[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 13

I noticed that in the recent episodes, Dae Han seems much more silent than in the beginning. He seems quiet or maybe the producers cut a lot of his parts so that’s why there are more scenes with Min Guk and Man Se. Hopefully we will see more of him in the next episodes.

Episode 13 continues with the triplets’ story at the mud filed. After ‘playing’ in the mud for the first time, Song Il Guk takes the triplets to eat eel and of course the boys can’t even take their eyes off the meat while the father was cooking it.

Min Guk and Man Se are so eager to eat meat that they keep bugging their father to hurry up; even if Il Guk was trying to make them understand that the food is still hot and will burn them, the two don’t want to listen, yet the triplets imitate their father (since the boys are at the age of learning while imitating).

Il Guk: See, it’s still hot.

Man Se: See, it’s hot.

Min Guk: See, it’s hot.

Dae Han: HOT!

Eventually the father serves the meat and tells them to be careful, however since they couldn’t wait any more, the boys just shove the fish into their mouths. Il Guk barely had time to cut more meat because the boys finished it pretty fast.

At some point, after eating too fast, Man Se starts coughing and Min Guk seems worried about his younger brother so he tells their father. Since Il Guk told them that it’s okay, Min Guk strokes Man Se’s hair and asks him if he is okay. Man Se replays that he is okay and pats his brother on the back.

Their lunch continues and Il Guk barely has time to eat because the boys ask him for more and more meat. In the mist of their lunch, Man Se and Min Guk decide to hold a concert while singing a song from their favorite cartoon ‘Robocapoli’. Then during the interview, the father tells the staff that the his boys are now into ‘Robocapoli’ games because every day they play some kind of ‘saving game’ – on of them starts calling for help and the others two come to save him.

Another day, ll Guk takes the triplets to some type ‘Robocapoli’ park so the boys can meet Poli (the robot).

At the park, after the boys meet ‘Poli’ one of the employees tells Il Guk to take the triplets to try the Tyrolean traverse (made for kids to try at that park so it’s safe). But once again Dae Han and Min Guk seem to fear new things and they start crying. On the other hand, the father seems to want to rise the boys as real men without having fears therefore even though Dae Han started crying, the father tells the employee to push him; the same for Min Guk.

Next Il Guk takes Min Guk to walk on some kind of high road (more like multiple tables put together for kids to walk on) but at some point Min Guk starts to fear and surprisingly Dae Han grabbed his brother’s hand. Meanwhile Man Se was nowhere to find. Luckily, the father finds him safe and sound. The thing is that the youngest went on a short walk around the park as his father was busy with his brothers.

Now that they are all together….Il Guk looses Min Guk. This time as well, the father finds him fast and the four of them enjoy a small concert with the robots from “Robocapoli”. During the show, Min Guk sings along all the songs from the show.

Back at home, Min Guk enjoys some music together with Man Se while Dae Han was sleeping. Although Man Se also goes to sleep, Min Guk continues his show singing and dancing alone in the living room.

In the afternoon, Il Guk decides to give the boys hot dogs for dinner. As the youngest was sleeping, the father has a little fun trying to explain to Dae Han and Min Guk what they will eat for dinner.

Even thought Min Guk likes the hot dog, the eldest isn’t too pleased with how it tastes.

Il Guk: Dae Han aren’t you going to eat the hot dog? Look at Min Guk (…) will your mother stay still when she will find out that I gave you hot dog with ketchup?


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