[Kdrama] ‘Birth of a Beauty’ ep 1-4 ~ first impression/ opinion/review ~

After watching the first two episodes, I was ready to send this drama flying because it  seemed frustrating to watch. However, I wanted to give it one more change and decide after watching episode 3 and 4 ; and oh boy it was a good thing that I didn’t give up and continued to watch it. Episode 3 and 4 are so good that it would’ve been a waste to throw ‘Birth of a Beauty’ away.

No matter how much of a rom-com it may seem, this drama is far away from such things. As I said it above, the first two episodes didn’t made any justice for how awesome the next two episodes turned to be. Although normally first episodes are meant to introduced the viewers into the story and its characters, to me as a first impression, it seemed boring and annoying to follow every week, but from episode 3 onwards the whole thing changes drastically. Comedy? Romance? No no! This drama is an illegal makjang.

I was surprised to see the turn of events especially since Geum Ran was blindly loving her husband without thinking that he may be at fault for more than one thing. Honestly speaking it was frustrating to see her following Kang Joon, more than that, desiring to return to him, yet the love she held for him stopped Geum Ran from seeing the truth even after getting more than one hints about her husband’s true self. Still, I feel that Geum Ran sincerity towards him is mostly because all her life she knew only one man thus her desire to have Kang Joon back, although the guy is simply not carrying about his dead wife.

However I’m curious about one thing: did they mention why the husband and Geum Ran marry? – I understand that love can fade away, but the guy didn’t even shed a tear or show any remorse that his wife is dead and the next minute he tells the world about his new marriage. At this point I’m really curious of why Geum Ran and Kang Joon marry in the first place, from her memories, in the beginning of their marriage she was also fat so the thing that he lost interest in her after gaining some weight, falls. I thought about the possibility that his father may put him to marry Geum Ran that’s why the lack of attention he gave her during their marriage.

As for the husband, I can’t read Kang Joon, this guy feels sincerity with every woman in town. First he cheats on Geum Ran with Chae Yeon but then he cheats on Chae Yeon with Sara (who is in fact Geum Ran but he doesn’t know that). Really now, why is this guy full of love for every freaking woman he sees on the street, or maybe the guy is a dog on heat?

Until I watched episode 4, I actually wrote my impression on the other 3 episodes, were I was talking about how maybe Chae Yeon and Geum Ran’s friend may be behind her death; I also thought that maybe Kang Joon is innocent, however I was mistaken, the guy is at fault for everything. Moreover, he and his future wife are made in Heaven, the woman is nuts!! she knows that Kang Joon killed his wife but she is okay with it after all she also had the same thoughts….to kill Geum Ran.

If there is anyone who dropped ‘Birth of a Beauty’ before episode 3, pick it up. Things get way better with the following episodes and somehow the plot becomes thrilling to watch rather than the normal rom-com. However I don’t know if the drama will follow the right path after the 4th episode since the writer doesn’t have any notable works nor any works which I liked that can make me feel rest assured about the development so I will continue to be skeptical regarding the future episodes of “Birth of a Beauty’.


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