[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ episode 3&4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

“The Greatest Wedding” sure is an enjoyable drama, despise the fact that the two male characters are begging to be punched.

I’ve read a lot of comments on different sites about Bae So Bin’s acting in this drama and it seems that people weren’t satisfied with his overacting as Eun Cha, however did no one think that this is how the director told him to play the character or that the writer wished for So Bin to be over the top when acting as the misogynist Jo Eun Cha. For me, his current overacting and stupidity makes him more likable than if Eun Cha were to be a serious and stuck up character.

On the other hand, Tae Yeon seems to mature a little in episode 3 and 4, although I judged him in the past two episodes, he is now (almost) ready to face his past actions with his decision of wanting to marry Ki Young. The reason why I’m saying that he is maturing (slowly but he is) is because when he told his mother about wanting to marry Ki Young in episode 3, Tae Yeon said “I want to marry the woman I love” and not “I want to marry the woman who will give birth to my child”. The thing is that he looked rather burdened in episode two when he found out about her pregnancy, but now Tae Yeon doesn’t use the child as an excuse to marry Ki Young nor as a way of feeling chained just because they have a child together, on top of that he finally said it out loud that he loves her thus our second male lead is slowly going towards his emotional maturity.

Ki Young is definitely going through a difficult situation for having to deal with a pregnancy all alone, but despise that she is a strong woman for wanting to keep a child and raise him all alone even though the Korean society isn’t actually accepting towards single mothers. Yet, I find her selfish for lying to Tae Yeon about having the abortion.

Although I like Ki Young for being a strong woman who stays strong on her beliefs, she needs to tone down her pride after all, things may go wrong for the unborn baby. Like for example when Eun Cha took her to the hospital, she kept telling the taxi driver to stop the car because she can go to the hospital by herself….but she was bleeding. The second example would be when Ki Young started bleeding during the news recording and Eun Cha wanted to call for an ambulance but she stopped him and for a last example, when she was at the hospital and told the doctor that she wants to leave, even though the doctor told her to stay. After all this, I find Ki Young to be utterly irresponsible even if she wished the best for her child, her actions and pride are making things harder for the baby and of course for herself.

As for the second female lead, Myung Yi, she is indeed a cheap woman. Myung Yi should’ve known that when she started running like a puppy after Tae Yeon (‘s money) her overall image will come as being a cheap woman. Somehow I understand her for being hurt after hearing Tae Yeon calling her ‘cheap’ but she trying to get him and Ki Young back for ‘playing’ her is kinda ridiculous from my opinion considering that she is the one trying to hunt a rich dude through all means. Overall Myung Yi is a sly woman for trying to get between a couple who is currently struggling.

Leaving aside the characters, the story of “The Greatest Wedding” is a good opportunity to make people understand that being a single mother isn’t a sin. Unfortunately society sees single mothers as being shameful and a disgrace.

I liked that in episode 4, the writer and the producer pretty much showed the disgusting part of society with the board directors meeting when they gathered to ask the CEO to fire Ki Young because she is a pregnant unmarried woman thus it may affect the broadcast station’s image – the whole scene was like telling the viewers “here see how ridiculous you are when you judge a single mother”.

From my point of view, this is insane, despise that single mothers are already having a hard time, society decides to shoot them even more by putting them down and acting as these women are the bottom of society.



  1. I loved your recap and I love this drama so much but I’m going to have to disagree with the fact tha Ki Young was selfish in that scene where she tells him that the baby has be aborted. His mother threatened Ki Young with her job which she is using to aid her mother who has been working hard to pay back her husband’s debt. So when he asks Ki Young to swear on her parents that she aborted it, she IS swearing on her parents, she’s doing it to protect herself, her means of livelihood, her mother and her baby. Main boy is not reliable in the slightest which is why it made sense for her to not rely on him, she made a choice, not a great choice but I don’t think it was selfish. She had good reasons for her decision and like she said he had previously asked her to abort it.

    1. Hi there! I actually agree with what you said, mostly because in my post I did overlook that side and spoke only from Tae Yeon’s point of view. But indeed as you said it, for Ki Young it was hard to take that decision considering that it includes so many more people and not only herself. Then there is also the side of the story when it’s not like she can fight back a rich family.

      However, I didn’t call her selfish only for that reason, I mean she has a really strong pride thus because of that pride she wasn’t focusing on the well being of the baby.

      For me, both of the males aren’t reliable but most importantly Tae Yeon, as the father isn’t yet fully ready to go over his mother and father to focus on his own decisions. To put it simple, he is still a mama’s boy since he can’t accept his own mistakes or actions.

      Thank you very much for your comment, I enjoy ready different opinions of other people ^0^

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