[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 12 ~recap/review/opinion~

First Tae Joo tells (in another episode) Seung Hee that she and Groo are a burden to him, now he feels sorry for both of them. This dude needs to make up his mind already…

Everything is revealed to Tae Joo and the two share their true feelings regarding the situation. Tae Joo asks why she didn’t tell him when they broke up that she was pregnant, but Seung Hee says he isn’t the type of person who would disobey his mother so even if she told him back then, Tae Joo would still break up with her. Seung Hee continues saying that she never regretted not telling Tae Joo about Groo being his son.

After leaving from Seung Hee’s house, Tae Joo remembers the time when Groo told him he never meet his father. When he goes to pick up Bo Na from school, Tae Joo finds from his daughter that Groo didn’t go to school that day – later he meets up with Groo.

Groo tells Tae Joo about his not so good relationship with his mother. The man tries to comfort Groo saying that his mother is a famous painter and kids will envy him at school but apparently that’s what Groo doesn’t like to hear the most since kids will show ‘that kind of envy’ only to his face but behind his back they gossip about Seung Hee being a single mother – so he rushes out of the restaurant, leaving Tae Joo behind crying and apologizing.

Groo sees Ji Sub coming to pick up Seung Hee, but that wasn’t all since he was taking her to the hospital however the boys doesn’t know the reason behind Ji Sub going to their house.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Ji Sub about the medicines she has to take plus his advices is not to let Seung Hee get a cold. While Seung Hee was sleeping, Groo calls her – not knowing what to do at first, in the end Ji Sub decides to answer the boy’s call. That was a pretty bad decision since now Groo thinks his mother refused to pick up his phone call.

Since thinkg were making sense now with Tae Joo meeting Seung Hee, Ji Eun decides to return home with her husband. Before that, the mother in law is showing her affection now that Tae Joo is working with a famous painter. While everyone was talking in the living room, all of a sudden Ji Eun’s mother asks her daughter in law who is she.

Rain starts falling and Groo remembers the time when he was all alone at home in Canada and a robber entered their house. Seung Hee calls to check on him but Groo demands her to return home, although she pretty much couldn’t after just getting out of the hospital.

Groo: “If you don’t come home now, then you aren’t my mother anymore.”

Seung Hee rushes out of her studio but fortunately (for her own health) Ji Sub stops her, meanwhile Ji Eun arrives to see if Groo was okay. Ji Eun starts talking about Seung Hee’s painting but, again, Groo doesn’t seem to like it since from his point of view his mother’s work is the wall between him and Seung Hee.

Groo doesn’t understand why Ji Eun is so nice to him so he asks Ji Eun if her relationship with his mother will turn bad then she will also hate on him. Ji Eun is a little taken aback but still answers him that she likes him as who he is and nothing more so no matter how the friendship between her and Seung Hee will change, she will continue to care for Groo.

Back to Seung Hee’s studio, Ji Sub makes her take the medicine and he also washes the woman’s feet (how cliché is that?). Ji Sub makes a half joke, if she wants him to hug her then he can. Seung Hee refuses but tells Ji Sub to take a picture of her since she always wanted to have her picture taken by a professional photographer – she continues saying that with time she will look worse so it will be better to have her photo taken now.

Seung Hee:” So…take a photo for my funeral.”

All of a sudden Tae Joo’s mother wants to become a good grandmother for Seung Hee’s child so she wants to search for Seung Hee…..the same woman who chased Seung Hee away, now that she is rich, this hag wants to be a good grandmother ….

Meanwhile, Ji Eun bonds some more with Groo.

Although reluctant at first, in the end Ji Sub accepts to take Seung Hee’s portrait. As they were preparing for the photo, Ji Sub tries hard to hold his tears…

The next morning, Seung Hee sees that Ji Eun got friendlier with Groo. Ji Eun advices Seung Hee to reduce her work so she can spend more time with Groo but Seung Hee takes it on the wrong side as if Groo and JI Eun talked behind her back. Groo wakes up and sees Seung Hee shouting at Ji Eun and the boy defends Ji Eun making his mother angry. Then Groo tells his mother that sometimes he wonders if Seung Hee is indeed his mother.

Seung Hee has an autograph session and during that event Ji Sub seems pretty busy glaring at Tae Joo. Later he tells Tae Joo to contact Stella Han only through him, but not only when its regarding work but when it comes to private stuff as well. Then the two men start having a childish fight of who knows Seung Hee for a lot more time, or who knows the more about her ….. (what are they, kids?)

The kids at school are starting to bother Groo regarding his mother, saying stuff that he will soon get a step father (the people still remember Seung Hee and Ji Sub’s picture). After sharing some fists with another kid, Groo runs away angry. Bo Na runs after him and when she finally catches up, she helps him put a patch on his scratch. Later Groo calls Tae Joo to tell him the address of his mother’s studio.

At the studio, Groo asks Seung Hee to let him meet his father, she refuses thing that makes the boy angry and so he starts shouting at his mother to live at her studio from now without coming home. As he rushes out the door, Ji Sub who heard everything stops Groo and tells him to apologize to his mother. Seung Hee stops Ji Sub and tells Groo to wait for her to leave together – the boy doesn’t listen and runs away. Ji Sub tells Seung Hee that it will be better to let Groo go to his father since the kid is to rude to her, but hearing that, angers Seung Hee so she fires Ji Sub and tells him to get out of the house.

Before catching up with Groo, Seung Hee sees the boy getting into Tae Joo’s car. Back to her studio, Seung Hee sees Ji Sub rushing out without saying a word to her – inside she finds the portrait Ji Sub made for her and she starts crying.

Groo and Tae Joo have some more bonding time:

Groo: “I thought she would only live with me all her life.”

Tae Joo tries to comfort him saying that even though Seung Hee may get marries then he will still live together with his mother. Groo is still not satisfied and asks Tae Joo to sleep at their house.

At home Seung Hee finds a rose Groo prepared for Ji Eun with a message of apology for being mean with her. Later Tae Joo brings Groo back to his mother.

Seung Hee tells Tae Joo that he can take Groo.

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