[Kdrama] ‘The Greatest Wedding’ ep 1&2 ~ first impression/opinion~

This drama is definitely something new in terms of plot line, after all the main lead girl got pregnant from the first episode with the second lead – and this for sure is new. However, no matter how much I like second lead guys, I feel like we need a third male lead. Although the plot is somehow refreshing and new, I’m not entirely satisfied with the two male leads.

I mean the woman is paired with: the first male lead, Jo Eun Cha a misogynist, former senior of her at a broadcast station and currently what people hate….a politician. On the other hand, the second lead, Park Tae Yeon – a rich sissy and irresponsible younger guy. Oh, this sure is a fest!

From what I saw in the first two episodes, I like Cha Gi Young, she seems real compared to other female characters. The writer didn’t need to create her as some goofy main character who can’t take care of herself, but in fact Gi Young is like a normal society 35 woman. She is true to her beliefs and thanks to her current high position, Gi Young isn’t afraid to speak her mind especially at times when males think they rule society. She often tries to look tough on the outside but Gi Young needs someone who can comfort her and if I am to choose between Tae Yeon and Eun Cha for her, then I think Tae Yeon is the best solution for now.

Yet, even if I think that he is a the ‘better choice’, Tae Yeon needs to put away his ‘cool’ act and think seriously what will be his next step regarding his relationship with Gi Young. He is indeed an irresponsible guy but with a little bit of work from his part, Tae Yeon can be a good match for her.

What I don’t like about Tae Yeon it’s the fact that he is so busy acting cool that he reached a point of hiding his true feelings whenever he tries to do something for Gi Young like rushing to the hospital when she collapses, buying her medicine or cooking for her, it’s like every time he misses the right moment to show Gi Young his feelings.

The guy likes her but he just needs to courage to drop the cool act and show himself to her without being afraid that he will look like chasing her, I mean Tae Yeon is too afraid of looking like he wants to enter her private space/life so he just uses bad joke every time the two meet so his true feelings get buried under bad jokes and ignorant remarks. Yet I wouldn’t blame only Tae Yeon for their bad shaped relationship, both of them are too busy on their high horses thus they create a lot of misunderstanding between themselves so their relationship is going in waves, yet as a couple, Gi Young and Tae Yeon are a weirdly-pretty good match.

There isn’t much information about Eun Cha at this point except for the fact that he is a pure misogynist and to be honest I don’t think I’ll like him even if the situation may change. Surely he will fall in love with Gi Young as the story will go further but it won’t change the fact that he used to bully her when he was an anchor, more than that, it won’t change his misogynistic attitude towards woman thus I just can’t like him regardless of how things will change in the future. At this point, Tae Yeon has more chances to change and mature himself for the good of his and Gi Young’s baby.

As for the acting, I’ m actually pleased with the overall feeling the actors give to their characters. Everyone manages to give a good outline for their respective characters thus the plot doesn’t seem as heavy as people may think. Although on the outside it make seem like a complicated story, the heaviness is covered under comical scenes even so it still has the mature and serious feeling but without the intention of showing it so the story won’t burden the viewers with cliché or overly used lines.

Hopefully “The Greatest Marriage” will continue to keep this clean pace for the future episodes since the current idea of the drama makes me want to anticipate how the lives of its characters will develop with each episode.



  1. AmberKmuse · · Reply

    am interested to see where this drama goes. Good recap:)

    1. Thank you~

      Well, let’s hope it will stay nicely done for now, tho I’m looking forward to see how the characters will find their ways in the future episodes

  2. I enjoyed your recap but I’m still not sure how I feel about this drama. I’m recapping it for DramaFever drama club so I’m going to keep watching but something about it, I’m having trouble pinpointing what, is rubbing me the wrong way.

    1. I know what you mean, I like it but somehow something is missing from the whole picture. But I’ll watch more and see how things will change in the next episodes.

  3. Soori, thanks for an excellent first impressions post. I am watching this drama mainly because of Bae Soo Bin and am delighted to see him take on a comic role. PSY is stealing the show. I won’t mind if her character ends up alone as long as she has her adorable baby boy with her.

    Will take the liberty of posting the link to your recap in The Greatest Marriage thread on Soompi, hope that’s OK with you. Thanks.

    1. I watched the drama for Soo Bin as well, and I’m happy to see him going towards a variety of characters.

      Even if I hate the character, I love the comical approach.

      Thank you for reading and for the comment ^^

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