[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 6

First, before starting my actual recap for the show, I want to apologize for writing this so late, the thing is that real life got in the way so I didn’t had much time for writing.

Also, I think some people are confused regarding the triplets appearance on the show, someone on tumblr even asked me Song Il Guk will stop filming, to be honest I never saw any news of Il Guk and the boys leaving the show. Yes, the narrator does say at one point something like “this is the last day” but it’s referring to the fact that it’s the last day without the boys’ mother/the last day of the 48 hours without her. If anyone saw any news regarding Song Il Guk’s leave please tell me and maybe I can translate. To be honest I don’t think they will leave any time soon since they are the newest family on the show.

The day starts with Song Il Gook taking his triplets to the park in the usual “Song-train” and on their road to the park people start taking photos of them …. after all the “Song-train” is pretty famous.

In the park, the boys once again show their trouble maker personalities because when they arrive, the minute Il Guk takes them out of the train Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se start running in different directions – do you guys remember when in episode 5 the boys started running around at the pool, well this time the space was way bigger thus it was even harder for the father. Moreover the boys started collecting bolls from other children around the park, with the exception of Man Se who was still overly-in-love with cars so he started running around after some type of car-bike, but it had a wheel so I suppose everything that has a wheel attracts Man Se.

Song Il Guk knew that the triplets will run around (in different places) so he prepared a whistle. At first he tries to make the boys understand that every time they hear the sound of the whistle they have to come back to him…..yeah like that’s gonna happen! The boys didn’t even bother to pay attention to him while he was explaining so the father kind of gave up the whistle thing.

Back home, Il Guk bathes the boys and I must say that I’m really surprised at how well behaved the boys are – it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t the first time he was bathing the triplets. At some point into the interview, Song Il Guk even says that he is the one who bathes them since each one of them weights 15kg therefore it’s kind of hard for the mother.

After the bath, Il Guk decides to show Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se picture from when they were babies, but the thing is that he kind of interrupted their “Pororo time” so the boys got bored pretty fast and Il Guk had to turn on Pororo. (I have yet to see a Korean kid not liking Pororo).

During the interview Song Il Guk reveals that all 3 of his boys had health problems after birth. For example Dae Han suffered a lot because while he was in the mother’s womb his position was the lowest and the two other siblings were pressing on him. Man Se weighed the least, 1.8 kg and Min Guk had skin problems and both Il Guk had his wife had to take turns during the night to watch over Min Guk so he won’t scratch himself.

The next day starts with Min Guk and Il Guk kissing session and when the other two woke up, Il Guk comes with some teddy bears for the boys (apparently he received the teddy bears from his fans to give Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se).

Everyone! We now know the reason of why is Min Guk always get hit in the head – I didn’t understood until now why he was the only who got hit in the head after falling be it by his own mistake or by Il Guk’s mistake. Apparently Min Guk has a big head and gravity is the main problem of Min Guk. Il Guk says during the interview, that even when he was a baby, Min Guk had troubles keeping his head up. Anyways, it’s really lovely seeing how every time Min Guk falls, the other two boys come fast to see what happened with their brother.

Later one, Il Guk tries to take his first meal of the day, but he can’t actually do it since the boys keep bothering him. Then he decides to give them the same thing (cold noodles and tofu), afterwards the triplets were too busy with their new discovery and the father finally managed to eat something.

At the end of the episode, we can also see the mother of the boys, she doesn’t speak and it’s a really short appearance.



  1. their so cute! ❤ Il Guk appears to be a wonderful daddy, I love him in Jumong and Land of the Winds

  2. So adorable, I melted when MG rests his head on DH, these kids are so precious. I’m seriously in love with the triplets and twins, so cute!

    1. Ikr? I love it the way the triplets bond! they are too precious …..however I’m glad their aren’t mine lol they sure are full troublemakers XD

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