[Kdrama] ‘Mama – Nothing to Fear’ ep 6 ~recap/review/opinion~

There are so many times when I want to punch Tae Joo – this man is like a pain in the ass for every woman in his life. Moreover he has no idea how to get on the right track and just drags everyone along. At least Ji Eun is starting to become a stronger woman thanks to Seung Hee, although she herself isn’t that aware of it, it’s like Seung Hee’s presence will have an impact on everyone’s life before she leaves, more importantly Ji Sub is starting to get moved from his feet by her – I’m looking forward to see them develop feelings between each other.

Tae Joo follows Ji Eun and asks her why she is there. Although still shakened after seeing her husband with another woman, Ji Eun thinks fast and tells him that she came with Groo’s mother to see the exhibition. At the same time, Seung Hee was in the elevator and seeing Ji Eun looking in that direction, Tae Joo wanted to say hello to Groo’s mother, but then Director Kang appears. The moment Ji Eun sees Director Kang, she jumps in the elevator. Inside, Ji Eun tells Seung Hee that she saw her husband’s lover and that she is a director at the company Tae Joo works.

Director Kang finally tells Tae Joo about the phone call she received from his number – she thinks that Ji Eun called her from Tae Joo’s phone. However Tae Joo isn’t in the mood to handle her jokes and thinking that Ji Eun found out about him and Kang, he runs after Ji Eun. Kang tries to stop him but he reminds her that to him, his wife is more important than some project thus he also quits their current project.

Unfortunately Ji Eun already left with Groo’s mother before he could catch them up. Before leaving after them, Tae Joo calls Bo Na to give him the apartment number of Groo’s mother.

In the car, Ji Eun keeps babbling about how ‘that woman’ is younger and more beautiful than she is. Seung Hee gets angry and tells her to go back and then the two can teach that woman a lesson but Ji Eun refuses. A few moments later, Seung Hee notices a car bothering them, then the car catches up with them. She asks what’s their deal (the driver and the one in the passenger’s seat) but all she gets in return in a bottle of water thrown at her; Annoyed she starts rushing after them. When she finally catches up, the two men get down of their car and start yelling at both Ji Eun and Seung Hee that the two of them need to be home taking care of their husbands and not be outside. The guy pretty much ends up pissing Seung Hee off:

Seung Hee: “Does the law say that it’s a trouble if a woman drives? Does the law tell you to ignore a female driver? (…) how dare a man like a little lark talk to me like that?”

One of the men gets annoyed by Seung Hee’s words and the moment he wanted to slap her, Ji Eun jumps in and bites the guy.

Ji Eun: “A woman is the one who gave birth to you and raised you, why being a woman is a disadvantage and being a man is an advantage?”

The man gets even more annoyed with them after hearing Ji Eun as well, fortunately the other one stops him after seeing that Seung Hee’s car has a black box.

The fight with the two men made Seung Hee and Ji Eun feel refreshed as they relived all their stress swearing and almost throwing fists. Before leaving Ji Eun says that she will wait for her husband but not because she trusts him but because she truest Seung Hee, most importantly knowing that Seung Hee promised her to take care of the matter, she feels better.

Later, Tae Joo goes to Seung Hee’s apartment to ask if Ji Eun is there, but Seung Hee doesn’t open the door. Before leaving, Bo Na and Groo appear – Groo asks Tae Joo when will they play basketball since he promised to do so, however Tae Joo tells him that in Korea if someone says stuff like “let’s eat a meal sometime” it’s just a form of courtesy, but Groo doesn’t seem to like his answer and Tae Joo promises to look up his schedule and see if he has free time for their game – meanwhile Seung Hee was watching the whole scene through the camera.

After Tae Joo left, Seung Hee tells Groo that he looks a lot like his father, but the boy doesn’t want to believe his mother and acts again like a brat.

Tae Joo finally finds Ji Eun in the park – when the two arrive home, Ji Eun starts to drunk-talk about how she devoted herself to her family and all she got in return is her husband having an affair. Tae Joo tries to exaplin that it’s all a misunderstanding but in return she ends up cursing all the stuff she learned from Seung Hee in the afternoon. (when Seung Hee was cursing the two men) In the morning Ji Eun doesn’t seem to remember anything.

Tae Joo asks her with whom she was drinking a night before and when Ji Eun says that she was with Groo’s mother, the husband advices her to stop meeting Seung Hee since she may be a bad influence. Ji Eun is visible annoyed by his words and tells him that Seung Hee is her most important friend.

At work the CEO informs Tae Joo that Stella Han wants to work specifically with him (he still doesn’t know that Stella and Seung Hee are the same person).

Ji Sub comes to Seung Hee’s studio to ask for a favor. When he asks her to tell him about her drawings, she remembers when Groo asked the same thing when he was younger. While remembering the past she start tearing up thus Ji Sub gets all confused. Seeing her tearing up, Ji Sub tells hands Seung Hee a coffee with sugar saying that when you are sad, sweet things are the best. Out of curiosity, he asks if she accepted to work with the company because he heard from an old man that the project they want to work with her on is very important for the company. Seung Hee asks him what would he prefer, to work or not to work for that company – then the two match each other’s answers as they both say “to do it” (to work there). Because Ji Sub promised her a present, Seung Hee jocks saying that she wants him, but she actually meant to have him help her with work; all she wants is for Ji Sub to meet Tae Joo and Director Kang in her place but he refuses.

Ji Eun meets with her mother in law. The old woman keeps pestering her for not taking care of her son. The woman also brings up that a fortuneteller told her that Tae Joo will have a son soon so she needs to give birth first to the boy before he will have it with another woman. Ji Eun can’t take it anymore and confesses to her mother in law that Tae Joo has an affair.

Seung Hee hears a conversation between the kids and is shocked when she hears Groo saying that he envies people with a mother. When Bo Na says that he also has a mother so there’s no reason to say that, Groo replays with “not someone like my mother”. Groo is still convinced that Seung Hee will marry her younger boyfriend and so she will abandon him; although his mother keeps repeating that what he knows isn’t the truth, Groo doesn’t want to listen and starts acting up:

Groo: “As I was born as you son without my intention, you didn’t choose me as your son. You can abandon me, if you dislike me. I’m totally fine, because that’s how I’m too.”

Hurt by her son’s hateful words, Seung Hee tells him that the thing she regrets the most in her life is giving birth to him. He words also come as a knife for Groo as he returns it saying that she should disappear as quickly as possible.

Later Groo and Tae Joo have some quality time together.

After sneaking into Seung Hee’s house, Ji Sub finds out about her being terminal ill so he accepts to be her secretary and meet Tae Joo and Director Kang in her place.

The bad mouth of the neighborhood found out about Tae Joo’s cheating and Ji Eun suspects that Seung Hee is the one who told her. Ji Eun goes to her friend to confront if her doubts are true, however when she gets to Seung Hee’s house, Ji Eun doesn’t want to hear anything and keeps thinking that Seung Hee is the one who revealed everything. Then Seung Hee tells her it’s better if rumors will spread, moreover from now on she should live her life comfortably without carrying what others say.

During the night Seung Hee’s pain gets stronger. Unfortunately Groo appears and when he tries to get closer she shouts at him to go away.

The next day Groo goes missing. While everyone was searching for him, Tae Joo sees him by chance at the airport and takes him back home. Whan Tae Joo takes Groo home he finds out that Seung Hee is his mother.


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