[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 17 ~recap/review/opinion~

Ji Eun is seriously out of control. Although she blames Seung Hee for betraying her, Ji Eun ends up hurting Groo. To be honest, the boy seems more mature than all the adults from this show, after all they can handle things within themselves but in return all they do is hurt Groo.

I understand that Ji Eun feels hurt, but wanting to stop everyone from going to Groo’s birthday party was childish from her part. The boy was looking forward to the party but ends up being left alone. There are parts when her consciousness kicks in but it’s not enough to make her stop the so called ‘revenge plan’.

Desperate, Seung Hee tells Tae Joo that she is going to die soon. When Tae Joo asks why she didn’t tell him sooner, Seung Hee replays that she didn’t want him to take care of Groo just because she was dying. Since they were in a moment of sincerity,  Seung Hee says that Ji Eun is her friend and after getting to know her, she wanted his wife to be the one who will take care of Groo in the future.

The grandmother tries to calm Ji Eun but everything is in vain. The children seem to know that something is weird between the two mothers so Groo tells Bo Na that he will make them become friends again because he and Ji Eun have a special connection so he is sure that things will turn okay in the end. Groo sees Ji Eun so he follows her, when the boy calls her name, she remembers all the moments she spend with Groo. As the boy was trying to reach out to her, Ji Eun shoves his hand away. Fortunately she can control herself in front of him. Groo asks Ji Eun to reconcile with Seung Hee, but all she says to him is ‘I’m sorry’.

Tae Joo goes to find Ji Sub. When he finally found him, Tae Joo takes Ji Sub by the collar and asks for explanation for not stopping Seung Hee working when she was severely sick.

Ji Sub: “Because she was happier being a mother and an artist than being a patient.”

Ji Sub vents his anger at Tae Joo telling him that all he sees in Seung Hee is a patient when that’s exactly why she didn’t want people to know that she was sick since people will only see her as a dying person when Seung Hee needs to be happy.

Seung Hee wants to make Groo a birthday cake. When she asks if he wants anything special for his party or if he remembers how his friends’ birthday parties were; Groo tells her that he doesn’t have good memories when it comes to going to birthday parties because after those parties he will hate her even more.

Ji Eun tells Tae Joo that she has nothing so he can choose Seung Hee. He tries to tell her that things aren’t how she thinks, but once again in vain because his wife isn’t ready to listen to anything. Yet she tells Tae Joo that she isn’t ready to take Groo in nor divorce him. When Tae Joo wanted to tell her about Seung Hee’s condition, Ji Eun didn’t want to listen anything he had to say about Seung Hee.

Ji Sub tells Seung Hee that Tae Joo had a talk with him a night before. Before going further into their conversation Ji Eun calls her and asks to meet up. Ji Sub tries to stop Seung Hee from meeting Ji Eun but Seung Hee tells him that she is responsible for all of Ji Eun’s current sufferings. Before getting to step out of the room, Ji Sub tells her that he can take care of Groo later on.

Seung Hee: “You are so naive, how can a child take care of a child?”

At the meeting place, Seung Hee sees that Ji Eun gathered the mother’s club. Ji Eun asks smiling in front of the other mothers if Seung Hee has a relationship with Tae Joo. One of the mothers is Director Kim’s wife so the mothers saw the pictures the reporter took (After Kim gave some of the pictures to his wife). Ji Eun keeps pressuring Seung Hee while asking if there is something between her and Tae Joo. Not knowing how to answer Seung Hee just leaves the table.

Ji Eun follows Seung Hee and tells her there is more to come, but in return Seung Hee says that she will take whatever Ji Eun will make her go through if that means to be forgiven, however forgiveness is clearly not in Ji Eun’s plan. When Ji Eun leaves, Seung Hee’s pains start kicking in.

Kim’s wife and Ji Eun’s sister-in-law are up to find if something is indeed between Tae Joo and Seung Hee.

On the other hand the CEO found out about Director Kim hiring a reporter to follow Seung Hee so he talks it out with Tae Joo. The CEO informs Tae Joo that his son is starting to work in the company so he should take good care of him. Later, Ji Sub is introduced to the other directors as the CEO’s son.

Tae Joo tries to find new cure for Seung Hee. After finding about a trial drug that may help Seung Hee he rushes to her studio however Ji Eun was following close by. When he arrives at the studio, Ji Eun sees the two together.

Seung Hee tells Tae Joo that she never asked him for help with her disease she just asked him to take care of Groo.

At home, Ji Eun cries while looking at a picture of their family.

Tae Joo sees Groo at the basketball court and asks the boy if he wants to eat lunch together the next day, but he refuses saying that the next day it’s his birthday. Because he didn’t had anything to give Groo, Tae Joo gives him a pen as a birthday gift saying that he got the pen while thinking of giving it to his son later on”if he had one”.

Ji Eun receives a message from Seung Hee telling her that next day it’s Groo’s birthday and the boy wishes for her to come.

Seung Hee keeps her promise and makes Groo a cake; unfortunately because of her hand tremor she can’t write successfully the message on the cake.

Ji Sub gives Goo his birthday present earlier before the other guests appear. The 3 – Groo, Ji Sub and Seung Hee play along as a family. Meanwhile Ji Eun tries to stop everyone else from going to Groo’s party even Bo Na. Ji Eun’s plan is a success as no one appears at Groo’s party.

Later that day, the mothers’ find out that Ji Eun lied the whole day about the children instructor having to meet everyone.

Seeing as no one was coming, Seung Hee decides to start the party although it was only the two of them.

At night, Ji Eun remembers the words Seung Hee told her about not blaming Groo and put everything on her since the boy has not fault.

The next day, Groo finds out from another class mate that Bo Na’s mother made another party on purpose at the same time as his birthday party so no one will go to his birthday party. While the two boys were talking, Groo receives a call from Ji Eun asking to meet up.

Ji Eun calls Seung Hee and tells her that no one going to the party wasn’t accidental. She continues saying that hurting Groo will hurt Seung Hee even more so she decided to tell Groo that Tae Joo is is father.

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