[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 8 ~recap/review/opinion~

Seung Hee wants to reveal everything to Ji Eun but Tae Joo drags her out of the store. Outside Tae Joo tells his wife to stop meeting Seung Hee’ however she refuses saying that she is her friend. Meanwhile Seung Hee is rushed to the hospital after the fainted in the store.

Later Ji Sub finds out about Seung Hee being rushed to the hospital and so he runs to her. There, one of the nurses assures him that she is okay for now. When the doctor asks for Seung Hee’s guardian, Ji Sub tells him that he is her boyfriend so that qualifies him as a guardian. However before starting to discus about Seung Hee, a nurse informs the doctor that she left the hospital.

Finding out that she left already, Ji Sub goes after her at the studio. When he arrives, Seung Hee tells him that is funny how he was the only person she could call. However to Ji Sub it doesn’t seem funny at all.

Ji Sub: “It isn’t funny at all to me. You are a person who can die at anytime and you don’t have anyone to rely on and is that funny to you?”

Seung Hee tells Ji Sub about Groo and how afraid she is to leave him alone. After she revealed her worries to him, Ji Sub tells her to exercise regularly and eat on time if not things will get worse.

Groo waits for Tae Joo to play basketball together but when he arrives, the boy is told by Tae Joo to stop contacting Bo Na since she is busy with exams. He also gives Groo the car key that Ji Eun had from Seung Hee.

Seung Hee calls Ji Sub to tell her the business schedule for the next day, however he thought that she was in pain and got alarmed pretty fast, but it wasn’t the case this time.

The next morning Tae Joo tells Bo Na to stop playing with Groo, yet things didn’t work as he expected since the girl got angry and left. Then Ji Eun tells him that although she understand why he is doing that, he should stop involving the kids because they already are good friends.

At Seung Hee’s house; she tries to cook Groo’s meal for school, but ends up burning it and herself as well. Groo enters the kitchen and tells her to stop trying to cook after all she can’t do it. Moreover Ji Eun already made his meal. Before leaving Groo gets the first aid kit for his mother and although it was a small gesture from the boy, Seung Hee can’t hide her happiness.

Seung Hee goes to the company and ends up creating some waves since she doesn’t seem to like the materials they choose (more like she wants to give Tae Joo more work to do) – but on her way to the meeting where she was supposed to show up as Stella Han, she receives a message from Ji Eun in which she apologizes in Tae Joo’s behalf thus Seung Hee doesn’t enter the meeting and goes back.

After finding out from her daughter in law that Tae Joo has an affair, his mother goes to meet Director Kang to try and make her stop meeting her son. The woman does the normal magic in Kdramas aka she throws a glass of water at Kang and takes her by the hair.

The mother’s club ends up talking about Seung Hee and Ji Sub. More than that, one of them is decided to ruffle things up since Groo is also running for class president and her son may not win.

Back to Seung Hee’s house, she and Ji Eun have a hear tot heart talk where Ji Eun apologizes once again on Tae Joo’s behalf. The two women continue their conversation and Ji Eun gets curious about Groo’s father who supposedly is in Canada. All Seung Hee could tell is that Groo’s father is a mess.

Kang calls out Tae Joo to slap him for what his mother did. Later Kang meets Director Kim and decide to work together to take Tae Joo away.

Meanwhile Ji Sub’s friends make fun of him regarding his concern with Seung Hee. However he denies any feelings for her. Before leaving, one of his friends tell him that it’s the first time he sees Ji Sub so concerned about a woman, the friend also advises him that feelings can develop fast from concern and compassion.

Tae Joo gets drunk and goes directly to Seung Hee’s house where he makes a scene – luckily Ji Eun comes and takes him home. The next morning, to apologize to Seung Hee, Ji Eun invites her for dinner, just the two of them and the kids.

Seung Hee arrives at her studio and without noticing Ji Sub sleeping on her sofa she starts working on her paintings, Ji Sub wakes up and for a few moments he looks at her …. then Seung Hee notices him and chases him out with a broom.

While cleaning, Ji Eun almost got to see the pictures of her and Tae Joo from Seung Hee’s house, but at that moment, her mother called. Because of problems with her mother Ji Eun can’t make it to the dinner and has Tae Joo, Bo Na, Groo and Seung Hee to eat together. After dinner the four of them go to the skate ring so Groo could teach Bo Na to skate. However both Tae Joo and Seung Hee act awkward towards each other. Tae Joo becomes once again curious about Groo’s father, but Seung Hee tells him that she and Groo’s father brook up before she gave birth to her son.

Tae Joo starts putting the puzzle pieces together thus he starts thinking that Groo may be his son.

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