[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 7 ~recap/review/opinion~

I’m getting confused with Bo Na and Groo, I hope the writer will keep them as friends or something because I feel that lately the two are starting to like each other….not as friends. I hope at least the writer will make Ji Eun reveal that Bo Na isn’t Tae Joo’s daughter, because seeing Bo Na and Groo liking each other makes the whole thing …. wrong, so it will be better if one of the two isn’t Tae Joo’s child.

Tae Joo finally finds out that Groo’s mother is Seung Hee. She confesses to him that she knew about Bo Na being his daughter and Ji Eun being his wife however Seung Hee doesn’t actually tell Tae Joo she knew about it from the beginning but Seung Hee makes it seem that it was recently when she found out.

Later Seung Hee barges into Groo’s room to ask him why he was at the airport. Groo says that he wants to go back to Canada, however Seung Hee tells him that there is no reason for him to go back since his father is in Korea as well. To her surprise Groo replays saying he doesn’t have a reason to find his father when that man is supposedly living happily with his family. (Groo doesn’t know that his real father is Tae Joo). The two end up fighting again and when Seung Hee tells him that for her a day feels like a minute Groo turns in around and says that for him a day (with her) feels like a year.

Tae Joo seems to become more interested in Seung Hee’s family and goes to ask Ji Eun what’s Groo’s father like since he left his wife with a troublemaker son. Still pissed off with Tae Joo, she starts saying stuff like that man is the worst because he is cheating on his wife and so on …but she was actually referring to Tae Joo when she brought up the cheating issue. Ji Eun confronts Tae Joo about Director Kang but he still ignores everything, even so she doesn’t believe him.

Ji Sub starts making a memorial table for his mother where he tells her about the stuff happening in his life. He even tells her about Seung Hee and her drawings, while mentioning that the two look similar when they paint.

In the morning, Seung Hee finds a note from Ji Eun with the stuff she has to prepare for Groo’s classes. When Groo appears he seems confused on why his mother got so interested on his school stuff.

At the children’s school, Tae Joo meets Seung Hee once again and to break the awkwardness he asks Groo if he apologized to his mother, but the boy in clearly still pissed and walks away. After the kids left, Tae Joo wanted to ask something but then Ji Eun appears and takes him away, asking him not to talk with Seung Hee since the two had a fight.

Meanwhile, Bo Na asks Groo if he was really going to leave to Canada, and when he answers positively she says that if he leaves to Canada then they won’t meet again. She continues and asks him if he even thinks about her, however Groo just walks away. Later Groo is introduced to his new classmates, and when the teacher was deciding where his place will be, Groo asks the teacher if he can stay where he wants. After looking a bit around the classroom, he spots Bo Na and decides to sit near her. When he puts his things down, Groo tells her that that is his answer for her earlier question.

Seung Hee arrives at her studio and goes to Ji Sub’s floor to tell him that she checked the contract. After she put the contract down, Ji Sub takes her by the hand and kind of drags her down asking her why she didn’t answer his phone calls. Although she tells him that she was buys, Ji Sub moves on with his conversation saying that that excuse is used by girlfriends when they are tired of their boyfriends.

Ji Sub accepts to work with Seung Hee under the condition of not meeting with the CEO of the company, after that he asks Seung Hee to make some time for him in the afternoon. Because she refuses to meet up with him in the afternoon, Ji Sub ‘threatens’ her that he will reveal to the company who is the real Stella Han. After she says yes, Ji Sub goes to meet Tae Joo to give him the contract. When Tae Joo requires to meet Stella Han, Ji Sub tells him that he can’t meet her and chases him away.

Ji Eun finds out from the bad mouth that the one who revealed Tae Joo’s affair to her is another woman and not Seung Hee. When that woman enters the café, Ji Eun drags that woman out and shoves her on the wall threatening that if she continues to tell people about Tae Joo’s affair then she will also reveal about her husband’s sexual harassment on a female employee.

On her way to meet up with Ji Sub, Seung Hee receives a message from Ji Eun where she was apologizing for not trusting her. Luckily the girl who likes Ji Sub arrives at the studio and she sends the girl to Ji Sub so she could meet up with Ji Eun. While Ji Sub was getting annoyed by the girl, Seung Hee and Ji Eun are becoming friends once again. A while later Seung Hee receives a message from Ji Sub where he was saying that if she won’t meet up with him then he will break the door of her house.

Bad things will soon happen since the bad mouth saw Ji Sub and Seung Hee together.

Ji Eun brings the kids to Mcdonalds where Groo is acting picky and refusing to eat fried fries. One of the kids asks if his mother lets him be picky with food and he says yes. When he wanted to leave he sees one of the waiters throwing fries away and he remembers moments when his mother had to work as a waiter and feed him left over fries from the customers.

Ji Sub confesses to Seung Hee that he knows about her medicine and also that he is the son of the company’s CEO who she is working with; following his confession he tells her that he can’t just leave his father’s employee being sick thus he wanted to take Seung Hee to the hospital. She apologizes to him but at the same time she refuses to go to the hospital revealing that her illness is in the final stage with 6 months to live. Stunned by her sudden honesty Ji Sub gets angry:

Ji Sub: “Why did you tell me such a thing? How could you tell me such a thing so naturally without my permission?

Seung Hee: Because I have no relationship with you (…) because you can’t tell the secret to your beloved people.”

Before leaving she tells him not to feel unconformable around her after knowing the truth, all he has to do is act like he normally does.

Back home, Seung Hee finds Groo sleeping in her bed. She strokes his hair she tells him not to worry because everything will be fine. However it seems that her illness is progressing fast as her hands starts having a tremor. Groo wakes up and asks her to stay with him for a while because he had a nightmare but Seung Hee, who doesn’t want her son to see her in pain, tells him to go back to his room….unfortunately that angers the boy even more. Later Ji Eun takes Groo to her house.

Tae Joo tries to convince Ji Eun to move to another neighborhood (since Seung Hee also lives there) but she refuses. A few seconds later Tae Joo receives a message from Kang and Ji Eun sees it. Because Ji Eun was thinking that Tae Joo will go to meet Kang, she makes him take Groo to the sauna. Even at the sauna the two seem like the same person as the similarities between them start to arise. Tae Joo starts scolding Groo for not being a good son towards his mother but the boy says that he is wrong and that his mother doesn’t love him. Since the boy started talking, by mistake he also says that Ji Eun is being paid to take care of him.

Tae Joo asks Seung Hee to meet up to find out if she wants to take revenge on him. Ji Eun appears at the same store and sees Tae Joo with a woman, thinking that it’s Kang she goes straight there to beat him up.

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