[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 5

In the most recent episode of “The return of superman”, Song Il Guk goes with his triplets at the pool. Remember in a past episode, the father said that he wants his boys to get used being around water.

However, at first it was hard to the boys but as they got used with the water, the 3 of them didn’t want to leave.

The first day starts with Man Se and Dae Han taking their breakfast. While the eldest son was quietly eating his meal, on the other hand the youngest refused to swallow his. After pleading a few times to his son to swallow his food, Il Guk takes Man Se to the bathroom and with a stern face scolds Man Se. Seeing his father angry, the boy finishes his food – feeling sorry for scolding his son, the father hugs Man Se.

Later, while Min Guk was taking his breakfast, the other two brothers take turn to bother him, but nothing seem to upset Min Guk moreover he shares his meal with his brothers.

Eager as always to make his children get used to water, Il Guk takes the boys to a water park, but of course as soon as the 3 of them put their foot outside the car they star running around, making things hard for the father since the triplets were running towards different directions.

During the interview, Song Il Guk reminds the staff about him taking the boys with a boat or in a park with artesian wells, and now they will go to a water park. He continues half joking half serious that after the water park the real waves are next for the boys to see.

Back to the water park, at first the boys find it hard to get used with the water, but after using the waterslide for a couple of times, they started liking being around water.

Unfortunately, the day at the water park didn’t pass by without any sad events. While Il Guk was looking around for Min Guk and Dae Han, Man Se tripped and fell into the water making it hard for him to get up. Luckly the father saw the boy and lifted him up.

Then the producers show another part of Song Il Guk’s interview where he reveals that his wife did in fact asked him if he can handle the 3 boys all alone at the water park since it can become dangerous, but confident that he can handle everything without giving any second thoughts the father went ahead with his plan.

As a side note, in this episode Dae Han collects his father’s backpack as he did In the episode where they went at the dentist.

I think we already got used with Il Guk’s particular trains for his sons, this time he shows us the water-train.

Lunch time comes and to Il Guk’s luck, although the boys create some troubles in the beginning, they finish their meal quietly. But after eating, things do become harder for the father, because the boys start running around. In the end they all arrive safely home.

Before putting the triplets to bed, Il Guk decides to play a little more with them. While they were playing the mother calls but because he took his eyes away from the triplets for a few seconds, trouble appears once again, Min Guk hits his head on a corner – for some reasons Min Guk is always the one who gets hit (by mistake).

This episode was fun to watch as well – Dae Han, Min Guk and Man Se are showing more of their personalities while creating trouble around the house but at the end, although it’s harder, it’s triple the happiness.



  1. These triplets and the twins are soooo damn adorable. At first, I was having a hard time differentiating the triplets (except for Min-guk as he’s the most recognizable) but after several episodes, I’m starting to know who is who. These kids make my day, always so cute. Kids program like Appa Odiga and Superman returns are like healing programs for me. I love all sorts of “trains” Song Il Guk makes for his triplets, just soooo cute. As the twins grow more and more day by day, they’re becoming very mischievous and curious, it’s fun to watch these kids.

    1. If you want to differentiate Dae Han and Man Se, the thing is: Man Se has bigger lips than Dae Han XD

      Ikr? those two shows are healing programs for me as well, they are so lovely ^^

      I kind of want to see Hwijae and Il Guk together, one with the twins and one with the triplets to see how they will deal with 5 kids at once – i think it will be fun XD

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  3. Although the triplets’ faces are not the same, their physical is almost identical. I love how they have good appetite and eat so well. Each is adorable in his own way. I wish them continue to grow big and healthy.
    I also thank shikidrama for doing the recaps of Song and the boys.
    I’m his fanatic fan!

    1. True, their physical is almost the same; I know who is who only if I see their facesXD

      Thank you for the comment and for reading my post ^ ^

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  5. Frances schornak · · Reply

    I would like to know the name of the song that is played when il kook swims with the triplet at the water park a very devoted fan

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