[Kdrama] ‘High School King’ ~ impression/review/opinion~

I’m finally writing my review on “High School King” and to be honest overall it was a good drama with excellent acting, almost the best I’ve seen in a while where all the actors delivered a great performance. However my problem is with the romantic story of the drama.

Don’t get me wrong, Soo Young and Min Seok were so natural as a couple to the point where I’ve been fooled a few times. Both actors, Lee Ha Na and Seo in Guk gave such a normal feeling to their characters that made them overflow with chemistry. However, my problem with these two, is Min Seok’s age. Now, everyone will say “this is a drama, the age doesn’t matter”; well, it does matter, because it’s a drama from Korea, the same country where mothers wanted another drama to be taken out of live broadcast because their beloved sons may turn gay after watching that drama, but they don’t see a problem in the fact that Min Seok is a toddler compared to Soo Young, a mature woman.

Another thing that made me disappointed in this drama, was the way Soo Young was build by the writer. The shabbiness is the reason why I don’t like Soo Young; she was constructed in a shabby way just to bring out comical situation for the show. I find it a disgrace to see such women called strong (as some other drama watchers defined her to be) and what annoys me is that other women (the writers) give life to such characters just to bring the comical element of the drama. It’s like the whole comedy impact resolves around Soo Young’s clothing and sloppy body language. I mean we already have seen numerous female leads who could bring comedy without being dressed in a shabby way or have the sloppy body language and it’s sad how Soo Young’s low self esteem is highlighted so the writer could outline the story of their respective dramas.

Numerous times I reached the point of wanting to drop “High school king” because of the female lead and her empathized dorky personality, yet I hoped the writer will turn around (as they always do) and use the “female lead transformation” and bring Soo Young some self esteem. But it didn’t happen – unfortunately.

Honestly, I want to overlook the love story. Yes it had a mature feeling, nothing like the normal childish love relationships Korean dramas normally give us, but the fact that a mature woman let herself fly in a relationship where the other part was still at a frail age it’s something that makes me don’t want to enjoy. As a woman who already entered society, I was expecting more from Soo Young, but in the end I suppose I expected too much from her, considering her lack of experience regarding love and intimacy.

There was zero development regarding Soo Young, heck regarding most characters there was barely any character development. Not to mention that the central ‘conflict’ was easily forgotten and thrown to the side…It just felt like they needed to abruptly end Lee Hyung Suk’s part so they could focus more on the love relationship of Soo Young with Min Seok. It’s as if the story never had a climax because they ended the center and the whole point of the story before the actual climax. Because of that for a few times I wished for the writer to at least give more light on Tae Seok and Yoo Ah, unfortunately it didn’t happen, even though they had a good start.

Leaving aside the stuff I didn’t like about this drama, what I like was probably the overall flow of the story. The mature pace was refreshing and made ‘High School King’ an enjoyable watch. The cast did an great job, thing that made me love the drama since the actors gave a radiant performance .


  1. Yes I agree. I thought the show was cute, and I enjoyed Min Suk’s energy and his comedy skills. But I was expecting all along to have a time skip like they did in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and get the guy a few years older. A lot of people complained about the age gap on different threads to the extent that I thought they were ruining the discussion for everyone, and I was one of the people who told them to lighten up. But that last episode with the marriage at age 17 US years or whatever. Nope. Imagine married life with the 27-year-old and a 17-year-old. Too creepy. Skuttled the ship.

    1. To be honest I was -somehow- okay with their relationship until at the point of the marriage, because I was always thinking that the writer may put the time slip, but it never happen.

      I wasn’t against their age gab, but rather the fact that Min Seok was still a high school student, at an age where his hormones go wild and just does everything on the slip of a tongue, and I was expecting Soo Young to be the mature person in their relationship and stop it since let’s face it he is a toddler. But again it didn’t happen and the writer went forward with the marriage….I mean really? a marriage ?!?

      I don’t know, but that marriage just ruined everything for me. A high school student marrying a grown up woman……I just can’t be okay with it since ‘hey it’s a drama’.

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