[Kdrama] ‘The Legendary Witch’ ep 1 ~recap/review/opinion~

It was a good start for a first episode, but be honest I was expecting something more melodramatic however the writer included a lot of comical scenes which cleans some of the heaviness form the actual plot.

All of the main four woman have their backgrounds introduced to the viewers, yet the full attention of the first episode wasn’t on them but rather on the Ma family who is full of problems where every member of the family hides their true intention from the general public but deep down they are hyenas ready to jump onto their pray.

Short character introduction:

Moon Soo In (Han Ji Hye) – A middle class woman who marries a chaebol. Her husband, Ma Do Hyun dies in a helicopter accident.

Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin)- not many information about him in the first episode, however he has a 5 years old daughter Nam Byeol.

Shim Bok Nyeo (Ko Du Shim) – inmate in the same cell as Soo In. Was falsely accused for 30 years.

Son Poong Gerum (Oh Hyun Kyung) – inmate in the same cell as Soo In. A swindler.

Seo Mi Oh (Ha Yeon Soo) – inmate in the same cell as Soo In. Former CF model, has a child with Ma Do Hyun’s half brother, Ma Do Jin.

Ma Tae San – Soo In’s father in law, doesn’t like her and he always was against his son marrying a poor girl.

Bok Dan Shim – Ma Do Hyun’s mother. She has Alzheimer and is the only person from the Ma household who likes Soo In.

Cha Aeng Ran – the second wife of Ma Tae San and the mother of Ma Do Jin.

Ma Joo Hee and Ma Joo Ran younger and respectively older sisters of Ma Do Hyun, and half sisters of Ma Do Jin.

Park Won Jae – works for Ma Tae San and is the husband of Ma Joo Ran.

Park Yi Moon – helps Shim Bok Nyeo get used to the outside life after being released from prison. The two knew each other from before she was jailed.

Taek Wol Han – the driver of Ma family.

The recap:

The first episode starts with Soo In who is taken to the prison. When she enters the cell, Soo In isn’t warmly welcomed by her cell mates especially since Poong Geum tells the newbie that even in prison there are ranks that should be respected as in military. After being introduced to the rules of the cell, Soo In falls on the floor after being dripped by Poong Geum. After Soo In faints from the fall, we are taken back a year before the present time.

Soo In wakes up at the hospital and she rushes to the funeral hall where the funeral of her husband was being held. The father in law appears and she apologize for her husband mistake who has left the world before his parents, however Tae San seems irritated the moment he sees Soo In.

In a meeting, Tae San is informed by Won Jae that because Do Hyun’s helicopter exploded, it was hard to find his body intact; however they are waiting to see the recordings from the black box to see what truly happened.

The second wife of Tae San appears at the funeral hall. Although in front of the driver she is perfectly fine, when she enters the hall, Aeng Ran enters her role of a hurt mother who lost her son. Minutes later Joo Ran appears with her mother and shouts at Aeng Ran to leave the funeral because she has no right to be there – after all Aeng Ran is just her father’s mistress.

Joo Ran starts crying and kicking after losing her younger brother, but the mother who doesn’t remember anything, just wants to eat her lunch.

Bok Nyeo is released from prison after 30 years. Since she was held up for such a long time, the woman is finding it hard to get used to all the changes from the outside world. When she takes a bus, Bok Nyeo sees a woman who just put her purse near the taxing machine and so she did the same, however in her case, the machine didn’t do the normal ‘beep’ since she didn’t had a bus card. Seeing her rather lost, the driver asks if she lived for a long time outside Korea, but the man is stunned to find out that she was actually in prison.

Back at the funeral, the older sister keeps blaming Soo In for her brother’s death. Meanwhile Aeng Ran tries to find her own son who went missing (probably in some hotel with a woman). The youngest sister also appears at the funeral. The two sisters gang up against Soo In and blame her for Do Hyun’s death. Because she couldn’t take it anymore, Soo In steps outsides, but after she left, Aeng Ran tells her step daughters that they should stop insulting Soo In since she will leave their house soon, after all Tae San never liked her and now that Do Hyun is dead, she will be kicked out.

We are taken back to the moment Do Hyun and Soo In married each other. Apparently the two married even though his father was against it. Do Hyun asks one more time for his father’s approval, but Tae San replays to his son that marriage shouldn’t be charity.

Bok Nyeo is having a hard time in the bus so she steps down. While trying to get a hold of herself, Poong Geum, the swindler appears and tries to make some money out of the old woman. At first Bok Nyeo is reluctant at Poong Geum’s proposal for a fee examination, but in the end she accepts the offer. After the ‘examination’, Poong Geum tries to sell the older woman some miraculous drinks but when Bok Nyeo drinks from one of the bottles, she collapses.

Meanwhile Aeng Ran found her son who was busy sleeping around. When Do Jin finds out that his older brother died, he rushes to the funeral hall.

Mi Oh appears at the funeral hall after trying to get a hold of Do Jin for a while. Aeng Ran tells the girl to leave without making a scene, but Mi Oh doesn’t want to move an inch until she talks with Tae San. When Tae San appears, Mi Oh tells him that she is pregnant with Do Jin, fact the Aeng Ran wanted to hide. After being dragged out by the security, outside the hall, Soo In tries to comfort Mi Oh and tells her to hang in there because she needs to be well for the sake of her baby.

Because Bok Nyeo fainted, Poong Geum who wanted to take her to the ER ends up at the funeral hall. Mi Oh and Soo In who were outside the funeral hall help out Poong Geum.

Later that day, when she recovers, Bok Nyeo calls Yi Moon to pick her up from the hospital. The two go out to eat and stroll around Seoul.

Some older people come to comfort Soo In – apparently they are people from the elderly house she goes to do charity work.

Woo Seok returns with his daughter Nam Byeol to Korea. However, in the plane things don’t go as smooth as one may think because when the father wants to make Nam Byeol stop using a baby bottle since she is already 5 years old, the girl starts screaming so he has no other choice than letting his daughter have her way. When things get calmer, Woo Seok looks at Nam Byeol’s necklace that also had a picture of the girl’s mother.

Bok Nyeo and Yi Moon try to find a tree where in the past the woman hide some important documents she received from her husband before he died. Apparently those documents may help her get back her innocence. Yet, Bok Nyeo had no luck in finding the documents.

Aeng Ran tries to excuse her son for letting a woman pregnant – then Tae San starts telling his son that he shouldn’t get himself tangled with woman like that (he is the one to talk after having children with every woman in town…..well, not every woman, but with his official wife and his mistress.) On the other hand, Dan Shim who still doesn’t get it that her son died, doesn’t want to eat anything she received from other people, she wants to eat only what Soo In gives her.

Soo In hears Joo Ram and Won Jae talking about wanting to take Do Hyun’s place in the company now that he is dead.

Tae San seeks comfort from his wife since both lost their son, but Dan Shim turns her back to him. Aeng Ran who was watching them receives a suspicious call, however the conversation ends fast when Soo in arrives home.

Soo In goes to give her mother in law her dinner but when she tells Dan Shim that she will take care of her until the day she dies, Tae San interferes and tells his daughter in law to leave immediately because he never thought of her as his daughter in law moreover he never liked her.

Woo Seok and his daughter arrive at the airport in Korea where he is informed that Joo Hee’s older brother died so he goes to the funeral.

Soo In returns to the funeral hall the next day after taking care of her mother in law the whole night. The driver tells her that she should rest more but she doesn’t listen.

Nam Byeol wants to go to the toilet and her father waits outside while the girl finishes her “work”, but as he was waiting outside, Soo in comes out and faints in front of him.



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