[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 15

I was so shocked watching this episode, the boys are so talkative – normally Korean variety shows record two episodes once every two weeks the same it happens for ‘Superman returns’, and this episode was a new start for the 48 hours meaning that in merely two weeks the triplets are now making more sentences and talk even more than they used until now. They sure are growing fast.

Also Dae Han has a change of style. By the way I already said in my past posts that Dae Han was rather quiet in the recent episodes, however this time he is finally back to his usual self.

The 48 hours spend with their father only, starts as Il Guk prepares breakfast for the boys, however before they get to eat Dae Han’s attention goes towards the crocodile his father put on one of the cameras from the kitchen. Il Guk enters the game and tells that the crocodile will protect them and the triplets copied his sentence.

While the boys were eating, Il Guk tries to tell them that during these 48 hours, they will go to the Asian Games opening, however it’s not like the triplets will listen to him so Man Se started asking about his car and the father responds that he will take the car (to the Asian Games). Anyhow, after answering Man Se’s question, the father tells them to ‘please take care of me’ (this is normally said in a work environment ….normally)

Dae Han tells his father to sit down near them as they were eating. He does as his eldest son asked and starts conversing with them. As he sat down, Min Guk put his foot on knee, but when Il Guk asks Min Guk to give share some of his sweet potatoes, the boy pushes himself away refusing to give even a small piece of sweet potato.

Il Guk: “Give dad just one piece.”

Min Guk: “Noo, don’t eat.”

Seeing Min Guk’s refusal, Il Guk turns around to Man Se to ask for some potatoes, but once again he faces a rejection.

Man Se: “No, don’t eat!

Min Guk: Don’t eat!

Il Guk: Don’t eat?

Min Guk: Dad, don’t eat sweet potatoes.”

Il Guk tries numerous times to ask Min Guk and Man Se for a piece but still facing refusals form both sides, however the eldest son saves the day and shares some of his potatoes with the dad.

During the interview, Il Guk tells the staff that recently the 48 hours feel like 3 weeks, in return the staff asks if it’s really hard (to take care of the boys). He replays that he is actually happy to spend time and bond more with the triplets (but the staff counted his reply as a bluff).

In the past episodes, we saw the triplets playing a lot with the A/C, in this episode they all start again moving the A/C around the house, but this time they are communicating a lot. When the A/C gets stuck in between the wall and the living room table, Min Guk asks what to do, in replay Man Se says:

Man Se: “Don’t worry, Man See will take care of it.”

After their small play, Il Guk tries to prepare the boys for the Asian Games opening, but the boys end up playing with the toy imitations of the Olympic fire. Later on, when the triplets are finally dressed, Il Guk wants to rehearse how he will run carrying the boys, yet the triplets seem uncomfortable so they end up crying.

On the way to the opening, people on the street greet the boys. When Il Guk meets up with (I suppose) a staff member from the opening ceremony, the man asks him how will he run; Il Guk explains that he will put one of the boys in the back, another in the front and lastly he will carry the third in his arms. Although the staff member seems concerned and asks Il Guk if he will be able to do it (run while carrying the boys):

Il Guk: “It’s okay, it’s only 300 m.”

The staff helps Il Guk put the triplets put on their carriers, but even before he starts carrying the 3, Il Guk finds it hard. At some point a man offers himself to hold Dae Han until the ceremony will start (so Il Guk won’t tire himself) but Dae Han starts crying.

Although it was visible hard for Il Guk to carry the boys while running the 300 meters for the opening ceremony, the father finished the run without any major incidents. (since he tells in the interview room that he was afraid of the boys falling down)

After the run, it was time for Il Guk to do an interview for the KBS 9th o’clock news and unfortunately for the father who wanted to look cool in front of the camera, the triplets were being loud.

During the interview, Il Guk confessed that his wife shouted at him for carrying the boys at the same time since he may hurt his back (when the show started the boys were 15 kg but I suppose they are way over that number now).

Il Guk: “Who else will worry about me if not my wife. Dear, I love you.”



  1. I love your coverage of Song Il Guk’s time on this show. And the gorgeous pictures. His babies are beautiful, they resemble him a lot. He’s one of my favorite actors. I wish he would star in more dramas. But, obviously, he has his hands full. 🙂 I’d have to actually see the episode, but aside from the running and hurting his back from the race, I’m concerned about all the bouncing around with the boys. Babies are still very sensitive in the head at their age. I’m sure they squared if off with a doctor and everything before the race. And it’s true, by that age you can toss the babies around for fun.

    1. He is one of my favorites as well, and as you I hope to see him again in a drama but for now (from what I know) he is playing in some movies – hopefully we, international fans can get to see those movies soon ^ ^

      The triplets didn’t bounce that much, because he was rather running in slow motion XD

      Thank you for reading and for the comment~

      1. Oh that’s great. I didn’t think he’d be racing with them.
        Oh, cool about the movies. I’d like to see some movies soon too. Hopefully they will show in NYC. Nice blog, I’ll check more posts out when I get a chance. 🙂

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