[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 16 ~recap/review/opinion~

Ji Eun enters Seung Hee’s office and the whole truth is finally revealed. Although the two never give names while they talk about the topic of Groo’s father and his current family, it’s pretty much understandable from their conversation that the main subject is Tae Joo. Knowing the truth, Ji Eun feels deceived and when she asks Seung Hee why she hide everything from her, Groo enters the room and Ji Eun couldn’t get her answer. Groo senses something strange between the two but neither of them answer when the boy asks if something happened. Ji Eun rushes out and Seung Hee tells her son to pack some stuff because they are moving. On her way home, Ji Eun bursts into tears.

Later, after calming herself, Ji Eun meets Tae Hoon. With the excuse of buying him a meal, Ji Eun asks Tae Joo’s brother about her husband’s first love. The guy has no sense and pretty much starts telling her about his brother’s past girlfriend and without much thinking, everything was falling into its right place as the past girlfriend was an art student and left to Canada after the two broke up.

Seung Hee’s detective finally catches the reporter that was after her. Tae Joo also finds out about Director Kim putting someone on Seung Hee’s trace and directly confronts him however Director Kim isn’t easy to threaten.

Ji Eun remembers all the moments she spend with Seung Hee and every time her friend asked her to take care of Groo as if the boy was her own son. Angered, Ji Eun goes to Seung Hee’s house and starts destroying things from the living room, including the rock puppet that looked like the one Tae Joo received from an unknown sender from Canada. (the rock thing he received in episode 1)

Tae Joo and Seung Hee meet up and she tells him that for the mean time she wants to stay quiet without reporters chasing her because that will be better for Ji Eun as well.

Groo and Ji Sub start becoming closer as Ji Sub decides to let the boy play with his RC cars. After Groo beats him while playing with the cars, Ji Sub starts talking about how amazing mothers are since they dedicate their lives to children.

Ji Sub: “My mother suffered a lot because of my father, but she always smiled in front of me since she was afraid that I may be hurt.”

When Groo tells him to be better to his mother, Ji Sub answers that it’s already too late. Ji Sub continues saying that every time he sees the boy being mean to Seung Hee, it reminds of how he was in his younger days, however Groo replays that he won’t be rude to his mother anymore.

Seung Hee appears and while Groo was teaching his mother about the RC cars, Ji Sub smiles watch them and a few moments later he leaves to let the two spend some time as mother and son.

Ji Sub meets up with Tae Hoon, and the later one becomes a little curious about Seung Hee and Groo (since now he knows who the woman that has a studio in Ji Sub’s house is). As the two were talking, the girl who likes Ji Sub appears and directly asks him if he is going out with Seung Hee. He tells the girl that they aren’t dating but in fact it’s a one way love from him to Seung Hee.

Groo and Seung Hee spend some time in her studio as mother and son while remembering their past. Groo confesses to Seung Hee that he actually wished for her to get married because as he will grow up and later on he will get a girlfriend thus Seung Hee will remain alone. Groo also tells his mother that Ji Sub doesn’t seem bad so she shouldn’t look at him only as a co-worker but as a man instead.

Seung Hee: “I just want to live as your mother until I die.”

The next morning Seung Hee’s hand starts to tremor again and she burns herself with hot water. Concerned Groo calls Ji Eun but she doesn’t answer so he tries to call Bo Na however Ji Eun cuts the call. Moments later Ji Eun calls Groo back and tells him how to deal with the burn – she also asks the boy to switch the phone with his mother. It seems like Ji Eun wants to confront both Tae Joo and Seung Hee at the same time since she made them meet her at the same hour.

Director Kim tells the CEO about Tae Joo’s threat a day before but the CEO doesn’t seem anything big to punish Tae Joo. Meanwhile Tae Joo meets up with his brother and he finds out that his wife was curious about his past girlfriend.

Ji Eun finally confronts Seung Hee about the whole issue with Groo being her husband’s son. Ji Eun thinks that Seung Hee wants to get revenge on Tae Joo, however she feels betrayed because all this time she just considered Seung Hee her friend. When Seung Hee tries to clarity things, Ji Eun doesn’t seem to believe anything but then Seung Hee can’t take it anymore and tells the truth about returning to Korea to make Tae Joo take care of his son more than that she was curious about his wife who could become Groo’s mother in the future. She tries to be as sincere as she can to convey to Ji Eun that she always thought of her as a friend.

Ji Eun still doesn’t believe Seung Hee’s sincerity and starts breaking apart the tango dress Seung Hee gave her. Seung Hee tells Groo that the boy didn’t do anything wrong but once again Ji Eun doesn’t want to listen. When the whole ‘fight’ ends, Tae Joo appears and after seeing Seung Hee crying he finally understands that Ji Eun found out everything.

Ji Eun is convinced that Tae Joo married her because her father had a business running at that time. Although he tries to tell her that he loved her when they married, everything he says to Ji Eun seems like lie from her point of view.

Seung Hee hugs Groo and tells him that she is too scared to sleep because she may not wake up; the boy doesn’t think much about her words and in replay Groo tells her that he wants to grow up fast because as he is now he can’t do much for her.

Ji Sub witnesses Seung Hee begging the doctor to try everything he can for her to be better and live on. Seeing Seung Hee in a desperate state, Ji Sub calms her. She tells him that Ji Eun finally found out about everything although she was thinking of Ji Eun as her friend, now she doesn’t have anyone to take care of Groo anymore. Ji Sub comes fast with a replay and tells her that it’s her own fault for thinking that Ji Eun will accept the reality of taking care of Groo (knowing that the boy is Tae Joo’s son with another woman).

Seung Hee: “What should I do about my Groo?”

After seeing Seung Hee crying and begging for her life and worries about Groo being left alone, Ji Sub goes straight to his father’s company. There he tries to make a deal with the CEO asking permission to marry someone in exchange he will work for the company. The father is taken aback and becomes curious to know the woman who can make Ji Sub leave everything aside and work for the company.

Director Kim tells the reporter he hired to expose all the pictures he made after following Seung Hee but since Seung Hee’s detective deleted it all, they don’t have any more material to expose. However it seems that they do have one picture, but the reporter tells Kim to use the picture internally and never expose it to the public.

After being picked up by the mother’s club, while Ji Eun drives the car she gets into a minor accident. Then she tells the one responsible for the accident the same things Seung Hee told the two men who almost got into a fight with (a few episodes back). However this time the man gets angry and pushes her down. Later she ends at the police office and because Tae Joo wasn’t answering the phone to come and take her out, Ji Eun decides to call her younger brother.

A mother from the mothers’ club informs Seung Hee about the accident so she takes Ji Eun out from the police station. However Ji Eun thought it was her brother who got her out at first but she shortly finds out that Seung Hee helped her after seeing her former friend waiting outside the police station.

No matter how many times Seung Hee tells her ‘I’m sorry’, Ji Eun doesn’t want to listen. Eventually Ji Eun tells her what hurts the most is not that they hide everything from her nor her husband’s past but that Seung Hee betrayed her and for her it hurts more.

Bo Na’s grandmother keeps staring at Groo who was talking with Bo Na. When Ji Eun comes back home, she chases Groo out.

The grandmother finds out that Ji Eun knows about Groo so she asks her daughter in law to bring the boy to their house but Ji Eun doesn’t listen and just runs away.

Meanwhile Tae Joo tells Seung Hee that he resigned from the company. Seung Hee finally breaks out and tells him that he resigned after everything she did for him and Ji Eun to have it easy.

Seeing that Tae Joo isn’t willing to take Groo, Seung Hee confesses that she is soon going to die.

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