[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 7

Every episode is a reminder that Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se are such adorable kids but then again the trouble is triple especially for Song Il Guk.

I love it how Song Il Guk starts conversations with other parents about their children, somehow this side of him breaks away the “actor” wall some may have been used with.

Min Guk is once again the first to wake up and greet the cameramen (the ones that stay in then tents). After finishing the morning greetings, Min Guk plays by himself, shortly after, Man Se wakes up followed by Il Guk.

While Dae Han continues to sleep, the other two and the father go to the living room where Man Se finds Il Guk’s glasses. Min Guk sees his younger brother with the glasses and wants to try them too, however the two boys start fighting and as a result they break the glasses, then they end up blaming each other:

Min Guk: “Man Se broke it”

Man Se: “Min Guk (hyung) broke it (the glasses)”

Min Guk: “Man Se broke it, Min Guk broke it”

Then during the interview we see Il Guk saying that half was his fault (for the broken glasses).

When Dae Han wakes up, the father prepares to read them a book (while the food is cooking I think he said but I’m not sure); anyway as he reads them the story, the boys seem to speak more and more. Back to the interview room, Il Guk tells the staff that because he was busy with his movie recording he couldn’t spend time with his triplets, however in that short time the father noticed that the boys are now starting to make phrases whenever they try to speak.

Song Il Guk shows this week’s mission from his wife:

– Take the kids to the hair salon;

– Do the (nursery) vacation homework;

– The four (of you) go out and take pictures.

When he sees he has to take the boys to the hair salon, the father continues to tell the staff that Min Guk developed atopy since he was younger so he doesn’t like stuff/objects (in this case the scissors) or when there is some kind of action near his face.

Song Il Guk arrives a the hair salon with the triplets and to Man Se’s delight, the chairs were shaped as cars so the youngest get to be the first with a new hair cut, however at the same time Min Guk who sees to have a good memory is starting to become quiet (in the past episode Min Guk also started crying during their visit to the dentist). Knowing that, Il Guk asks a little girl who was around to play for a while to Min Guk. The other two boys Dae Han and Man Se finish their turns to get a haircut, but now it’s time for Min Guk to get his hair cut but he kind of senses what will come and so he tries to run away.

At first when Min Guk sees himself on the hairdresser’s chair, he starts crying but luckily as time passes he gets used to it.

Since the first mission was cleared, Il Guk takes the boys outside for some pictures. But things don’t really go as smooth as he wished because the boys once again start running around making it hard for the father. While IL Guk was buys doing his daily conversation with other parents on the street (asking stuff like “how old is your kid” and so on…) Dae Han lets go of Man Se’s hand and runs away. By the time Il Guk notices, Dae Han was far faaaar away, but thanks to some people on the street Dae Han is returned to his father.

Il Guk tells Dae Han not to let go of Man Se’s hand……yeah like that’s gonna happen – Dae Han runs for the second time. After he chaises Dae Han for a second time, Il Guk finds from another father that the zoo they wanted to visit closed (since it was already over 5 o’clock). After that Song Il Guk and his triplets enjoy their talk in the park, however it was a short lived walk since the boys start running around thus it was rather hard for the father to run in different directions to cache them. Luckly the people from the park helped him with the 3 troublemakers so the walk ended in an enjoyable note.

The episode ended with a request from Song Il Guk towards the viewers:

“Everyone, if (you) see Dae Han, Min Guk or Man Se on the street, please catch them right away.”



  1. I think this program is great for fathers like Song Il Guk who are busy working but want to keep a memento of himself with his young kids. I’m sure it would be very difficult to take videos and pictures of the triplets not to mention taking footage including himself when they’re not filming Superman and the triplets are running all over the place like usual haha. I can’t wait for the next episode ^^

  2. “Everyone, if (you) see Dae Han, Min Guk or Man Se on the street, please catch them right away.”

    such a funny msg from a father. ahaha..

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