing sports as well so because a marathon was planned to take place around the area he lives in, Il Gook invited the ‘guest’ for a run. That special guest is Sean, the father of 4.

Ha Eum – 9 years old (first born)

Ha Rang – 8 years old

Ha Yul – 6 years old

Ha El – 4 years old

The triplets were still having their breakfast when Sean and his children came, however everyone is a little surprised and awkward. Yet the triplets befriend with Sean pretty fast as he plays all kind of games with them while they eat. But before continuing their breakfast, Il Gook introduces Sean to the boys, but at some point Min Guk tells Sean “the youngest fell” after seeing Ha Yul falling. (it wasn’t anything serious, more like he slipped on the floor)

They continue to talk and Dae Han touches his nose and tells ‘elephant’ – after that Sean starts playing the ‘elephant game’ with them while feeding them. Because Man Se finished his bananas, Sean asks Dae Han if he can take one of his to give Man Se and the eldest agrees.

Meanwhile Ha Rang and Ha Yul are fascinated seeing the house (probably the cameramen tents).

While Il Gook was preparing himself and the clothes for the triplets, Sean plays with all the 7 kids and surprisingly things stay peaceful without many major accidents.

Il Gook enters the room and tells Sean that he knows how to play with kids. Later after more playing, Min Guk runs towards Sean and hugs him – at the same time Man Se hugs Ha Rang. Then Man Se goes to the youngest out of Sean’s children, Ha El and hugs her but the girl is displeased and starts crying, however Sean comes fast and asks her what happened. He asks if Man Se wanted to take her bike, but she says that it’s not that and that she was upset because Man Se did that (because he hugged her probably, but Ha El only says “Man Se towards Ha El did this…”). Sean continues and tells his daughter that this is nothing (to be upset over) and that she should tell Man Se (with words) stuff like ‘I don’t like this”.

In the interview room, Il Gook tells the staff that Sean is the God of childcare. Il Gook also tells that he learns a lot for Sean.

Later, Min Guk takes a liking on Ha Eum and starts hugging her – the father sees and says “You are strange today”.

Everyone goes out but because Sean was talking his time to prepare, Il Gook goes to check on the ‘Sean train’, however the triplets were tired of waiting and Man Se calls out:

Man Se: “Dad, come out!!” (come here)

Min Guk does the same but in a softer tone.

The two dads and their children head to the marathon place but until they got to the start place, everyone on the street was starring at them. Yet, Il Gook doesn’t miss any chance of teaching the triplets some words.

After the start, Sean tells Il Gook that kids at that age (at the triplets’ age) get bored fast and after 50 minutes they will start asking stuff like “dad, when are we arriving? Why? When will it end?”. To Il Gook’s luck the triplets start singing.

It doesn’t pass much and Il Gook is getting tired – Sean tells that it was hard for him as well, however he ran with only two kids (at that time) but Il Gook has to do it with 3. The boys hear that the father is having a hard time:

Min Guk: Dad, don’t run.

Then Man Se starts singing a kids’ song “Dad, hang in there, we are here~”

Meanwhile Sean goes faster while Il Gook has to feed cookies to the triplets, however because the father skipped breakfast he was even hungrier so he ended up eating the boys’ snacks. When Min Guk asks for more cookies, the father apologizes that he eat all of them because he was hungry.

Luckily, Il Gook reaches a drink/snack stand. Still, it was hard for the father to eat and run with the triplets, seeing him struggling, another man form the marathon offers to help him until he gets to eat his bread.

In the interview, Il Gook says that at first he thought that it will be easy to run 10 km, but it was harder since he also had the triplets with him, on top of that he didn’t eat breakfast in the morning.

After finishing the marathon, Sean and his kids return to help Il Gook finish it as well.

Later they all go to a park where the children have fun playing around. Dae Han helps Man Se walk on a mini-wall (don’t know the name of that in English) and Il Gook praises his eldest son for taking care of his younger siblings. Then when Dae Han also wants to cross the mini-wall, Il Gook tells Man Se to help his brother as well.

When Sean was preparing to leave, Il Gook tells his triplets to give a good bye kiss to their new friends.

At the end of the episode, the father tries to teach his boys who Seo Joon and Seo Won are as they will all meet (FINALLY) in the next episode.

*for those that watch only Song Il Gook’s parts, Seo Won and Seo Joon are the twins of Lee Hwi Jae – also a member of the show.

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