[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 8

I’m once again late in writing the recap. The thing is that I live-watch ‘Superman returns’ every week but I end up meddled in my daily work so I forget to write the recaps.

The day starts with Il Guk drying to dress up Min Guk while the boy sings a song about his pants (the original song is about a butterfly and it’s a song for children). Meanwhile Dae Han and Man Se gang up to ‘bully’ one of the VJs from the tent that it’s in their living room.

By the way, I suppose we found out Min Guk, or Gukguk as his brothers call him, that he likes singing; maybe we will see him on a stage in the future? As for Man Se it may end up as a F1 driver. Regarding Dae Han, although he likes dinosaurs, somehow I see him end up being an actor in the future, don’t know why, but I just get this vibe from him.

While Il Guk was dressing up, Min Guk and Man Se have their own ‘push and pull’, because until now Dae Han was always the one stealing stuff from his second brother, but this time Min Guk didn’t let his pillow get stolen by his younger brother, Man Se. Later Min Guk and Dae Han end up ‘stepping’ on Man Se since the he was under the mattress they usually use to sleep on. Luckily for Man Se, the father heard his crying and arrived fast. To make the first two sons understand that what they did wasn’t right, Il Guk rolls Min Guk and Dae Han in the mattress so they know how the youngest felt earlier. After that he told Dae Dan and Min Guk hug and kiss Man Se.

With everything ready Il Guk takes his triplets outside. However, once again we see the siblings run around making things hard for the father. By the way Song Il Guk was carrying 3 tricycles on his back while chasing the catch the boys.

Arrived in the park, Il Guk asks some neighborhood kids to teach Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se to ride their tricycles. Since the neighborhood kids took good care of the boys, Il Guk tells them that he will buy ice cream for all. Before that he goes back home to take the ‘Song train’ for the triplets, however Dae Han notices that the father was missing and starts crying. One of the bigger kids tries to calm Dae Han by telling him that his father will return fast. Unfortunately Dae Han continues to cry until Il Guk’s return.

After everything and everyone calmed down, the children and Il Guk go to a story to by ice cream. At the story, Il Guk thanks the neighborhood kids for taking care of the triplets.

Since the boys were all enjoying their ice cream, for now everything seems okay. Later, after everyone finished their ice creams, Man Se keeps eating more and more ice cream, and one of the bigger kids tells Il Guk Man Se is really cute and that he wants to raise him, making the father burst into laughter. Man Se continues his ice cream, making it hard for Il Guk to leave the store, however he lets his son eat more of it so he can calm down.

Back home, the boys are eager to eat their dinner so to make them stop creaming, he gives them some jellies. When Il Guk finishes cooking, the boys get to eat their first curry and so the day ends up quietly.

This recap is a little shorter because most of the scenes with the triplets where when the neighborhood children were teaching them to ride their tricycles.


  1. Thank you for a great recap. We’re so addicted to the adorable Song brothers.

    1. Thank you~

      Indeed the triplets are adorable on top of that they pumped the ratings together with the twins.

      Soon we may be able to see the triplets meeting Lee Hwijae’s twins ^ ^

      1. Hahaha I can’t wait the day when triplets meeting the twins.. The fathers will have a serious headache to handle 5 kids at one time… The triplets and the twins are just too adorable.. They are officially my favorite in superman return..

        Anyway, thank you for recaping the triplets part… I checked your blog every week in order to read about the triplets ^^

      2. Thank you~ for reading and for the comment ^ ^

        Hopefully the meeting between the 5 boys will happen soon 😀

  2. i really envy youu~~~
    because in my country, at the last sunday, it’s airing ep 6, so i get a spoiler from you, but i didn’t mind about it, instead i am grateful that you write this recap.
    i knew that rating is increasing since this triplet join, right?


    1. Yes, the ratings increased since the triplets and Il Guk joined the show ^ ^

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