[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 21 ~recap/review/opinion~

Ji Eun breaks into tears after finding the truth about her friend’s illness; she shouts to Seung Hee that she has no right to die without her permission since she still hasn’t forgive her. Ji Eun doesn’t understand why Seung Hee didn’t tell her the truth from the start because if she knew everything, all the things she did until now she wouldn’t have done any. Seung Hee replays that all along she thought that Ji Eun will honestly take care of Groo not as her husband’s child but as her friend’s child. The two women still keep their prideful wall up while blaming each other and staying that neither will forgive the other. After staying regretful words to each other, Seung Hee tells Ji Eun to leave.

Ji Sub comes to visit Seung Hee and he sees Ji Eun getting out of the hospital. He asks why Ji Eun was there and Seung Hee tells him that the friendship between her and Ji Eun is finally over. After that, Ji Sub tells Seung Hee to wait for him in the hospital room while he will have a talk with the doctor, however she doesn’t listen and rushes out the hospital to find Ji Eun to apologize; unfortunately the woman starts losing her memories and at some point Seung Hee can’t remember why she was there (in front of the hospital).

Because she doesn’t remember recent things, Seung Hee tells the taxi driver to drive her at the apartment from where she actually moved away a few days before. At the apartment, Seung Hee just lies on the sofa and starts talking as when Ji Eun was cleaning and taking care of Groo.

Bo Na tells Groo that her parents are going to divorce but surprisingly the boy starts showing his mature side as he tells Bo Na that her parents will surely get back together. Later he receives a phone call from Ji Sub asking if he knows where his mother is. Even though Ji Sub tries to act like nothing happened, Groo doesn’t believe him and leaves to find his mother.

Tae Joo meets up with his wife who tells him to convince Seung Hee to live. The two talk about how serious Seung Hee’s illness is. Before leaving Ji Eun talks to herself that the only thing she can do now is see Seung Hee as her friend and not as Tae Joo’s ex-girlfriend – then she goes to the grocery store.

In the afternoon, Seung Hee wakes up at her apartment and she still doesn’t remember nothing form the things that happened in the past days only until she found the letter she left before for Ji Eun. Shocked, Seung Hee calls Ji Sub to come and pick her up. After she puts down the phone, Seung Hee sees Ji Eun entering the apartment building with groceries; not knowing what to do, she hides herself.

Ji Eun calls Tae Joo to bring Seung Hee to the apartment because the studio isn’t good enough for a sick person. After the call, Ji Eun starts babbling to herself stuff like ‘how can she live there (in the studio), she can’t even cook’, ‘she doesn’t know my heart/feelings’, meanwhile Seung Hee was listening to everything and started crying.

Later Ji Sub comes to pick her up. When he arrives, he gives Seung Hee a phone which she should use in case of an emergency.

Ji Eun tells her sister in law that she sent the divorce papers because she doesn’t want to become a monster hungry for money. When the sister in law starts scolding her after all if she is to take Groo in she can have all of Seung Hee’s money. On the other hand, the moment Ji Eun hears that Seung Hee will die from the sister in law’s mouth, she gets angry and decides to leave her brother’s house. By the way, Ji Eun didn’t actually filed the divorce papers.

Tae Joo sends Groo a message asking to meet up. At first the boy wants to decline but he eventually accepts.

Seung Hee finds in a drawer a rose and a letter (like the one Groo gave Ji Eun in a past episode) from her son.

Groo: “The luckiest thing that has ever happened to me was being born as your son and the biggest worry of my life is that you’re weak, mom.”

Although it’s a moment filled with happiness, Seung Hee starts thinking that she may forget about Groo as well. At some point she says that the thing she is the most afraid is death, however the boy tells his mother to stop saying those stuff because he doesn’t like hearing it.

For dinner, Ji Sub prepares a barbeque for Seung Hee and Groo. When Groo wants to give his mother meat, Ji Sub barges and eats it in her place since Seung Hee can’t eat meat because of her illness, then he brings some porridge for her.

Ji Sub brings up a discussion about moving out since the studio isn’t a place to raise a child, however Groo jokes around telling Ji Sub not to use him as an excuse to move in with them, after that he tells his mother that if Ji Sub moves with them, he may be good for taking care of things around the house.

Seung Hee drives Groo to meet up his friend, however she doesn’t know that the friend is actually Tae Joo. She sees Tae Joo meeting up with Groo, even so Seung Hee decides not to interfere between the two.

Groo asks Tae Joo if he is divorcing Ji Eun because of him. The father tells him that it’s not his fault, however Groo wants them to go back together since that is what’s the best for Bo Na. Without knowing Tae Joo says that he will take care of him now that Seung Hee won’t be around, but the boy doesn’t understand so to make it right, the man changes the subject a little. Before eating, Tae Joo gives Groo back the pen – meanwhile Seung Hee watches the two eating together from outside the store.

Groo goes back to the apartment where he finds Ji Eun, although he is a little stunned, the woman tells him to stay since it’s his house.

Seung Hee comes back as well and sees Ji Eun talking with Groo as she was explaining the boy about what juices his mother should drink. Seung Hee gets irritates since Groo shouldn’t know about those stuff because he may start wondering why she has to drink them. Still annoyed with Ji Eun, Seung Hee tells her to leave.

Kang and Kim start making plans on how to bring down the CEO from his position after finding that he put a branch on Ji Sub’s name.

Later Kang appears like a sissy in front of Tae Joo asking about his relationship with Ji Eun.

Ji Eun’s sister in law wants to know why Seung Hee moved back to the apartment. However Seung Hee isn’t really in the mood to hear the woman especially after finding out from her that Ji Eun and Tae Joo divorced.

Seung Hee rushes to talk with Ji Eun. When she arrives at Ji Eun’s work place, Seung Hee tries to explain that she never wanted for them to separate. Still Ji Eun doesn’t want to move back regarding the divorce however she tells Seung Hee that from now on she wants to see her as a friend and not as her husband’s ex.

In the afternoon, Seung Hee goes to meet up with Groo who was playing with his friend. Since the boy was still playing, she waits for him, however Seung Hee finds herself looking at some kids in the park. After a while she sees Tae Joo’s mother and starts panicking that maybe the woman will take Groo away (at this point she thinks that a boy in the park is Groo) – scared Seung Hee grabs the boy and wants to run away, luckily the boy’s grandmother comes fast. The women fight over the boy and at the same time Groo appears and sees the scene.

Everyone moves at the police station where the boys’ grandmother asks the policemen to put Seung Hee into jail. Meanwhile Ji Sub is informed about everything.

After Ji Sub takes care of everything, the two together with Groo who fell asleep go back to the studio.

Seung Hee is still shocked about what she did and she starts crying. Ji Sub tells her that everything will get better, yet she says that nothing will be better for her in the future since all of her memories with Groo may disappear. Ji Sub wants to stop her when she starts talking about what will happen in the future but she continues saying that she can’t handle everything alone.

Seung Hee: “I’m really sorry but will you marry me?”

Ji Sub doesn’t say anything and after looking worried at her so he just hugs Seung Hee.


  1. I’ve been reading your Mama recaps on and off since I don’t plan on watching the drama. I was interested in the drama because of SYA and HJH but I think the plot sounds too painful to watch, especially when second female lead finds out that SYA’s son is her husband’s son. Really appreciate and enjoy your recaps. I’m currently obsessed with the Korean model guys: Lee Soo-Hyuk, Hong Jong-Hyun, Kim Young-Kwang, the besties, so cute.

    1. Thank you~

      It does seem as painful to watch or somehow a drama with a heavy plot, but it’s actually heart worming. Overall ‘MAMA’ is about the friendship between the two women and how SH bonds with Groo. Unfortunately I can’t convey the feelings between them T__T

      I also like them, but I’m more of a Hong Jong Hyun obsessed XD

      Thank you again for readying ~

      1. Out of these 3, I used to like HJH the most as I watched him in Wild Romance and find him hot, hahaha! But recently after watching High School King of Savvy, I find Lee Soo Hyuk to be super hot and like him the most out of these 3, it’s strange because I used to think LSH looks like an alien in the past, he’s now better looking with some weight on, haha! KYK is great in Plus Nine Boys and HJH is great in WGM, hahaha. I watched the variety show Style Log season 1 just for the interactions between HJH and LSH, bromance!!

      2. Did you watch ‘White Christmas’? it’s a 8 episode KBS special drama and it has Hong Jong Hyun, Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon and Lee Soo Hyuk.

        LSH loos so fine lately, he used to look like a skeleton in the past but now he looks way better.

        I like HJH the most out of them, then is Kim Young Kwang, however I find myself following the projects of all of them XD

      3. I watched White Christmas but only Kim Woo Bin managed to capture my attention, haha! There are strong rookie actors inside that drama, I know the model guys became friends because of White Christmas. I also thought LSH look like a skeleton in the past (especially when he first debuted) but he really grew on me after watching High School King of Savvy. He’s sizzling hot after gaining some weight.

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