[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 14

With every new episode I’m finding myself learning more and more parenting tricks from Song Il Guk. Like for example, the moment he talks/teaches (to) one of the boys he makes that child his focus, even if the other two try to interfere he doesn’t loses his focus. In this episode, there is a scene while he was teaching Man Se how to dress, he made the youngest his focus and did the same when he taught the other two as well.

A new day starts with Man Se “cleaning” around the room – more like throwing clothes from side to side. Moving on, Il Guk is determined to teach the boys how to dress themselves so the first one to try out is Man Se who has an idea on how to dress but the outcome isn’t successfully…at first. Since the youngest was providing a moment of body gag, the father enjoys the scene laughing. Eventually he tries to show Min Guk and Man Se how to dress. Surprisingly, Man Se succeeds taking his pants and with a little struggle the shirt as well.

While the father was teaching Man Se and Min Guk, Dae Han who was somewhere at the back tries to do it himself without help. Back at Man Se and Min Guk, after Man Se’s success, Min Guk is up for the challenge and he also manages to dress himself up.

Next is Dae Han – while the eldest son tries to dress himself, as Il Guk was praising him, Min Guk imitates the words his father was saying, after all the boys are at the age of imitating what their parents say.

Later, Il Guk takes the triplets to a vineyard to pick up grapes and make a wine for their mother’s birthday. There, the boys are behaving and even help their father to pick up grapes …. with the exception of Man Se who eats them at first.

The three start helping Il Guk by putting the grapes into the basket, at some point Man Se trips and the grapes fall on the ground, but no worries, it wasn’t a waste since Man Se ate them.

After picking up grapes for the wine, the father serves the boys some grapes but then Il Guk decides to break the calm moment with an eggplant. Since it was the first time the boys were seeing an eggplant, the three started running away from their father who was following them close by with the scary vegetable. Scared of the eggplant Min Guk falls down and to make him forget about the pain, the father brings the vegetable near the boy. Min Guk forgets about the pain but still scared he runs into the vineyard owner who tries to calm him.

Owner: Do you want to eat (an) eggplant?

Min Guk: No.

Owner: You don’t want to? It’s really tasty~

Min Guk: No~

When they were finally preparing to make the wine, the triplets end up eating some of the grapes. However, Dae Han is surprisingly listening well to his father.

In the interview room, Il Guk tells the staff that Dae Han seems to feel like he has a responsibility for his younger siblings. The father continues and says that every time they leave the house, Dae Han always holds one of his siblings’ hands while he takes the other’s hand.

Later the same day, while the boys were sleeping after picking grapes all day, Il Guk prepares the present for his wife.

During the interview, Il Guk tells the staff members that he meet his wife after they were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance and when he first meet her he knew that she is the one. He continues with the honest talk and confesses to the staff that on the day he first meet his wife he even thought of marriage.

To complete the present for his wife, Il Guk decides to make a card for her with the hand prints of the triplets. First he lays on the floor a few papers and lets the boys play around with painting colors. However while Min Guk and Man Se were playing with the colors, Dae Han stays (a little) away from the colors since he may get dirty (remember the last episode when Dae Han cried because he got dirty at the mud field?)

Il Guk successfully takes Man Se’s hand print but when it was Dae Han’s turn, the boy runs away. By mistake Dae Han puts some paint on the sofa and seeing their father shocked the boys continue to put even more colors on it. No matter how much he told them not to do it, the triplets were excited to tease their father as they went and put paint all over the sofa.

Lastly, Il Guk tries to make a video with him and the boys singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for his wife, but it’s not like Dae Han, Min Guk or Man Se can stay put even for a minute so they had multiple NG scenes.

The episode ends with the mother looking at the presents.


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