[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 19 ~recap/review/opinion~

Ji Eun watches Seung Hee and Groo moving away. Before departing, Seung Hee notices Ji Eun, however after looking at each other, she leaves without saying anything.

Later Ji Eun meets up with her husband and she tells him about wanting to divorce, however Tae Joo isn’t ready to do so. Ji Eun confesses that she messed up Groo’s birthday party therefore she wants to divorce because continuing their marriage will turn her into a bad person. Ji Eun informs Tae Joo that Seung Hee moved away and took Groo with her; seeing his shocked expression, Ji Eun tells him that if he dares to search for them she will most definitely put an end to their marriage.

Tae Joo doesn’t listen and rushes to search for Groo at Seung Hee’s studio.

At the studio, Groo and Ji Sub have a small race with the RC cars. While playing Groo’s car goes onto the road, at the same time Tae Joo appears. The man asks Groo to come with him because he has something important to say, however to boy doesn’t want to listen. Luckily Seung Hee appears and kindly asks Tae Joo not to disturb them because it’s not the best time for Groo to know who his father is.

In the studio, Groo asks Ji Sub for some advice regarding his ‘friend’ whose mother separated from his father a long time ago and now that friend’s father has a new family. Ji Sub looks a little stunned hearing what the boys was saying knowing that he is talking about himself. Ji Sub enters the ‘game’ and continues the discussion about ‘that friend’, however as Groo was speaking he started talking about his own persona saying that all he wants is to play and talk with his father even though the father’s family is misunderstanding as wanting to steal him from them. After Groo finished his talk, Ji Sub goes forward and tells him that he will keep it a secret (the fact that he knows who his father is – from Seung Hee).

Although the conversation changes quickly when Seung Hee enters the room, after Groo went to Ji Sub’s room, the mother tells Ji Sub that she heart the discussion and it made her feel sorry for Groo who had to mature much early after having a mother like herself.

The girl who used to like Ji Sub seems to have found a new love – Tae Hoon.

Tae Joo’s mother doesn’t want to give up on Groo so she goes to Seung Hee’s apartment but no one is answering the door.

Ji Eun decides to go forward with the divorce but lies to Bo Na that she has to take care of her grandmother for a while. As Ji Eun was leaving, the big mouth of the mothers’ club sees her leaving with a big luggage.

Director Kim seems to want to release an article about Stella Han’s son. However his ex-wife calls to stop him from releasing the article since Seung Hee threatened about revealing to everyone that they divorced.

The big mouth tells Ji Eun’s sister in law about Groo being Tae Joo’s son. Later, the sister in law teaches Ji Eun that she shouldn’t leave the house or ask for a divorce without securing her future so she should ask for money from Seung Hee, but that angers Ji Eun even more.

Seung Hee’s hand starts to tremor and Groo appears to give her a massage. The two remember their past when Groo asked his mother to give him one of her paintings as a present. Then Groo asks his mother why she didn’t abandon him when it was hard for her to raise him in the past, the boy continues saying that he won’t make her regret not abandoning him – Ji Sub was watching the whole scene from the yard.

Tae Joo goes to his brother in law’s house to take Ji Eun back, but the brother in law refuses to give his sister to him. Tae Joo gets fired up and grabs Young Jin by the collar – at the same time Ji Eun and her mother were returning from a walk and see the two of them fighting. Young Jin takes his mother into the house while Tae Joo tries to pursue Ji Eun. He tells his wife that she and Bo Na will always be his first choice not matter what. Ji Eun doesn’t accept his words and tells him that their marriage was just a show off when in fact they lived a sad life together.

Ji Sub sees Seung Hee in pain and takes her hand. She doesn’t look surprised, in fact she acts like nothing happened and just tells Ji Sub to give Groo the paintings she made for the boy when he will grow up. Ji Sub follows up her words and tells her that he will take care of Groo in the future so she should marry him. Although Seung Hee is clearly refusing telling him that she will take Groo and leave to Canada soon, Ji Sub says he will go with them, because that’s his own choice and he isn’t doing it out of pity.

Ji Eun and Tae Joo submitted their divorce form. Meanwhile Ji Sub takes pictures of Groo and Seung Hee.

After some time passed, Ji Eun started working and Bo Na continues to live with her father. As for Groo and Seung Hee, the two started their new life at her studio together with Ji Sub (who drives Groo to school every day on his bike).

Ji Sub’s father comes to visit Seung Hee without his son knowing about it. When he tells Seung Hee about Ji Sub accepting to work at the company with the condition of allowing him to marry her, she assured the father that the two won’t marry.

Seung Hee’s detective comes to tell her that he prepared everything for her move back to Canada.

At school, Tae Joo sees Ji Sub bringing Groo to school and after Bo Na and the boy enter the school yard, Ji Sub comes closer to ask him to leave the afternoon free because he will receive a phone call.

Ji Eun is starting a new part time job as a house cleaner, however the man she is working for to start hitting on her so she runs away. On the other hand, Seung Hee who was in the same building after visiting her lawyer is starting to feel pain in her stomach. A few minutes later a man appears and asks her is she is okay, seeing that Seung Hee is in pain, the guy steals her purse (where she also had her medicine). Ji Eun sees the man with a purse and stops him not knowing that it was Seung Hee’s.

Ji Eun tells Seung Hee that she will return the money from when Seung Hee paid for her debt and then leaves.

Groo asked Ji Sub to let him meet his father for one last time without his mother knowing – this is why in the morning Ji Sub told Tae Joo to let his schedule free for the afternoon. During their last meeting, Groo gives Tae Joo back the pen he received from him on his birthday. Before leaving, Ji Sub notices Groo crying on his back.

The night before leaving to Canada, Groo says his good bye to Ji Sub who was leaving to meet his father.

The next morning, Bo Na sees the pen and tells Tae Joo that Groo also has an identical pen from his father. Shocked Tae Joo understands that Groo knew about him being the father so he rushes out to find the boy.

At the airport, Seung Hee’s pain are getting stronger and while she was taking her pain medicine, Tae Joo appears and sees Groo on the ground crying because he lost his mother. Scared because he lost his mother, Groo shouts at Tae Joo while crying:

Groo: “Dad, help me find mum!”

Hearing Groo calling him father, Tae Joo hugs his son.

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