[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 22 ~recap/review/opinion~

For those who haven’t watched this episode, I must say, be careful, it’s the most heartbreaking episode I’ve seen so far. Also I don’t remember if I said this until now, but the boy who plays Groo is such an excellent actor.

Ji Sub takes Seung Hee’s funeral photo from Groo and remembers the time when she asked to marry after fearing of being left alone. While he remembers the scene, we also get to see that after her proposal, Ji Sub said that he will take care of her and her.

Ji Sub: “You know don’t you? From now on you will never be alone”

Seung Hee goes to see her son as he was sleeping, but she can’t hold back her tears. (I swear this boy is a heavy sleeper since he didn’t wake up, I mean the woman was crying with hiccups)

The next morning, Groo wakes up and Seung Hee tells him that all of her paintings will be his in the future, however the boy gives his mother a back hug asking if she is all right. The woman tries to hold back her tears once again so she won’t worry Groo, then she tells him that the boy from a day ago (the one from the park) looked exactly like him when he was his age so she thought that maybe someone will kidnap him (Groo). On the other hand, Groo assures his mother that the two will always be side by side. She turns everything into a joke asking the boy of he will use her as an excuse for not going to school.

Ji Sub appears and asks Groo to search for a ball he lost. While the boy was out of the room, Ji Sub informs Seung Hee that a nurse will come by during the day so he will take Groo away. Seung Hee apologizes to Ji Sub, after all she asked him to marry her so he can take care of the boy after she will be gone, but Ji Sub replays that he knows the reason behind the marriage proposal.

Meanwhile Director Kim starts threatening the CEO.

Ji Sub and Seung Hee take Groo out for shopping. Seeing Seung Hee nervous while choosing all types of clothes for her son (all were bigger than the boy’s current size), Ji Sub tells her that she shouldn’t do that because if his own mother were to buy those things in advance he will feel weird about it. When Groo comes back after trying a sweater, JI Sub tells the counter lady to bring a bigger sweater of the same color and type and gives it to Seung Hee. After both Seung Hee and Groo were dressed in the same things, Ji Sub takes a photo of the two. Later Ji Sub is receives a phone call from his father’s secretary.

Tae Joo waits for Seung Hee and Groo at her studio. He tells her that the CEO is having troubles and she may be the next target. As they were talking, Seung Hee sees some men taking her stuff away, luckily Tae Joo recognizes them (they were working for the company – they were probably put by Director Kim) and demands them to leave.

The CEO tells Ji Sub that a new CEO will be appointed soon, so he needs to prove his abilities to the board directors, however he refuses. The father continues saying that if he wants to protect Seung Hee he should do it; hearing that Ji Sub accepts.

During the night, Ji Sub informs Groo and Seung Hee that he needs to leave for a while to China, on the other hand, Groo seems concerned that while ‘hyung’ is away his mother may get sick again. Ji Sub tries to calm the boy saying that he will be back fast, yet he advices Seung Hee to move back to their apartment because the company will bother them if they remain in the studio.

Seung Hee and Groo move back to their apartment. When they arrive, Seung Hee hears her son talking with his friend on the phone. Because Groo refused his friend invite to play outside, Seung Hee tells him that he should go and meet his friends because she will be fine alone.

Meanwhile, the mothers’ club decides to go the coffee shop where Ji Eun works at, but before they arrive, Director Kang appears in from of Ji Eun. Kang tries to bother Ji Eun, but the later one decides just to treat her as a customer. Since Kang was being rude, Ji Eun gets angry and wants to drag the other woman out, but the owner appears and tells Ji Eun to apologies to the ‘customer’.

The mothers’ club arrives at the coffee shop and they see Director Kim with Kang; to protect herself and make it seem like Kim is cheating on her, his ex-wife jump on Kang’s hair at the same time telling Kim that he destroyed everything (their marriage).

At the apartment, Seung Hee seems to have lost some of her memories again and when Groo tells her that they are in Korea, she rushes outside saying that she has to buy some fruits. The boy doesn’t believe any more when she says that everything is fine. Because Groo wasn’t leaving, she tells him that she wants to be alone. Ji Eun sees the two fighting and when they notice her, Groo runs away.

Seung Hee tells Ji Eun that sometimes she loses her memories or a part of her it. Ji Eun looks shocked and tells her ‘former’ friend that she will help her, but the other woman doesn’t want any help. Ji Eun doesn’t want to give up and tells Seung Hee that she will return the next day as well.

Tae Joo’s mother starts taking down Ji Eun’s photos but Bo Na sees the woman and starts crying.

Tae Joo comes to Groo; the boys tells his father that in the past every time his mother shouted at him he used to shout back but now ever time she does that he is scared that something is happening with her. After talking just the two of them, Tae Joo takes his son back to Seung Hee.

Before going to school, Groo wants to go to Ji Eun to tell her to stay with his mother while he will be at school, however Seung Hee doesn’t want to let him. Because he refused to go to school if she doesn’t call Ji Eun, the mother tells him that she will go to Ji Eun herself.

At the coffee shop, Seung Hee hears Ji Eun’s sister in law telling Ji Eun to take the money from Seung Hee. Annoyed since Ji Eun is seen by others as someone who may take care of Groo only for money, Seung Hee kinda threatens the sister in law to leave Ji Eun alone.

Tae Joo’s mother finds out from Ji Eun’s mother that Seung Hee has a terminal illness so she rushes to meet her. Seung Hee tells the woman to stop coming by her apartment. Before leaving, the mother tells Seung Hee that she will take good care of Groo in the future, but Seung Hee gets irritated and chases the hag out. At the same time, Groo appears and the woman tells the boy that even if his mother isn’t there, she will take care of him. Groo is confused about what his grandmother said but because she didn’t stop Seung Hee breaks a vase.

After the woman left, Groo tells his mother that he wants to stay with her.

After the whole incident, Seung Hee calls Tae Joo to tell her where is the hospital he found so she can continue her treatment. At the hospital the doctor tells her that the treatment isn’t complete so she may either get better or worse.

In the afternoon, Groo tells his mother that he wishes to grow stronger and taller to protect her. The boys asks his mother to make a bet that he will grow taller by the time he enters high school, and if he is to win the two should hold hands and go somewhere.

The next morning, Groo still doesn’t want to go to school if Ji Eun won’t stay with his mother, but as they were talking Ji Eun appears. While the boy was preparing for school, Seung Hee tells Ji Eun that she is the only person she can rely on.

Ji Eun: “Take it slow, and be strong.”

After breakfast, Seung Hee goes to the hospital to receive her treatment.

When Groo returns from school, he sees the nurse that came to their studio a few days before. The woman was talking about ‘patient Han’ and the boys starts putting everything to place and starts thinking that something is indeed wrong with Seung Hee. While he was trying to get a hold of his mother, Ji Eun appears and asks her to take him to where is mother is, but before saying something Groo runs outside the door. Ji Eun rushes after him, when she finally catches up, she tries to make calm him.

Groo calls his mother from Ji Eun’s phone, when she finally answers because the boy was asking too many questions and seemed scared about his mother’s situation, to save everything Ji Eun takes the phone and enters the bathroom. Ji Eun advices Seung Hee to tell Groo the truth about her illness. However before the women finishes talking Groo knocks on the bathroom door. Eventually Seung Hee accepts to let Ji Eun take the boy to her the next day.

The doctor tells Seung Hee that the treatment doesn’t seem to work for her and if the pains are getting stronger thy will have to stop the trial.

Groo finally arrives where Seung Hee is, and when he asks what is that place, the mother tells him that it will be better to take a walk, just the two of them. As they were walking, Groo takes her hand (he also remembers when a few days ago he made the bet with his mother about him growing taller soon).

Seung Hee: “Groo, if I were to get back 13 years ago, I wouldn’t give birth to you. You know, the best thing I’ve done was giving birth to you but that’s also the most regretful thing.”

When the boy asks why she says that, the mother answers that it’s because so won’t be with him for a very long time.

Groo does understand what she is saying so he directly asks if she is dying, unfortunately Seung Hee confirms the boy’s fears.


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