[Kdrama] ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’ ep 3&4 ~ impression/review/opinion~


This drama just reminded me why I love these 4 actors. I had so much fun watching this week’s episodes.

I mean it’s relaxing despise the problems of each character, it’s not giving any burden to the viewers, and more than that I love the normal developments and the touching. Yes, the touching, I mean it’s not the way they do in dramas, since until now on public broadcast stations we would always have the “Oh my God, he touched me”, but in this one, they touch each other naturally.


Last week after watching the first two episodes, I read a post LeeJIN took from tumblr where it said something about Han Kang Woo to be an imaginary person created by Jae Yeol and it kind of made sense since I noticed that Kang Woo appears only where Jae Yeol is. Also there was a scene when Jae Yeol is stabbed by his brother in a club and Kang Woo was present – in a high school uniform ….a high school in club and no one notices. Another thing, Kang Woo shares the same background story as our main character.


At first I thought that maybe Jae Yeol feels connected to Kang Woo considering their similar childhood sufferings, but episode 3 and 4 pretty much confirmed that Kang Woo doesn’t exist. I suppose the writer is really into imaginary/angels characters who are attached to the main lead since she did it in “Padam Padam” as well, now I’m waiting for Kim Bum to appear with his wings…

I was expecting stuff to turn like this but I’m a little surprised with this turn of events, I mean it’s still surprising but at the same time makes me look forward to how things will develop and what will happen with Jae Yeol and if he really is the one who killed his father, as Jae Beom insists. These two brothers are really confusing… because Jae Beom’s memories over that incident also seem confusing but overall it makes me excited for the next episodes.


Knowing the past project o the writer and the director, I’m sure this drama will turn to be a great one thus I’m going to sit back and just enjoy the story.

Side note: Jo In Sung is freaking handsome and I just noticed thanks to this drama that Gong Hyo Jin is one beautiful woman.



  1. Usually when the leads have a traumatic past or mental illness, the whole drama may be pretentious (*cough* I’m referring about Tw-drama You Light Up My Star here), as in they’re adding serious stuffs to make it look like a melodrama and label it as “depth” or “substance” but it’s actually feel pretentious.

    I really appreciate what this show has been doing, it’s contemplative without being overly serious, dark enough and yet without being overly exaggerated. These characters feel like real people that you may have encountered before in life. Everyone more or less has a certain degree of darkness or psychology problems inside but life just goes on and I’m glad that they reveal their psychology problems bit by bit as it feels more natural this way. The most awesome part is their psychology diagnosis and treatments feels realistic and the psychologist are professional (often there’s too many romance drama that revolves around an intelligent profession comes across as unprofessional). I really appreciate what the writer is doing, the music scores are great and the cinematography is sooo beautiful that it seems like every single scene look straight out of a CF sequence.

    Also, the chemistry between the leads is off the chart, I love how comfortable they are around each other and I can feel the sparks and strong mutual attraction. While I couldn’t get into the pairing of That Winter The Wind Blows (I just felt the love between the characters a bit too dramatic), I’m in love with this pair and this drama. It’s been a looong time since I felt so strongly for a romantic kdrama and I hope it continues to be this good.

    1. I also think the same, I love how they don’t use the characters’ traumas as a way to turn the whole story into something overly dramatic, in exchange they use is as a part of the character’s daily life without having a huge impact on the overall story. The just simply use the traumas within their life without blowing it out of proportions.

      As for the chemistry, to be it’s the most natural development in terms of relationships ( human relationships and love-to-love relationships), they don’t stress it out too much, everything flows naturally. And most importantly I like the natural approach of Jae Yul and Hae Soo. Moreover they heal each other and the writer doesn’t make them cross the pathetic line most characters jump over in Korean dramas.

      Sorry for the really (really really) late reply ! m(_ _)m

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